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Doing a psycological/sociological paper for uni about social platforms and I'm trying to figure something out

Why is it that /biz members first reaction to anything new is to FUD it without doing any research? Like literally just fudding because they can

Really curious on hearing the reasons you guys will post, though I have a pretty good idea this is gonna be just another troll post

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sigh, just tell us the name of your shitcoin

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>FUD == legitimate counterarguments

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99.9% of the stuff shilled here is shit, making "everything is a scam until proven otherwise" a useful heuristic. What you think of as FUD is just calling a spade a spade.
And the majority of visitors are contrarian autists.

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kek, fucking this. at least the pajeets are getting creative

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Give one (1) example of a coin with price growth from the ICO and utility beyond speculation that /biz/ FUD'd on arrival
>just the first slash in /biz/
Return to leddit, pajeet

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I find it difficult to believe you are at a university let alone studying this field when you seem to believe it’s abnormal to have doubts about and want to critically examine and test new unproven things.

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Biz can be described as nuggets of gold in mountains of shit. When someone dumps yet another load of unidentified material onto the pile, it's a safe bet to assume it's shit until proven otherwise.

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everything posted by pajeet smells like shit

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