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>> No.19941088

>holding ktov

>> No.19941089

F for the SHIP frens

>> No.19941103

CLSK, TTNP and CTXR (as risky as it is) are my primary interests tomorrow.

Oh. And WKHS. Always WKHS

>> No.19941120

>massive RH and reddit influence
>/smg/ even thinks it's good
I was all in favor of longing KTOV but all signs are telling me to bail next peak.

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>tfw you bought at 17 and sold for nearly double the proceeds

>> No.19941140


Yeah, as soon as Portnoy got his Jewish media allies to call it the 'Dave Portnoy Play' I knew to stay away from this Jewish aggrandisement--bought at .87 average, sold for 1.05 this morning, not mad at all

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Walls coming down

1.14 back to 1.20 AH

>> No.19941152

does this after hours jewry with KTOV really mean anything until a few hours before pre-market Friday?

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TTNP confirm preparing for liftoff

>> No.19941157

portnoy unironically turned my 9k into 17k by blind trusting him

>> No.19941158

TTNP buy in time? Will it continue dip tomorrow?

>> No.19941173

This is what I'm thinking, going to keep my eye on it tomorrow I think it's going to open tomorrow and crab till lunch time going to cut this one loose for the weekend I'll take my gains and try again new week

>> No.19941176


You would have made more if you bought before he claimed credit

>> No.19941181

I think I'm going to get robinhood gold for the lvl 2 market data. Are you able to view the lvl 2 data in browser?

>> No.19941202

I still don't see it. The drug is not that new and the partnership is with a small privately owned Indian company.

>> No.19941229


Point is, shareholder meeting + proprietary drug IP + market buzz = at least gonna cash out *somewhere*

>> No.19941230


I use the app

>> No.19941239

Feels artificial to me.

>> No.19941256


Still, enough interest could be generated to make some quick gains

>> No.19941263

We only need 40 good trades in one year, to become millionaires.

>> No.19941281


>> No.19941292

It absolutely could. Good luck.

>> No.19941304

>small privately owned Indian company
Anon, the ptg jeeting has begun

>> No.19941319

Starting with what though. I only put 225 bucks in this shit so far. 20 days up 66%. No bully

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>> No.19941355

If you start with 1k and make 20% profit everytime, it will take only 40 trades.

>> No.19941361


Legislator just passed this TODAY. WKHS among the chief companies to benefit

>> No.19941365

Never selling

>> No.19941379

>>Run a company
>>Very important shareholder meeting coming up, its going to have big news
>>Just the standard run of mill shareholders meeting, with no big news.
This is literally how penny stock companys are run. Past performance predicts future performance, months down the track they could possibly have another lawsuit on their hands.

>> No.19941382

Is this going to pump it tomorrow?

>> No.19941397

I fucked up and bought the poomp on ktov. Should I just get out on break even or is it actually hitting 2 dollars at some point?

>> No.19941405


I'm not going to be holding for months tho

>> No.19941408

>months down the track
Who gives a shit what happens to these stocks months from now?

>> No.19941411

Yes, because outperforming everyone in the market, ever, is just so easy, right? LOL.

>> No.19941415

The people that are shilling hard to Hodl.

>> No.19941420

Hmm I wonder what the odds of hitting 20% every time 40 times in a row is and never losing any going all in every single fucking time

>> No.19941436
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I'm going all in PLUG and WKHS tomorrow, cuz YOLO

>> No.19941445

If they're always undervalued, is it really too hard?

>> No.19941457

At the moment it is thanks to RobinHood and Covid.

>> No.19941464

KTOV will moon tomorrow, then dump before noon. Hold WKHS over then weekend.

>> No.19941470

why is CTXR up so much in ah?

>> No.19941476
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what happens to KTOV when the TASE opens?

>> No.19941485


TASE doesn't open at 3am Tel Aviv time, wtf

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Probably dumping my KTOV at open tomorrow, no way for it moon with shabbat coming.

>> No.19941498

>what happens
the equivalent symbol on the TASE probably does great

>> No.19941508


Like a game of musical chairs, *someone* has to be holding the bags at the end of the day.

>> No.19941517
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The ktov plot thickens

>> No.19941552

>MRK and BMS are small privately owned indian companies
News to me.

>> No.19941555

What does it mean?

>> No.19941569
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MRK acquisition confirmed.

>> No.19941570

Wrong company.

>> No.19941585

Bullish. Maybe I will hold through the weekend

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To the guy who brought up VXRT in the last thread I'm not so sure about the potential for this one to go up anymore is this normal

>> No.19941675

Yea you get it on desktop too. Robinhood has decent charts in desktop too when you open in full screen.

>> No.19941691
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Big KTOV buy before close

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Literal nothingborger

>> No.19941708

where can I get this info? rh newfag here

>> No.19941709

pee pee poo poo

>> No.19941714

Bullish for LINK

>> No.19941722

Where do you guys do your research and get your news from?

