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> USSR has a huge cold war with the capitalistic West
> whatever is defined leftist in the West is controlled by capital and mainstream media
> USSR, an actually communism-idealizing country, had porn, weed, and other forms of anti-human degeneracy illegalized
> the arch-nemesis of the USSR suddenly declares for leftism to embrace these things
> the USSR collapses
> "the left" is now entirely controlled by far right capitalistic oligarchs and...
> ...middle class types such as feminists, who are suddenly leftists, despite representing the bourgeoisie
> said feminists hate on low-status "incels" (low-class workers who can't get girls)
> this definitely makes said feminists and their allies "leftist"
> randomly, there is still China, having a Communist party (the CCP) at the helm
> said CCP condemns mind and body-destroying degeneracy just like the USSR did
> but according to the Western "left", China is evil

According to the Western "left", even the USSR would be evil... Marx himself would be evil. Wouldn't stop them from referring to themselves as "Marxist", of course.

How does /biz/ profit off msm-controlled mass delusion?

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Go back to pol and x.

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>How does /biz/ profit off msm-controlled mass delusion?
Sell bullets.

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