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It's been almost 3 years of a continuous dump. WTF?! What is the point of holding this shit?

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For Ripple and the founders to get rich

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The point right now is to shake week hands loose and make you sell. Its not meant for you cattle.

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kek. you are the cattle on the ripple labs farm holding their xrp bags. a drooling retard. defending a coin which LOL (lmao) A coin that HAHAHAH I can't even say it. A digital asset that is build by ONE american COMPANY, printed out of THIN air, and they gave themselves 60! yes 60percent of the supply.

the drooling xrp sheep doesn't see anything wrong here. My bags will pump! xrp so fast xrpee so great!!!!!! oOOOOOOOO aAAAAAAAAA


I'll think of you when it hits 100 sats

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no point anon. You and I are in the know. Your wasting your efforts trying to enlighten people.
I think the Mellon threads are very likely, but most people will have sold the moment it pumps.

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i sold last week. lost 20 bucks, held for 2.5 years. might kms in a few years, but probably not.

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Let's go! 24.3k XRP

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You think with increasing adoption it will stay at $.19? Fucking idiot. You ran most of the race and stormed off the field before crossing the finish line.

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Roni I know it's you, just stop it

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25k all bought in last two months. If you know, you know. For some reason many of us were meant to learn the truth behind xrp at the perfect time.

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This macro made me howl yesterday, nearly cried of laughter. Extremely powerful and brutal use of memes
XRP will pump next bull run if only for speculative reasons would be retarded not to hold some (i am retarded)

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