For me it’s 4channel.org/biz/

>> No.19941726

This. If you guys can’t even figure this out then Idk wtf ur doin

>> No.19941745

Make a TD Ameritrade account and download thinkorswim, its free

>> No.19941755

Grabbed some TTNP meme-ahlicious.
Can't wait to make .10 profit;)
Pomp it

>> No.19941784

You must be retarded

>> No.19941785

it literally is dubs confirms it

>> No.19941799

Unironically this.

When I hit 250k I'm getting a Robinhood and /ptg/ tattoo on my ass. I promised back in KTOV thread 5 or something

>> No.19941825

Show us your ass now, so we can imagine the tatoo.

>> No.19941847

most based news network on the interwebs

>> No.19941864
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thanks for whoever recommended stocktwits, it's really great for a chuckle

>> No.19941934
File: 1.89 MB, 538x848, 아우라가 어마어마한 아이즈원 권은비 (IZONE KWON EUN BI) [매의눈닷컴heye.kr].webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold gang full of drug addicts. (KTOV)

Pope cane for the truck addicts. (WKHS)

Hull gang bullish youre with Ares. (SHIP)


>> No.19941941

SHIP sank. It hit an iceberg

>> No.19941943
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it was me tronald drump i told ktov they were getting dumped on and they got angery worth every salty tear

>> No.19941948

What is a good price to get in TTNP?

>> No.19941964

Pretty discouraged, boys. I’m new to the game and followed the SHIP advice and put $100 on it at .28 should I just dump it or sit on it?

Also put in $100 on KTOV at .84 so I’m not a complete failure.

>> No.19941968


>> No.19941976

i have ttnp id say .35 is a good entry point i bought in at .22

>> No.19941994

I wouldn't. I have an absesce on mine and I never even got a tattoo. Not a good area to puncture skin. Prone to infection. Get it somewhere else. It's also homosexual and reddit location.

>> No.19942005

How many people here try to negatively influence other peoples trades to benefit themselves?

>> No.19942015

It'll go back up right?

>> No.19942030

Just signed up for stocktwit free act today. Many lols to be had watching comments fly by

>> No.19942044

Here and Yates' discord are my most valuable spots so far.

>> No.19942046

Haha i saw the seethe and cope when ya posted. Good shit.

>> No.19942054

In 3 months.

>> No.19942073

Dumb as fuck, there were tens of anons warning you. It's going to open at .10 so might as well hold for 6 months.

>> No.19942079

I got in at $.12 so I'm not that bothered. Might load up on some more because it won't really push my average up that far.

>> No.19942082

Ship rises and falls with the tides. Maybe in a month or so, SHIT.... errr... SHIP might get back to .28

>> No.19942099

haha yeah they were spamming srne for like a whole two months with dumb fud but since the run up havent said shit lmao one filipino dude got doxxed the other day as well ive been railing on him for a month now

>> No.19942117


I wouldn't be discouraged. Earnings call tomorrow too so feel free to dump after 11am EST

>> No.19942125

It's over

>> No.19942138


It's boomers except they are as dumb as biz posters, but they don't have the meme vitality w e have.

>> No.19942161

Plz respond

>> No.19942167

Thanks, is TD better than Schwab? If you have a referral I'll use it

>> No.19942186

honestly i read yesterday that some anons were planning on dumping tomorrow. its your money though good luck bruh

>> No.19942203
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I got out just in time today

>> No.19942210
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>> No.19942213


I'd also take a TD referral but I don't think big brokers even give them.

>> No.19942231

Why am I such a weak handed faggot... I accumulated KTOV between 40-70c last month only to sell a few weeks ago in the .50c range before it popped. I do this all the time with these stocks and miss the rockets. How do you determine when to stick with these plays and when to forget it and move on?

>> No.19942235

It'll go up, but the big pump is most likely next week.

>> No.19942243
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$Ship chad here gonna kill myself.
see yall in heaven.
was a nice life a nice ride but all things come to an end.

>> No.19942271
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How is some faggot shilling our beautiful Jew stock a bad thing ? Serious question
>I’m kinda new

>> No.19942326
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>> No.19942375

>jew stock

>> No.19942396

But I dont give a fuck who that dude is I'm just worried its gonna dump

>> No.19942402

Good for Tesla and Nikola as well I imagine

>> No.19942455

Hey you sluts, should I buy Ktov tomorrow or will I get coomed on?

>> No.19942465

He obviously browses /biz/

>> No.19942469

If you want to to a lot of OTC trades, TDA charges $6.95 per trade

>> No.19942477

buy it tomorrow. Idk when

>> No.19942503

Buy the more volume the pumpy pumpy

>> No.19942527

Nikola: don't think so. Last I checked they turned out to be a complete scam (or am I thinking of another one of these memesters?). Tesla definitely going to moon.

