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What industry should I get into if I don't care about providing value or solving a problem?

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> king of chavs
> Aroused by the smell of chip fat on his missues dress
Do the English really??? Fucking chavs lmao

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Wall Street aka the speculation business

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and he spent all his money and signed back on the dole lmao

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Top fucking kek
> Never spin a chav spinner anons

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Why do good things only happen to massive retards?

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Because they spend it

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Fuck anons I've forgotten this bloke and I've been laughing so hard. Made my night. Fuck jannies trannies grannies chinks and spics

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Is lottery rigged to favor the most massive fucking retards because they will spend it all?

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I can get behind this conspiracy theory.

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you know what, now that I think about it, I don't know anyone who won the lottery and has become even more wealthy through smart investments

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So drug dealers work for the government?

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Just seems that way because only the most massive fucking retards play the lottery

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Michael Carrol was from the Fens in the UK - our equivalent to Alabama or whatever red-neck states there are. Banger racing (destruction derbys to you yanks but more dangerous) seems to be the sport of choice for these pikey inbreds. In fact he bought used cars and raced them around the garden of the house he bought. The neighbours loved him. He recorded a rap single a few years ago too. He's as thick as shit and was totally rinsed out by his friends. Personally I'm amazed he didn't end up dead.

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The Stupid Tax

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Very based. Imagine what this guy could have done with 100 mil

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"his father was a Royal Air Force engineer."

What the fuck

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Lottery is a lower working class game at best.

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Correct, every person I know irl who buys lottery tickets is cognitively impaired

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Wot does it mean

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no it's just that only retards play the lottery. those who win are usually gambling addicts and play often, that's why they have a much higher chance to win than a normal person who never plays.

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his father is probably the one who put his peepee in his poopoo when he was a child

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This is unironically peak based and made it.

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If you calculate the expected value you can justify buying (on average) 2 tickets (but no more) for each of the big lottery games. Even beyond that it should be clear that playing once is a great investment and move. A small risk for a potentially huge reward. This obviously doesn't hold if you buy tickets every week like a retard.

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look at all those losers. i'm glad they lost everything

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Absolutely based
I would rather the money go to him instead of some stick up the arse britfag

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It's probably confirmation bias. The media doesn't want to report on someone who won 10million and then safely stowed the money away to accrue interest.

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Its literally the most scummy thing ever, but multi-level marketing. The whole industry is corrupt, 'fake it till you make it' wannabes already. And the best part? Advertisers like facebook (facebook feed+instagram), google (google search+youtube+native ads), microsoft (media.net native ads), etc let it happen because these guys are giving them billions collectively in ad spend. Youtube will even ban people who make videos that are critical of you for "bullying"

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the fuck are you talking about you sperg

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also digital "infoproducts". You basically just copy/paste a bunch of stuff from other people's videos and articles, compile it into a private youtube channel or articles emailed weekly/monthly/whatever to customers, then charge people like $500-5000 (really the sky is the limit) for your courses. Then you sell them on joining your "inner circle" for like $2000 or something, set up a facebook group for it, and if you have enough people the community will basically work for you for free while you collect their money.

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you're basically selling hopes and dreams to people in the form of affiliate marketing, courses, mentorship, etc. Its all a sham, and guys like Tai Lopez, Robert Kiyasaki, Dan Lok, etc all do this shit to make the majority of their income. Even Trump had a scam 'guru' course in the form of Trump University where he basically charged people tens of thousands of dollars for a poorly made "textbook" and "classes" where "students" were just upsold more products and he never actually showed up to any of them.

Or you can just buy bulk vitamins from china for pennies, put them in some nice packaging and get housewives to shill your stuff. Herbalife and It Works have built empires running scams like this

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Wrong side of the tracks for that old carry on.

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MLM is a disgusting industry. It would ruin your reputation with almost any intelligent employer. I would never hire a loser who was part of MLM selling fake lifestyle

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Ugly, fat and dumb cunt wins millions and get bamboozled by shady guys

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oh absolutely, which is why I dont touch that shit, but OP said he didn't care about providing value or solving a problem. It doesn't get any less valuable than that, and if you structure it properly the only expenses are your time, web-hosting and ad spend

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>everyone in this thread who shits on stupid gambling lotto players
>buys crypto instead

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I love how a board that is obsessed with crypto is snobby about playing the lottery. They are both gambling and both played by retards.

At least OP's retard had the time of his life for 10 years, which is more than most bitter incels can say here.

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financial investing

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Only Jews are allowed to win the lottery. If you buy the lotto and you're not a Jew your money is essentially gone. A few non Jews are allowed to win every once in a while to keep the charade going.

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File: 418 KB, 796x1287, Britain's_youngest_lottery_winner_Callie_Rogers_spent_ALL_£2m_fortune_Daily_Mail_Online_2020-06-26_15-51-41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are normies like this
they're truly no better than cattle

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I think playing the lottery once a month is a high-iq move. Ie, you buy one fucking ticket. Any more subsequent tickets don't really improve your chances enough to make the gamble worth it. The lottery might actually be +ev just because of how cheap the tickets are compared to the potential payout (although it would also probably take thousands if not millions of years to actually get a large enough sample). I think if you're totally cutting yourself off from that chance of winning, you're kind of dumb. Its a potentially life changing amount of money for the cost of a cup of coffee.

