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Hello my /biz/ bros. There are just about 4 weeks till the 4chan Summer Cup begins and our roster is very dated.
Post ideas for the roster, models, or music for the team, if you want to know what the team uses currently for its roster, models, and music check out the /biz/ wiki page.

>inb4 wtf is this
Meme soccer between boards, each one has a team, each team is made up of memes from the board, for example we have pink wojak while /pol/ has Hitler. These teams face off in a tournament. Its pretty fun, if you wanna watch old matches go here.

>inb4 inb4 how do I profit off this
Unironically thinking of making a betting market for this, need some spare time to look into how to automate this though.

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Pajeet gang checking in sirs

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Get a load of this newfag

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We need the /biz/ team to be composed exclusively of chainlink team members

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Here are a few ideas that have come off the top my head, wondering if you all agree with them or have shit to add to it.
>Market crash rep
No idea what to call it, but the happening that occurred a few months ago needs a rep on the team.
Imagine falling for another McAfee P&D and not selling at the top.
Need I even go into this one.
>That one LINK whore.
Blanking on the name but the one that did porn.

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assimilate or leave pal

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I would take out prophecy, money skelly, change how can I make money from fuck prosititue to "that's a man", and swap out McAfee with his ghost coin

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Get new fren, go back

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need Ari Juels and Klaus Schwab in the team

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GAYBO fucking add GAYBO the one who led us through the crypto depression of 2020 with eyes stead fast on 2022. Came to tell us to hold at $3500 and look at us now approaching $9000 saved us greatly!!!

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Add 42 as a cosmic cloud and Chainlink tonight as Apu in a suit

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Ps fuck snibs

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Priced In has been doing well in practice coach

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Smeff should be in the roster.

Also Gaybo

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Gaybo our master

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Also I think JPOW should be in attack, but I'm from /smg/ and this is a crypto board

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add BRRRRRRRRRRRRR and make it gold, take out Asuka

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Golden pajeet is pretty lame

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I was planning on integrating him into the model for BRRRRRRRRR. And like >>19831169 said he will likely be upfront.
> "that's a man"
Yah good call
Also this is about recommendations, I'll make a poll where the unpopular one's will be voted out next week.

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What about Gaybo?

Can we have a Gaybo?

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I nominate my champion

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Also now that the stock market is more volatile than crypto we should add robinhood trader

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That is a good idea he is gonna score a ton of goals

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i think we should definitely have a BRRRRR meme

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i'm biased towards money skele, but switching "prostitute" to "that's a man" sounds right

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If two people have recommended a player, he will be on the poll. So if there is an idea you like that is in the thread you may wanna second it, since it is the way I know people want to see that player.

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You newfags are ruining this board

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How about Robinkiddo, the model being Pic related

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What game is it?

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too edgy

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Brrr and that's a man for sure.

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The game that is run is called PES or Pro Evolutionary Soccer, specifically the 19 version. If you are interested in the game specifics there is a nice page on the wiki explaining it https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/FAQ or if you wanna know more to help out, join our team discord (at the bottom of our wiki in OP) and let me know you wanna help out.

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Oh wow it's PES. I had no idea you could create avatars like that in PES. Thanks for the info, I'll take a look

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Put in WTFWT

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Well I second gaybo

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FWTDHWATQUD needs to be added

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Pink Wojack should be the captain.

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>wearing pants

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Gaybo and Pajeet.

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>Boomer Metals
replace with peter schiff
replace with mcdonalds wojak
replace with joe
replace with linky apu
>A Thread Died For This
replace with nico
>Buy High Sell Low
replace with arthur

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I suggest that you play this song if Golden Pajeet scores.

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yeah for sure
at least 1/3 should be LINK

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i don't agree with any of those

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When does the poll come out?

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You're forgetting Imperial, the shitcoin that won't die.

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How about changing Money Skelly to Gimmie Yo Efereums, the character is a black guy with a gun.

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Also the entire team needs to be head to toe Sergey Flannel, not just goalie.

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This isn’t making random memes.
It’s about making memes we already have immortalized.

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Fuck off back to plebbit. 4chan cup is super comfy fag

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Yah its pretty neat all the shit you can do with in game mods in PES, took the community forever to figure out how to get the latest engine going but its real fun to make models for the team now.
A week from now, likely earlier in the day. I've gone through 4stats and that is when the board is most active (little surprise) and I don't want people to miss out on getting a say if they want.
I can do this for certain games. I like varying kits from game to game because I've made a lot of them and like seeing them get play time, which is why I've kept the flannel as a constant keeper kit because of how meme worthy it is. But if it seems fitting to use it during a match against a certain team, let me know and I'll slap it on. match ups will be posted in 3 weeks, I can make a thread at that point if you all want.

