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imagine paying more to avoid responsiblity lmao

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You're attempting to justify a financial decision using an emotional appeal. Take it to /b. Renting versus buying is not a simple decision.

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>you have to have many times your annual income invested in the housing market

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>being beta is emotional
lmao now THIS is some beta shit

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after 30 years i will have several hundred thousand in equity and a monthly "rent" payment of about $800/month whereas you will be paying (on average) $3,000/month for a shitty 1 bedroom with ZERO DOLLARS in equity

>"muh rent is cheaper than rent durrr and I'll invest the difference hurrrrr"

wrong, faggot PIC RELATED

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do you work at a bank? new mortgages slowing down? you post this every day. it comes off like trying to get herd approval for a decision you're insecure about

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imagine scrolling past the dozens of link, haircomb, bitcoin, ghost shitcoin threads and coming straight here to bitch about a thread about a thread that is made once a day about one of the biggest investment industries in the world hahahahahha

take your fucking meds

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you are speculating with margin you moron you could end up hundreds of thousands negative.
Additionally housing has no return, it has a return against fiat because fiat is going down.

The housing market is a tool of financial repression for Keynesian
Housing is not an investment, it's a physiological need.

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>you could end up hundreds of thousands negative

>"muh stocks will perpetually increase in value"
>"muh shitcoins will perpetually increase in value"
>"muh meme metals will perpetually increase in value"


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Meh. In the last 10 years I've lived in 6 different states. Wouldn't have been able to do that if i was anchored down with a mortgage

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whoa 6 different states how thrilling

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mental illness general

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This depends entirely on your area.

Rent in the US for states that were heavily afflicted with illegal immigration have rents at $1400 to $2600.

But you could end up buying property then in a few years some CHAZ assholes show up and wreck the place and all that money goes to shit.

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not an argument

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Yea its pretty cool out there, enjoy your bubble

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Renting though is essentially shorting a house on margin. Its more cucked than a mortgage. The only non-cucked way to live is owning in full without a mortgage. Otherwise you are paying for what is an essential you will always need. Once you realize this you understand rent is a debt obligation just like a mortgage, except it goes on forever so its not thought of as a total amount of money like a mortgage. Its less "scary" and easy for simpleton renters to not realize how they are debt slaves.

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-said the increasingly nervous man for the 7th year in a row

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You also need to take into account homeowners insurance, municipal taxes, maintenance money, and power & water.
Rent is just rent, contents insurance, and utilities.

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Rent includes your landlord's mortgage, insurance, taxes (probably more than if you owned), maintenance, baked in. Its just one number though so rentlets think they aren't paying it.

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In what world does that make sense? Maybe its time to take your meds & stop caring if strangers on the internet are homeowners or rent. Literally who cares?

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And to put OP to rest forever:
People don't rent what they buy.
People don't rent what they buy.

Another way:
People buy more than what they would rent.

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pffttthahahaha wow, unable to understand an extremely basic concept.
small brain

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Another wrong take:

Folks that own the property can only rent at what the market will bear.
Nobody gives a shit that you overpaid for a shitty house. The market is only paying x to rent it.

Then you have to compete against the real pros like Avalon Bay communities, Simon property, etc.

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Yeah, renting really only makes sense if its a shithole in a big building, due to economies of scale. But that means you're a poorfag anyway so it doesn't matter.

Anytime you rent an actually non-shithole, non-poorfag residence, you are paying for everything you would have as an owner except with your landlord's profit margin on top. Just because you rent doesn't mean the government stops collecting taxes, your roof magically fixes itself, your landlord doesn't need insurance, etc. Its all baked into rent.

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mortgage includes taxes, interest, and fees retard

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>Yeah, renting really only makes sense if its a shithole in a big building
Incorrect. Renting definitely makes sense if you live in the top 5 American cities (800k avg home). Rent what you need and invest the rest.

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Why do retards try and portray this as a bad thing?
>Paying money for goods and services is bad
Renting is cheaper idiot

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So according to you, none of those companies make a profit? No, they do, and its rentlets that pay it.

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this retard unironically thinks houses rent for LESS than a mortgage hahahahha

get the fuck out eurocuck

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So what you're saying is you still pay them, retard

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as do you, jackass

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you are a faggot anon, I'm paying my rent with my dividends from stocks

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You can get a house with barely any downpayment these days and <3% interest rate its pretty much free money from the government. There is zero reason not to buy these days other than not understanding math.


Renting is not cheaper, because the only difference is there is a middle man charging a profit on all the costs of living there normally is and lumping into a single monthly payment. You have to pay rent for eternity but its not combined into a big number like a mortgage so rent cucks aren't scared of it. But take your rent and add it up for the next 30 years, and take into account rent increases, and its many multitudes larger than a mortgage.

A fixed mortgage payment is essentially inflated away after a while. That's why a mortgage is much cheaper, you are borrowing a fixed amount of money. Renting is borrowing a house, an asset which ever increases in nominal value, a debt you will never pay off.

