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Calling all OG linkies. Anyone remeber when the team would go months without any news and all we had were a few crazy breadcrumbs that caused heated discussions and euphoria? Nowadays, there are daily announcements on the official Twitter and nobody even cares anymore because partnerships are a dime a dozen by now. Seems almost unreal

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Think staking will be Q3?

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Yea linklets really take this for granted these days

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Bring back assblaster and Jason parser in toilet expo

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Why would anyone even care about the exact timeline? Doesn't really matter if it moons in a few months or in 2 years. It will moon eventually, just enjoy the ride. My stack has been sitting in my cold wallet for over 800 days by now, I have learned the patience of an angel
Also, it's called steaking

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insider here. it's always been 'stacking'. you'll see :o)

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Anyone remember the thread some anon discovered: https://www.linkedin.com/company/chainlinkfund/

I remember we found this big business guy connected called "Murat Armbruster", we speculated it could be an anagram for "Assblaster". After some digging I found a house connected company and I think one anon even called him. Turned out to be some hedgefund called Chainlink and had nothing to do with Link. Still had a lot of fun. I miss those days.

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I got in at ICO and am in my 50s.
I'm patient but I want to quit work ASAP and have 20 years of quality time before turning into an old prune

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