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sell me this utter shitcoin

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no need, it literally sells itself

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take my xrp, please

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just a thin layer on top of a mysql database

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XRP will moon

One Day.

One Day...

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the standart of dumping

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It sells itself, buy the real ripple instead

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i figure best case scenario it may end up 1-2$ in a year, so it covered what I wasted on chainlink if that fails

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It isn't even a crypto. One company owns more than 50%, they can do whatever they want

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Codius for smart contracts. Payid for interoperability between platforms. Odl for cross border remittance. Already complies with regulations globally. The only thing holding this back is being regulated itself.

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this isnt where you buy crypto, moron. go to an exchange. meatspin has the lowest fees

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A great store of value as it will eternally be .20 cents even after human are extinct

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>it literally dumps itself
beep beep

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