With that being said though, people who buy tons of lottery tickets every week or every draw are morons.

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That you for clarifying your position and I generally agree with your argument

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Nice pits desu

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I guess its human nature to see things in extremes. When you think of someone buying lottery tickets, your head probably goes to some retard spending his whole paycheque on powerball tickets despite having overdue rent or an empty fridge (I worked at a gas station when I was 16-18, these people actually exist). Not the guy who spends $3 on a ticket once a month or when he fills up his gas tank every 3 weeks.

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He will die by 45 of alcoholism anyway, he made the most out of it.

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The lottery is a Jewish scam

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Imagine having that trainwreck as your nurse

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That’s a 10/10 in the UK my man

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I agree. Spending a up to a hundred bucks on lottery every year is perfectly fine, I'd say. I probably don't even spend a third of that myself though.

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No it isn't

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Lol South America has the most miss universe titles

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Okay so...

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I think the economically savvy don't want publicity. You have a line of old friends and distant relatives otherwise.

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Nah, my head is like "look at the retardedly low odds of winning, what a waste of money in any capacity"

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Nothing else comes close. Good day sir

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dropshipping. fad diet pills or juices. very niche pop culture POD clothing. anything old people or women will buy.

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This is actually based

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I'm off the fens and can confirm there are millions of cunts like this in my family alone. Still can't quite believe I made it out of that back country shit hole.

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He could have been partying all his life if he was smarter than a rock. Not based at all

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That sucks big time actually. Imagine if the guy was a total cunt to begin with and it was her opportunity to finally leave him. He shouldn't be able to have 1 penny on that money that she earned. If you support those laws you're a cuck. Usually it's the man who is getting fleeced.

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>I think playing the lottery once a month is a high-iq move.
Low IQ detected. Expected earnings are less than the price of the ticket.

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She should have declared. Laws are made for a reason.

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Imagine earning 10 million and not investing that shit into dividend paying assets to grow your networth. With that amount of money you can literally exponential increase your networth. Why anons, why do retards win the lottery?

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I mean the government just keeps giving him free money, lotto or welfare its all the same to him.
Just shows how retarded the system is really.

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This bloke used to drive through villages where I lived and would catapult rocks through car windows

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>invest 10 million
>economy goes belly up, lose it all
>now you are still broke except you didnt get to snort 10kg of cocaine of 1000 whores

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>He told The Sun: "My £10million vanished in just 10 years and I don’t have a home or a car to call my own. But I’m not bitter. Easy come, easy go.”
>Carroll regularly works 12-hour shifts and credits the new job with with helping his weight drop from 22st to 17st.
>The position involves lifting eight-stone bags of coal, leaving him covered in soot, and chopping logs to burn in furnaces.
Is it just one big cope, or is ignorance truly bliss?

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My dad never played the lotto but always said that if he won, he’d change our names and move us out of the country for like 6 months to a year.

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>he’d change our names
why is that? you can choose to remain anonymous.
it's possible that the chav still has money but since he was robbed by the mob he may be trying to make people believe he lost everything.

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If something is statistically worth doing once, it follows that it is worth doing every time.

So either you should never buy a ticket, or you should buy one every time.

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This makes me hard

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I don’t know why the cocaine and strippers meme is so popular. It’s really not that great guys. You could spend your money doing things way more fun and interesting. Being coked out and surrounded by whores and fake friends is not a good time, it’s depressing as fuck

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Not in America, you can't remain anonymous.

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King for a day.

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criminally underrated post and also the only correct answer ITT

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>thinks being a link maximalist is gambling

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Downham, Setchey, West Winch, Denver....

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Look man if you think its fun there are certainly much more wasteful and destructive hobbies that you could engage in but don't try to rationalize it into actually being a good investment.

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it can be done but only in 6 US States

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Question, Lord Bongingqueef. Why do so many brits live such a faggy London cubicle slave existence when the Queen would just pay you to live this lifestyle?

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this is exactly why lottery exists, because 95% of the time retards gonna win and just pump it right back into the economy by buying shit they don't need.

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If he wasn't borderline retarded, he would have offed himself already after realizing that he blew more money than he will earn in 10 lifetimes chopping logs

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i could go for some crispy chips myself

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Fuck knows. My brother lives there and earns £100k which only gives him the same sort of lifestyle I have living elsewhere and earning half that. Plus I don't have to put up with all the shit of London life, namely gangland stabbings. You start off in London and work your way out - if you even like it in the first place.

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Trust me anon, this bloke is typical of the Fens; the rest of the country is nothing like that. Apart from the North. And Wales. And the West Country.

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Unironically based

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being female

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>dream about what you'd do if you win the lottery
>never actually buy a ticket

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I got forced to play the lottery at my work since everyone in the office pays for one ticket a week and we share any winnings.

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