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How can you guys even recover after this?
>Cryptocurrencies are useless. Blockchain solutions are frequently much worse than the systems they replace.


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Unironically bullish

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We've heard this for 10 years

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>year old opinion piece
>includes the twitter referral in the URL
how about you fuck off back to twitter and go and be a stupid faggot with your stupid faggot friends

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>crypto is useless
>proceeds to immediately list two separate use cases


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literally who?

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>heard this for 10 years
precisely. 2021 will (surely) be the Year of Mainstream Adoption of Concurrency tho.

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>oh no a 10 year old asset went from being worthless to only 200 billion dollars

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>crypto is useless
>lists three uses for crypto
golly gee almost like the human control system is trying to crack down on transcendent capital again

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>People who don't like government backed currencies

This level of loaded sentence is a huge buy signal. They're afraid.

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who cares about cryptocurrency as a payment system? anyone with two brain cells moved to the smart contract paradigm back in 2016

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>people who don't like government backed currencies
>criminals who want a black-market way to exchange money
Sounds pretty useful to me desu.

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>its useless but its worth like 10k

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Also, this dude is just shilling his books.

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>only 200 billion dollars
is the correct term
you've come a long way baby
>most of it in reverse

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1) Was referring to bitcoin
2) You're coping by saying crypto is down 50% after shooting up 100000000000% since 2009

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Well I got quick riches
Now I get more
Me so rich xD literally buy wired 100%

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sold 100k

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Kinda based, keeping the normies out

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technically gold and stocks are also useless. if everybody decides that these things are worthless, they will become worthless. Same with fiat money. Honestly nothing in this world has value.

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year of the linux desktop and crypto mainstream adoption will surely be next year

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Three, actually. Of which I'm at least two. Definitely bullish press.

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>Cryptocurrencies are useless.
Oy vey

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The gramps over at wired never liked crypto. They thought them being able to understand how a transistor works would forever guarantee them the status as digital avantgarde. Crypto blew that to pieces, which wasn't too highly appreciated on their side.

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The whole point of crypto is you don't have to trust it, it just is. This is kinda the whole fucking point. How they decided not having to rely on trust is a bad thing does not make sense. Buzz feed et al's quality has really gone down.

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wow. bullish af.

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wired owned by conde nast same company that owns reddit...go figure

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Then do it.

Buy wired and close it down or you are a bitch.

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Lition begs to differ.

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>Here's why

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Yeah. I feel like I'm running out of time to get FUND

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>just you wait! We’ll have a use for crypto eventually!

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>Honestly they're useless unless for some crazy reason you don't like your government that would be insane huh guys?
"Journalists" deserve to be homeless.

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