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You guys are stil waaaaay early. If you don't like money, then listen to the FUD and don't buy any. But just don't cry when we reach a marketcap in the billions.

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>holding for over a year
>average buy price: $10.50

just fuck my shit up

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patience young grasshopper

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So you'll be in profit soon...

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So why didn’t you buy more retard and dca???

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Have you ever watched $5000 turn into $800 and thought, "I should double down"?

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Is this your firsy crypto buy kek...

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i only double down on one thing.

too many times have i been burned by incompetent crypto teams over the last 3 years.

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>Have you ever watched $5000 turn into $800 and thought, "I should double down"?

Yes actually. And with sums far greater than that.

If you understood why the price dropped from last year and believed it would go up, then you'd have put more and more in at every opportunity.

If you don't understand, you shouldn't really be in at all - just being buffeted around by the waves with no insight.

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1. Always buy/sell in chunks at a time.
2. Stay away from telegram channels.
3. Learn technical analysis
4. Stick to a handful of coins and get to know them inside out.
5. Good luck.

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