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Is the breakdown of social order in the US bullish?

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Yes, all volatility is good volatility

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America will never recover from the events of this year. The dollar will soon collapse and with that, American hegemony,

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>be elite jews with more $ than they can count
>convince the federal reserve Kikes to pump after China dumped
>continue to be super bullish while communists are destroying order in the entire USA- all supported by NASDAQ 100 tech companies and Democrat politicians / RINOS that are supposed to care for American values
Do you understand what Evil is?

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Long weapons manufacturers.

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Ill tell you what. Would not want to live in a country thats not the USA when this happens. Its going to be bad here but its going to be living hell everywhere else. Imagine all the old hatreds around the world thats been kept in check because of big brother since WWII.

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How do I start selling guns?

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yes, it's why I've been bearish on cumming in my gf

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You might be better off in ammo.

Get an FFL

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