>> No.19942530

So guys, when's the announcement?

>> No.19942535

I will go down with this
And I won't dump all my stonks
And surrender
There will be no green charts
Upon my phone
I am poor
And always
Will be

>> No.19942543

That the buyers bought the right to get stock at 0.9 per unit if exercised within 5 years, and that offer was so good to those who were allowed to buy in that it was gone in about a day.

>> No.19942576
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>> No.19942673

If you start with a thousand and alternatingly make 20% then lose 10% every other trade, it takes 180 trades to get to a million.
1,000×(1.2^90)×(0.9^90) = 1,018,915
Let's say you place a trade every other day, it would take 360 trading days to get there. Excluding weekends and holidays, there are about 250 days in the business calendar. 360/250 = 1.44, so it would take you about a year and a half to get there, if half your trades you lost 10% and half you gained 20%. Thats not impossible sounding.

>> No.19942707

Very simple. Don't sell for a loss.

>> No.19942721


You're all such bandwagonning sheep. Where was this enthusiasm when these were crabbing? That's right, you were too busy chasing some other pump.

>> No.19942723

People are saying Kitov is some Jew snack, but I want to believe...

>> No.19942727

Hey guys, do we have any info on the KTOV announcement? If we're all hyped for something to happen tomorrow, then it's occurred to me that it'd be nice to find some reason to believe that it is happening.

>> No.19942745

Been in KTOV since .45
Buy the rumor sell the news

>> No.19942761

>Buy the rumor sell the news
I never understood this desu

>> No.19942774

If you make 15% a trade and lose 10% a trade it takes 1.6 years

>> No.19942779

You don’t wanna chase it after it pumps. Rumor pump news dump

>> No.19942781

Gentile spotted.

>> No.19942806

When is the announcement almighty heeb?

>> No.19942807

I only put $250 into it and I could dump at cost but with the buy out it could be a nice bump. But it could be stocks or cash offering like theres no way to be sure

>> No.19942808

>britian just announced more time for housing development approvals

im thinking lloyds boys, 1.52 a share right now

>> No.19942821

>You abandoned SHIP at the right time
Good for you

>> No.19942837

well the jews are definitely feasting now

>> No.19942853

It doesn't mean shit. But the idea is a coomers dream.

>> No.19942859

KTOV was .45 around a week and a half ago lol

>> No.19942860

its rigged out the ass. closes up .30 every after hours and then drops back .30 when the market opens, then goes up .30 by mid day, then drops, then goes up .30 in after market

etc etc etc

>> No.19942861

If you make 12% a trade and lose 10% it takes 876 trades, which is about 7 years. That seems pretty doable to me if you manage risk carefully.

>> No.19942873

That was me, it still has room to go up being a first green day and all especially in this crazy market.

>> No.19942891

It's before the sabbath meaning friday is a big important day.

>> No.19942892

got a free share of nexfield solutions (fracking) whats the general consensus on fracking right now? I'm seeing lots of reports of plebs getting angry about water but what's the real future in the industry? Pump and dump?

>> No.19942902

Hey my shep looked like that as a puppy

>> No.19942915

that makes sense
in that case is there some evidence attesting to this rumor having spread beyond 4chan? there's very little I'm seeing

>> No.19942918

Before it pumped to .69 and dumped, like a month ago.

>> No.19942973

Should I dump my FRSX tomorrow? It's too late to hop on KTOV so what's the next move?

>> No.19942989


>> No.19943018

KTOV to 5 bucks /roll

>> No.19943051

I feel like KTOV might dump a lil before mooning...should I sell my positions at 1.15 and buy a lower price? Do any anons think that will happen? Or should I hold my position

>> No.19943054

No doubt it would move on actual news. I guess we’ll see. Looking like MVIS all over again

>> No.19943084

how long?

>> No.19943107

Hard bottom is 0.9. Soft bottom probably around 1.1. It could surely dump in the morning but I don't see it being repressed too far longer-term, since the people who bought the 0.9 offering want to maximize returns obviously.

>> No.19943146

KTOV will dump monday. If i'm wrong I'll buy on the rise.

>> No.19943169

dumping tomorrow premarket most posts ive seen are talking about dumping tomorrow

>> No.19943180
File: 202 KB, 1080x1848, dumparoooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

someone said this was taken out of context but its not out of context

>> No.19943194


Sabbath day is when the jews don't work so it'd be an easy scheme on the goyim.

Monday would fuck more people over and enrich the jews so they'll go for it then.

>> No.19943212

i posted this in ktov stocktwits board and a shitfest ensued kek

>> No.19943235

4 for 4 baby

>> No.19943250

shills trying to sink the opening to get in bc insiders know its going to the MOOOOON this weekend

>> No.19943256

CLIS is the next big move long term.