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Avalon Bay definitely makes profit but the margins are very low (e.g.
3000+ multi family housing in NYC). The REITs also successfully suppress individual home owners from renting their homes to cover their mortgage (rent-seeking behavior).

Your best bet as a single biz professional is to
1) Work in a major city to generate the income
2) Rent what you need
3) Invest the rest
4) Optionally practice geographic-arbitrage after clearing 6-750k after tax (invested)

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You’re rootless and triggered homeless man.

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I pay $600 a month for a two bedroom apartment across the street from a park. All my friends and coworkers spend a ton of money and all their free time fixing up/remodeling their homes. Yeah they’ll have a great investment but they won’t realize it until they sell. And when they sell they will use a large chunk of that to buy another house and start the renovations over again

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No you ding dong Youre mortgage doesn't include municipal taxes. You still have to pay those on top of whatever mortgage fees you have to pay

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>what is escrow
leave my thread you dumbass rentcuck

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Except I'm literally back home now, surrounded by family & friends, saving 90% of my paychecks, until I get bored & decide to check out something new again. Nice reach though

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Exactly my point, they make money off renting. I said before renting only makes sense if its a shithole in a megaplex due to economies of scale. But that means you're a poorfag anyway and it doesn't matter.

>2) Rent what you need
>3) Invest the rest

Its so easy to put 5% down on a mortgage and still get an insanely low interest rate, like 3%. Because all mortgages are just sold by dealers to a money loosing, government owned corporation funded by money printing and the taxpayer. I'm not saying its a good system but its free money, and a rigged system for owners. Because guess what the rich people who control the system own a lot of? Real estate.

So your down payment is getting like 20x free leverage from the government, with no maintenance requirements (can't get margin called). Even if your house just went up with inflation you'd absolutely destroy the typical stock market return. And the monthly costs of owning is cheaper than renting, because as I said, the costs are the same, except you remove the landlord and property manager middle men's profit when you own. Plus inflation is on your side when you own, not against you like when you rent. So overtime owning just gets cheaper and cheaper.

Plus renting just sucks ass from a quality of life standpoint as well. But my point is, zero reason to rent unless you don't understand math.

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>Yeah they might have a great investment that might keep up with inflation.
Corrected that for you.
Houses are a depreciating asset that require constant maintenance and on average just barely keep up with inflation.
Biz folks would be better off focusing on launching their biz, career, or moving to a different location for better opportunities when presented
when single.. rather than spending all that time and money on working on a house or paying expensive contractors.

But what do I know, I'm rich.

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You pay for the same maintenance when you rent. Just because you're a rentlet doesn't mean your roof magically fixes itself. You're just charged a lump sum so you don't realize you are paying for the exact same things except also paying for your landlord to sit on his ass retired while you pay for his mortgage, taxes, his boat and car payments too.

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>You pay for the same maintenance when you rent....You're just charged a lump sum
They can only charge what the market will bear (ref rents dropping 10% in San Francisco to accommodate the continued exodus of young folks going to live with their parents)
Look pal. Your house isn't going to make you rich but it will sure screw with your available time, job opportunities, attract gold diggers if single, potential dating ops etc.

Good luck and enjoy life!
It's self evident how great homeownership has been for you
Everyone else is just a moron lol

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>They can only charge what the market will bear
And the only trend the market has ever shown is that it is continuously rising. There may be occasional dips like the market accounting for technology changes or bad weather or whatever the fuck, but for 90% of all places in the United States it would take essentially society melting down for the housing market to dip and not recover and then continue the upward trend that all inflation has been making since the day we started recording it.

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You act like you can't sell a house. And the system is pretty much rigged for owners. You might get a decline after a year or two, but you can't seriously tell me you'd bet on the dollar over real estate on any time frame more than few years. And even if you do buy in one of the rare times it dips, you can still sell and buy an equally depreciated home. Over time you gain it back as long you continuously own, it doesn't have to be the same house in the same location.

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All a man needs is a man-cave tho

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>the pending buy on property 3 blocks from CHAZ @ $340K for a studio

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Based housing shill is back

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Relax, sleepy time. Don't you feel tired?

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you clearly have no idea what shorting means.
Should I take out a mortgage for life time supply of toilet paper and water?

Obviously owning without a mortgage is better than renting anyone with a brain can see you'll get there quicker without a mortgage

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lol ikr
guise I bought a house please buy a house too so I don't have to justify my autism through violent means

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In the future once boomer landlords are gone everything will be short term rentals like AirBnb
The cost of living will be crazy if you dont get a house in the next decade

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Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected
Rent cuck detected

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unless you are paying less

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just wait when the housing bubble pops to see your real equity

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That's a man

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>be OP
>shitty neighbour moves in
>has to keep paying for a house he doesn't want anymore

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>after 30 years i will have
I invested that equity in AAPL 30 years ago. You are tied to your one house. A very risky bet you made without experience.

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