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Golden Bullrun (update to Bullrun Mumu)
Buy High sell Low
DR;NS (Green muscular Pepe version)
Golden Pajeet
Jhon "Buy ghost" McAfee (update)
Bear Market Bobo
Boomer Metals
Snib Snib
Money Skelly

Link Whore
UniSwap Scam Coins
What The Fuck Was That
Not gonna make it (if /fit/ has not taken it yet)
Financial Ruin

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>nico nico bully
>Satoshi Nakamoto (the engineer guy)
>Satoshi Nakamoto (Adam Back)
>minister you, satoshi
>Bell Delphine
>Peter Schiff
>printer Brrr

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Do you mean don't put these on the team or why don't we have these on the team?

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she didnt get to play last cup, also maybe this as well >>19834258

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BASED anon. I was thinking about you the other day unironically. Requesting to replace McAfee with “GHOST” and also who the fuck knows maybe we can gamble on this shit in the future we have the technology.

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That's a man

>> No.19834898

i agree with the smug nico idea
hopefully she's not already being used by another board's team

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I don't think any other team is, and if any other team is it'll be fine. /g/ used pajeet at the same time we used it for the longest time.
Yah I unironically want to, I just need to do some reading up, if anyone is interested in helping me message me on discord plus#0862 or join our team discord. I've got a lot of other shit on my to do list (like making the new models for the team when the poll is over) so having a helping hand would be nice in getting this set up.

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>bearmarket bobo

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add empress nico

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Based Gaybo posters

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where is the team discord located at?

>> No.19835703

ohhhh negative oil might be a good one

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Poasting /bizlore/ Nico ID get from a brazy thred in May

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also Sminem returned same thred

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good one, anon

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That thread was legendary.
Go to the /biz/ wiki in OP, then scroll down to contact. But here, pic related also has it. When you join let me know your from the thread.

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bump again

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Gaybo is the glorious choice

>> No.19836650

Not clicking any of those links. But some of the pics do look funny.

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Anyone got the webm of (((JEWS))) scoring for /pol/ with the stacks-on at the end?

>> No.19836739

Why? They're secure addresses

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how do we make suggestions, just post here?

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I'll only join you if you're holding LOKI.

>> No.19836968 [DELETED] 

k. im assuming you just going to stick around till the thread is done? The one that were posted last year were fucking gay. ill contribute best i can

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we def need ari juels and the chainlink verifying age of consent/ assaination contracts worked in there

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also think it would be funny to get that 18 yo girl who got her dad to drive her to one of the conferences. anyone have a picture of her?

>> No.19837065

>he's never seen the efereums meme
what are you 14

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Relative newfag. Just watched an old game. /Biz/ team had some killer characters, Boomermetals and his lawnmower had me audibly kekin just watching him alone.

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Cid will provide refreshments and succubus cheerleaders. CID airdrop to anyone who posts succubus cheerleaders (and their shitcoin wallet address) in this bread.

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Generally speaking, its looked down upon including posters from your board on the team. Mostly so that we don't encourage attention whoring. Though I did enjoy that vod and thought it was funny as hell.
Thanks bro, glad to hear people enjoy the autism.

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Check'd, but where are the semon demon waifus?

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i thought this was a pic of the chianlink pivotal tracker

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jessica khater

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Here, this will start things off.

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>demon waifus
Sorry bro, don't have any, all my waifu pics are limited to Asuka.
Thanks lad.

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What about adding tigger mommy on there?

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Ah, made good money off the last Summer Cup
Can't wait to see my ol' friends on the track.
Pro tip? Always, and I mean ALWAYS, bet on PNK.

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Are you telling me that you would denya succubus that was also asuka? Asuka with wings and horns and sexy tail?

>> No.19838540

Unironically this

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Final bump from me for tonight lads, If we could keep the thread alive all day that would be great, Wanna let as many people get a say in for new shit as possible. Though a lot of good ideas were made so far.
If someone is to second it ofc.
You make a good point.

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>> No.19839879

That Polish whore is more of a meme than her but yeah don't want to encourage it. Then there's "French" (Arabic) "Bro" (Homosexual). Yeah definitely don't put posters on the team.

>> No.19839912

put craig satoshi wright in the team

>> No.19840172

that's a man with jessica khater avatar

>> No.19840186

Where the fuck is Bart Simpsons?
Also +1 for WTFWT

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