>> No.19943273

SHIP R/S approved effective 6/30

>> No.19943307

Fomo over sabbath is going to push this to 2 on monday and an immediate DUMP as soon as markets open.

>> No.19943311
File: 53 KB, 440x660, 1588299640555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can't trade OTC with my broker so looks like TTNP it is

>> No.19943329

i dont want to buy this shit lmfao i just think its hilarious half the board shat itself. ive made great calls with virgin galactic, ibio, srne and even jcp. i even bought ttnp at .22 and rode it out .45. ktov aint giving me that buy feeling.

>> No.19943337

What does your shep look like now?

>> No.19943341


my friend made 200 on JCP by buyin a a shitload of shares and dumping it as soon as it started rising

>> No.19943350

You on Robinhood?

>> No.19943371

is there a legal way for us to collectively pump a stock?

>> No.19943378
File: 1.64 MB, 480x270, 71570FE6-C35A-49F7-AF6F-E1AABF3984D2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How many captains going down with their SHIP?

>> No.19943389


>> No.19943393

What's your position on CLIS?

>> No.19943395

same i bought and held until that moon due to amazon BO rumors, my gut feeling usually isnt wrong and its telling me ktov wont make it past 2

>> No.19943405

might pump tomorrow after con.

>> No.19943409

200,000 shares averaging around 0.08

>> No.19943412
File: 27 KB, 680x350, Down we go.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

bobo is coming for KTOV tomorrow i called him in to let me back in for this rocket launch

>> No.19943421

What if we all bought shares of a nasdaq penny stock from a company with a black boss and then we promote the shit out of it, saying that if you don't buy it, you are racist.

>> No.19943429
File: 308 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200625-220325_Robinhood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This guy down 30%

>> No.19943439

Investors are racists.

>> No.19943441


you'd have to varience the trades by hours, literally 4 hours in between and making it look like people aren't collectively trying to pump a stock then foment a frenzy around FOMO and panic buying.

After a 30% gain you'd probably shaft anyone who wasn't in the know and dump every share to make a fat profit.

A couple weeks after that you and anyone you talked to about the stock would get a call from the SEC and you'd probably get about 2 years in jail depending on how decentralized you made the buying and how much you talked about or planned the calls in the weeks leading to the pump and dump.

In short, no, and you'd be fucked.

In the long, no, you'd be fucked and go to prison for a long time because the SEC doesn't like non jews getting a con on jews.

The only way to effectively pump and dump a stock would be to do it through paper communications or face to face.

>> No.19943445

Any other advice

>> No.19943451

To bad I sold all my shares with a stop loss but 2 hahaha

>> No.19943455

>tfw i'm black
i can help if you want

>> No.19943468

First Cobalt [FCC.VN]
The only licensed cobalt refinery in North America. Set to begin production of battery grade cobalt sulfate, a key component of electric vehicle batteries. Currently, nearly all the world's cobalt sulfate comes from China

>> No.19943475


hold until monday. the jews are FUDDING the shit out of it because its a jew stock. only jews are going to make money on this monday.

>> No.19943488

Disagree. All you have to do is to space out different parts of your instructions. In a first round you organize everyone to identify pnd targets you will telegraph, then telegraph the targets innocently as in "hey guys I found this company I think it will moon I'm really bullish!".

>> No.19943508
File: 18 KB, 744x404, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19943511


adding to this, there was a case on american greed about someone that only communicated through paper communications or face to face. It worked until the investors got greedy (because insider trading stories always end like this) because they only communicated face to face. The thing that fucked them up was emails and telephone calls placed around the time of the trades which came very close to annoucements about news of the compnaies they invested in or had early info about.

>> No.19943517

Or just shitpost and meme it into existence on 4chan and Reddit.

>> No.19943570

I do that too. Keep it at the top so I can keep a close eye on it. Easier to see if its making frantic moves. I just buy 1 though.

>> No.19943586


then the SEC has direct evidence of you pumping the shit out of your own stock. Unless you bought on the uptrend you'd be painting a target on your own back as soon as stock prices rose.

>> No.19943593


>> No.19943594

I’m new to this what does fudding mean

bls forgib anon :(

>> No.19943607

good to hear, thanks anon.

>> No.19943610

Why what?

>> No.19943615

Think it'll repeat the pattern on Monday, of going up like 10 cents then dropping 30?

>> No.19943616


fear uncertainty and doubt


>> No.19943635

lurk. you wallet will thank you
or just wait for anons to spoonfeed you before a dumbass like me tries to save you

>> No.19943658

yeah is there a way to do it on there?

>> No.19943662


rise to 2 over weekend drop to 30. Sell at 1.80 and don't get fucked

>> No.19943664

But the question was about pumping a stock, not your own.

Like mvis or something where memes and RH drove it up.
It would be illegal for a dozen people on discord to coordinate shilling and hype, then cashing out early.

>> No.19943686
File: 148 KB, 1586x776, Webull_uM2PbioaOX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I use webull, some anon recommended it to me a while back on these threads and I've used to it graph and data ever since. As for lvl 2 market data I am using robinhood because it's only 5$ a month on there.

>> No.19943695

Well if the Jews are trying to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt, that would cause a sell off of the stock, leading to a lower price wouldn’t it?

I could capitalize on that by selling what I have now and buy back in at a lower price due to the FUD...

Am I understanding this correctly?

>> No.19943702


You pump a stock at all even with no investment in it and the SEC can accuse you of pumping and dumping, even if you didn't directly benefit from it.

Someone got screwed, someone has to pay the price.

If a jew gets screwed, its double the price to pay.

>> No.19943705

No. I am just guessing since RH always seems to pop up when people ask about inability to buy OTC. You should just get a different broker like Schwab, Vanguard, or whatever and transfer the money. I wouldn't miss out on CLIS, and you still have time to buy below 0.10.

I use Schwab. Keep in mind that Schwab is buying TD so TD users will eventually just become Schwab users. I have good experiences with Schwab.

>> No.19943708

Wouldn't be illegal, I meant, as a question.

>> No.19943722

Thank you, that would be great, but first we have to find an american (sjw's don't jump into bandwagon if it's not from the usa) company that has a massive stock volume, but that's still under the radar.
>We agree on a particular stock
>We buy as many shares as we want
>Then we make up a really sad story about it being underevaluated, because the stock market is dominated by old straight white cisgendered male who are racist and won't admit the potential of black people.
>We make an online campaign for people to buy the stock to support black entrepreneur and to fight against racism.
>We watch dumb white people massively buy the share to prove how progressive they are, until it moon.
>We sell.

we can repeat the same process with a company owned by a gay, around queer pride time.

>> No.19943747

Theres a few of you CLIS anons here with thousands of shares. Im tempted to jump in too but im still pretty new to all this. Hope you guys succeed though.

>> No.19943765

I'm not sure how it'd apply here, though.

You get a dozen posters collaborating and pick a stock, say SHIP, and start talking a big game about how there's a big meeting in 2 weeks, and you spam memes, and it picks up some small momentum as people start to believe their regular quarterly meeting is going to be important.
Then you just sell at a profit, SHIP has a normal quarterly meeting, and everyone gets bored and leaves.

>> No.19943789


theres two predictions here.

the jew gets his stock and forces goyim to panic sell, thus dumping the price. It gets cheaper , he loses money in the long term but a massive buy from his fellow jews would spike the price (potentially to 2 dollars) by monday. Clean, easy scam on the goyim.

Alternatively we've got a scare out of holding position, where some minor sales might push the price down a bit but cause a massive surge in buys from FOMO.

this might also push the "2 dollar monday" narrative that I see back and forthing. If I wasn't broke right now after bills I'd probably just buy 100 shares as a test market to see if I could spark some FOMO myself tommorow to spike the price and force it.

>> No.19943798

CLIS is a longer term hold than most penny stocks here (except maybe KTOV). You'll be buying in really low now at around 0.08 which is practically the bottom. Most of us expect at least 0.20 once the app releases in August or September. Some of us are really optimistic and expect a $1+.

>> No.19943804

i feel like i would be betraying my race desu ironically enough i'm also a tranny so thats a plus

>> No.19943815


penny stocks are the best targets for pump and dump and boiler operations.

They're cheap, the floor is made of lava and the only ones getting fucked are the people being pushed off the couch as soon as the share price hits a point where the boiler operation decides to close.

>> No.19943824


all the posters here would have IDS

reddit accounts are connected to email accounts.

If there's a big rout on a stock out of nowhere instead of a gradual downtrend then it's been dumped.

SEC investigates, finds people hyping it and then fucks all of them.

>> No.19943830

Any idea when they move up from trading pinks? Easier for the masses to buy in, I'd load up shortly before that

>> No.19943840

They applied to be moved up into the next tier of OTC a week or so ago. No idea on how long it takes to process but it can't be that long.

>> No.19943866

For shitposting memes and saying "I hear this upcoming meeting is important"?

I mean, it's not wolf of wall street pushing pink sheets on grandma with telephone calls or anything.

I don't see how they'd have a reasonable basis, but I'd accept that the eternal Jew simply wouldn't need one because they sec can do whatever it wants.

>> No.19943886

I fail to see how profiting off ''white guilt'', by giving free publicity to a random black guy's company, would betray your race.

>> No.19943903

So your saying your 90 shares buy will spike the price? Come on

>> No.19943907

As someone who works in gov and with gov bureaucracy on a daily basis, I can assure you that they dont have the time, resources, or willpower to bother with an investigation as literally who as that. Unless perhaps you really blatantly fucked over the wrong person.

>> No.19943911


then you'd be fucking yourself with insider training. The language of "I hear this upcoming meeting is important" is directly targeting you with insider trading because they'd think you'd work there. Also, pumping and dumping. you just said you knew about an upcoming meeting being important. Spreading FUD is also punishable if you profited off it.

>> No.19943922

How exactly do you trade OTC?

>> No.19943927


I'm not saying it would spike the price, i'm saying i'd buy 100 shares and see how the market levels.

Spreading fear would pump the price you monogoloid. learn english

>> No.19943940

when u put it that way it makes it sound better lol i don't even have a twitter following so there isn't much of something i could do also wouldn't i get arrested for pump and dumping?

>> No.19943942

Let's make a campaign saying that kitov is the future of anti cancer research, but the reason you don't hear about it, is because the media is heavily biased against jews.

>> No.19943965


the anti cure lobby for cancer would kill you first.

>> No.19943969

Have a broker that supports OTC. That means no Robinhood since they don't do OTC. Get a big boy broker like Schwab or something. TD can do it but they have a fee for OTC trades.

>> No.19943971
File: 217 KB, 1776x1184, EMtJQJGU0AAe0sa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So about KTOV..whats the deal with it? Where is all the Merck rumors coming from? Its all screen shots. No official sources for anything.

>> No.19943983
File: 49 KB, 405x412, 1540006654708.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bought KTOV @.6
>Sold @ 1.17
>Bought @ 0.91
>Sold @1.25
God, KTOV has been so good to me, I almost want to buy back in just to help it out.

>> No.19943986

OK, thanks anon.

>> No.19943992
File: 462 KB, 1080x815, SmartSelect_20200625-224323_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry sir buy more sir moon when?

>> No.19944012

>bought at .71
>sold at 1.20
i'm gonna limit buy tmrw to get back in

>> No.19944049
File: 463 KB, 764x526, 1572133683418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's your entry point? Mine is 1.06, personally.

>> No.19944063

>The Basics of Pump-and-Dump
Pump-and-dump schemes were traditionally done through cold calling. But with the advent of the internet, this illegal practice has become even more prevalent. Fraudsters post messages online enticing investors to buy a stock quickly, with claims to have inside information that a development will lead to an upswing in the share's price. Once buyers jump in, the perpetrators sell their shares, causing the price to drop dramatically. New investors then lose their money.

Ok, so basically we are not allowed to pretend the stock is going to go up.

but I'm guessing we could manipulate people into buying the service/product instead.

but it would have to be a company with a big distribution capacity.

>> No.19944067

I'm not seeing how that isn't half the posts already here, is all.

>> No.19944078

Do this 40 times strating with 1K

>> No.19944090


no one here is holding on KTOV without actual proof and pictures from robinhood or some other investment site. All the normies are going to be screwed on monday next week and or friday this week.

I'm predicting a double jew fuck because why fuck the goyim over once when you can do it twice? Hold on friday when it dips and then buy more. Sell off as soon as the rise hits max cap on monday and if you get fucked, sell on the dead cat bounce

>> No.19944092

Kek @ the SEC litigation porn, normies please go back to stocktwits

>> No.19944103

Ignore the schizo, he's probably the retarded kpop poster anyway.

>> No.19944109

>this much cope
have u even researched it or are u going purely off ur gut as u type the stupidest fucking sentence in history of biz

>> No.19944127


jewish hands typed this post i see you planning the double jew fuck.

im going to buy shares tommorow on the dip then double my money when the crash hits tommorow and the rise hits monday to fuck the normies

>> No.19944138

I don’t mean to be negative but is anybody smelling hertz here? Shilled by portnoy and reddit, gains today, and potential for fomo rally tomorrow?(granted some articles are released)

>> No.19944143

2M people around the world signed a petition to close pornhub.

>> No.19944157


>> No.19944165

hair companies are perfect for this actually. If there is a black owned hair oil company that would be amazing it would also be good if they did skin care cause white people neeeds lots of it and so do black so essentially a cosmetics company would be good. If you want we can also profit off of /pol/tards by profiting off their alt rightness with a company that didn't do BLM so essentially chick fil a is one i think

>> No.19944173

Has the IDEX CEO lost it, lads? He seems pretty pissed on Twitter. My bags feel heavier every time he tweets

>> No.19944175

This is what the fuck I'm afraid of I didnt fucking sell the top today even though I fucking saw it so I bag held not sure what I was going to do, waiting to wake up tomrow to see it fucking tanked get out than watch Monday when i try to buy in i get jewed again, I know they have the new jew cancer cure but trusting Jews I dont think so

>> No.19944180

>5 dollar stock with tons of debt with 1 money making patent
>sell that single patent to pay off debt
>crash to pennies
>now debt free, makes 10x more profitable
>15 year patent on a METHOD, not PRODUCT so cant be generic'd
>jew says gtfo now

>> No.19944190

where did you hear about a conference? I don't think they'll just pull a R/S this soon without a reason and I would like their reason to why. is it for getting institutional investors on board?

>> No.19944201

Imagine if we built a website called pedoporn dot com, but instead of being disgusting shit, it would be insiders trading file release.

Any cybercop that would go on it would instently be dissapointed and go away. anybody who snitch would be suspected of being a pedo.

>> No.19944208


the hedge bet is to hold your position friday and sell off monday. You'd be getting minorly fucked vs majorly fucked.

If you want to be risky, sell the increase on friday to avoid getting the fuck monday. Or reverse it, I have no idea. that's my pick.

>> No.19944225


I'm not saying anything but prediciting the scenario. I'm actually saying buy in when the drop hits and sell monday

>> No.19944261

We could.
>Didn't know what chick fil a was until today. I assumed it was a chicken net.

>> No.19944262

Will the drop come instantly, or do I have time to sell my stuff I bought at 1.15, wait for a drop, and get back in at 1.05 or something

>> No.19944310

I bought ktov on the pump at 1.25 cause I was late. Should I just take out at break even?

>> No.19944312


>> No.19944337


I can't predict that.

you'd basically have to waste a day watching the stock go up and down and skyrocket your anxiety.

im predicting on a massive selloff then a huge increase in after hours trading to boost the price monday to increase investor confidence then another massive selloff.

it's a classic scheme

>> No.19944344

The internet is for porn

>> No.19944354

bruh lmao they're also against the gays so i think the best idea would be this invest in chick fil a while it still low shill THE FUCK out of it to every /pol/tard telling them to get a shit ton of chick fil a then if covid gets cured around earnings tines and it shows a shit ton of earnings it would be the perfect storm

>> No.19944357

There is a caveat to this, they are allowed can do this it if they have a disclaimer letting people know that they have the rights to shill for the company and have been paid in that companys stock.

>> No.19944382

TTNP the next wave

>> No.19944408

All you have to do is have everyone agree to follow some random retard none of us are affiliated with on dumbtwats and buy up, e.g. the first suggestion made by the asshole of choice for the day. Automatic, communication-free pnd, and the only person who could possibly be accused of anything would be the dumb twat.
Other than that, just shilling some stock doesn't qualify under pnd without proof that you orchestrated the pump through the shilling and then dumped everything, all-the-while believing the stock to be worthless. If any of these parts aren't provable, you're free.

>> No.19944410

Anxiety happens with noobs that don't know how to read charts, level 2s and don't have a risk management plan in place

>> No.19944426

It just cleared its debts with a DO, so no chance it bankrupts, or falls back to 0.50.

>> No.19944503


then you're just pyramid schemeing with no clear end product in mind and those ALWAYS fail.

>> No.19944556

I don’t have a life I can waste the day

If you’re predicting a massive sell off then what you’re saying is the price will dip?

>> No.19944584


>dip the price to fuck the normies
>normies will sell further
>price dips again
>after hours trades eat up cheap shares for a spike on monday which spikes it and then sell them for double profit because you sold before the dip

I don't have any stock in KTOV btw

>> No.19944585
File: 194 KB, 822x1029, 04BEFCBB-31B8-4FD3-B080-9C01AA1003E2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have info on pic related?

>> No.19944608
File: 144 KB, 642x697, FD38394D-CCA8-4FBC-9C67-CF5B1F53B271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19944631

gonna go out on a limb here and say you're under 20 years old

>> No.19944654

Why don’t I just sell before the dip tomorrow? Is it that easy?

>> No.19944683
File: 325 KB, 699x518, 1593111035238.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are pump and dumps illegal if it's not insider trading. Anything that's bought at whatever price people are willing to pay seems game to me.

>> No.19944734


scenario 1 : prices shoot up tommorow so you don't have to sell the dip

scenario 2: full jew mode engaged and we get a double dip where most of the activity is going to be late day buys with the jews already selling the stock and normies going full FUD on lost investment. then on monday we get a rally and anyone that bought the very lowest dip gets a double profit.

>> No.19944738

I did it 3 times this week.

>> No.19944755

Whew, finally, good pic anon
here's a link, now we have something to chew through

>> No.19944848

Wow...would you recommend I do that?

>> No.19944856

The ktov mrk merge is coming get your dreidels ready

>> No.19944896

Set a trailing stop loss on pnd day. I use 7%

>> No.19944898

Have a pt in mind?

>> No.19944913


the great jewing is coming. Sell on open or get your shit fucked.

>> No.19945095

Are you talking about ktov

>> No.19945099

Low 2 - 5 high mrk is about $70+

>> No.19945110

its jews trying to blame jews to jew us. HOLD

>> No.19945134

mazel tov, jogger

>> No.19945137

Wait I thought a merger would be good?

>> No.19945150

He wants you to sell and swoop in on cheap shares. Jew double bluff

>> No.19945159
File: 30 KB, 481x550, 1591660777895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hodel boys!


>> No.19945208
File: 223 KB, 902x327, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't eat
i don't sleep
i do nuffin but think of joooooz...

>> No.19945230

Ok but why don’t I sell, then join his scheme and buy the shares back at a lower price than I sold it for?

Isn’t that the way to beat the system?

>> No.19945244
File: 9 KB, 233x217, 1569302027278.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19945255

Whats in store for KTOV tomorrow

>> No.19945268

The Moon

>> No.19945276

That is a PnD scheme for you, how many people take the time out to read the small print if there is an opportunity to make money?

>> No.19945278

Precisely. Its a easy flip. I been doing it. It can be risky dont buy anything you're not willing to hold if need be

>> No.19945281


>> No.19945292


you already sold your shares at end of closing yesterday

>> No.19945300

>>Whats in store
>>Triple H
Hype, Hodl, Hope.

>> No.19945316

Today you mean. Shabbat prosperity energy will send the stock soaring to another all time high.

>> No.19945363

So is TTNP bust? Should I sell TTNP and FOMO into ZOM?

>> No.19945376

FUSION PHARMA IPO is something to keep an eye out for tomorrow.

Good day trade candidate

>> No.19945380

>sell at open
>only goes up
hurr why dont i just sell and then buy back more expensive hurrr

>> No.19945382

never fomo unless you have sufficient data to.

>> No.19945424

Hang on TTNP and leverage your equity to go full margin on work horse or fusion pharma if you want the trill of a quick buck, or if you have access to premarket trading, KTOV first thing as soon as it opens. It'll be too late come 9 am for KTOV and past $2 a share then.

>> No.19945442


you don't have to sell your entire portfolio retard

>> No.19945471

Lmao ktov is dumping pre market tomorrow. It's over. Couldn't even pump in AH today

>> No.19945473

this only works if it dips throughout day is what im saying retard quit shilling against ktov u missed ur shot quit trying spread bad faith in a sure thing

>> No.19945484
File: 270 KB, 1440x1478, Screenshot_20200625-212516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19945488

I admit when you're new to biz these threat always have me puckering my anus.
>Hear the thread talk about Ktov, thinking it's probably going to be a good buy
>Three days later demoralization comes in and soon my 500$ is going to be worthless.
I need to learn faster, anons

>> No.19945494
File: 304 KB, 1080x1533, CF3F23AA-BA22-4407-B1E4-BEA140161BEA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you think?

>> No.19945496


when tommorow fucks your ass hard don't come crying to me.

i will personally buy on the rise tommorow if i am wrong

>> No.19945507

them selling the patent is the ONLY thing that could go wrong and even then if they make multiple billions off selling the patent with no debt thatll still be a boost :)

>> No.19945543


Is this a bad thing? I don't know about this guy.

>> No.19945592

This is a big deal.

>> No.19945594

It’s another hint for a merck collab mongoloid

>> No.19945608

It's the best possible thing that can happen.

>> No.19945663

That's the Serbian Jew double bluff. Cartman was right.

>> No.19945665

Here and I like to listen to InvestTalk

>> No.19945697
File: 105 KB, 600x800, 1592591731981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This just seems like a corporate play like MVIS did with MSFT buyout rumors. They just hyped up the idea of a buyout to keep themselves from being delisted.

>> No.19945752

For RH, if I place an order after extended hours will I get tagged for DT?

>> No.19945753

Basically removes my doubts.

I've 4713 shares at an average of $0.967, and I'm holding with iron hands into next week. I'm not risking any more day trades for an extra 10%. $2-3 next Friday.

>> No.19945760

More on this, is it worth getting tagged if I sell out to a good position? thinking about doing Gold on margin for Workhorse.

>> No.19945761

Welcome to Penny Stock General

>> No.19945772

It counts on when the order gets executed, not placed.

>> No.19945872


>> No.19945898

New Thread

>> No.19945899

Margin on Workhorse a good idea? They're gonna taste of that Postal contract, right?

>> No.19945929

Shit, that's a lot of faith to put into the company I have far less shares, but I hope I can moon with even a fraction of those numbers.

>> No.19945931

Goodnight boys, tomorrow we may reach the promise land.

As a wise man once said, if it’s good enough to screen cap, just sell.

>> No.19946043

Doesn't mean anything.
This guy gets it. Get off the ride before the hype fades out

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