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it never even started

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Yep, the coin has done nothing but dump since inception

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up 118% past 3 months

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Not to mention decent staking payouts.

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Looks like they didn't release GIZEM FEET

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I'm thinking of getting in with $300, should I do it?

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300 will make it

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wait for a pullback

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I had a dream that 3MM ONE will make me a billionaire. Can I handle that much wealth?

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Zoom out

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Sounds like a lot of room to grow, Fuck it I’m in.

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Pic very related for you two faggots!

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This shit:
>needs to 7.5x just to go to launch price
>competes with eth in most retarded way offering nothing new but gimped sharding everyone planing anyway
>plan to "port dapps" is sold to acuall retards, You cant just "port" eth defi daps you illiteral bagholding fucks

But hey keep getting excited and talk about foot fetishes while You going slowly insane KEK

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They have a GIZEM FEET
Just wait until they release GIZEM FEET

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ok eth dev
head to head speed harmony is way faster
seethe while your network was exposed by cryptokitties. cryptokitties.

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>thinking /biz/ is this dumb

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the chart on ONE is super bullish right now

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bought my 2k bag at 00449

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Ofc its faster there is like 30 faster sc paltforms than eth by now lol
Thats not going to pump your bags fag
I know biz is this dumb kek

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>thinking it needs to overtake eth to 100x

thanks anon !

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That’s how much I get staking every two days lol

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KEK... same.. these poorfags missed the boat didn't they?

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same kek

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crazy that if this hits 20 cents id be comfy living off passive income

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I don’t think they missed the boat but if they don’t go all in right now they will slowly get priced out.

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How do we secure our stacks? Do you guys trust the harmony chrome browser ?

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for now yeah, when my stack starts hitting 6 figures usd i will reconsider

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nice tokenomics. lmfao what a shatcoin. no doubt will poomp this. get out in time boys. gl

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i don't know.. staking is awesome and it's rated #2 on what to mine.. you sound like you are just a seething hater.. is that the case anon?

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I didn’t miss the boat 50% of my folio is one

But I am losing hope

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well.. I don't see why you would lose hope right now unless you went too big.. either way, BUSD is about to launch, its going to be added to more exchanges.. and ARE YOU FUCKING STAKING? I just sit here and restake my earnings every single day and I have to say.. it's comfy AF.

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Easy 50-75x from here till EOY. Get in now or stay poor.

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>Harmony needs to rebrand to GIZEM FEET protocol
GIZEM FEET will take us to 25000 sat
>We need to believe, pray and worship GIZEM FEET
GIZEM FEET is the Mother of Pangea
>When GIZEM FEET takes pedicure and walk bare feet in the sun we will go moon!

>GIZEM FEET is The Mother of PANGEA

She is the smartest and most beautiful woman in the whole blockchain space.
Satoshi Nakamoto ain't got shit compared to GIZEM FEET.
Believe, pray and worship GIZEM FEET only then the price will go up if she thinks we are worthy.

>Fun fact: You never believed, prayed or worshipped GIZEM FEET and the price keeps dropping

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How much Harmony are you guys staking? And are you staking on Binance? Is 80k enough to stake? Sorry, I'm new.

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Scalable and sustainable ecosystems like VID.camera with real integration with businesses always attract more and more market shares. Unique concept based utlity projects will always be successful.

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I am running a validator which saves me the ~3% fee I charge the unwashed masses

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you can stake 10. google chrome extension

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I have 80k on Binance. Do I basically just hold and do nothing with it? And each month I get some minor amount? Really no idea how this works.

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google chrome extension are u fucking reading

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I am. You didn't answer my question. What is staking? Also, is it better to stake on Binance or with the wallet?

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I'm sorry I don't use binance so I am not sure. I stake everything from the CLI which may not be best for you... the browser plugin (like metamask) is probably your best bet. check here: https://staking.harmony.one/validators/one1427qn37jngpu78lrdaw5e0q923jjcjkcra3t84

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>what is staking?
really? it's like the best reason to hold this right now. You lock coins to commit value to the network. You delegate your coins to a validator if you are not running one yourself which I assume you are not. It's easier than it sounds and it allows you to experience the magic of "compound interest"

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Okay, so basically I commit to not withdraw/sell my tokens. If I do that on Binance, do I just need to hold them for an X amount of time?

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yes.. you may as well do it on binance, where they will presumably charge you for it, and you don't control the keys.. but it.will be easier.

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My favorite part was the fact people kept on posting coinbase listing coming.

Cb lists a 15 candiates and ONE wasnt on it then reality hit followed by another wave of coinbase is coming anytime now. Kek

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real talk tho. you are contributing to the retarded centralization being caused by binance.. it's better and more profitable to put in the small amount of work to learn to delegate to a non-binance validator. You can see the monopoly they have going here.. the team is going to double the number oof slots soon and that might help but the best is just to stake with smaller validators.

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>unwashed masse
He is spending his time and effort for measly 3% and thinks is the smart one.

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Okay, so how long does it take to setup/maintain? And how do you actually get rewards? Do you need to hold it for 30 days or what?

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I'm running validators because I enjoy it, and the server space is free fucktard. jeezus.

you don't want to run a validator.. you might want to stake yourself and not thru binance tho. in that case you install a plugin, move funds to the new wallet and push a button.

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So, to summarize, I just hold the coin, and reap the rewards. How much would I get for one month of holding 80k?

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stop coddling this retard all the info has been available for months and delegating tokens is legitimately so easy to set up it should honestly be illegal

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Thanks man.
Though it seems that I need to invest a huge amount of money for this to even be remotely worth it. I'm talking 200k USD to get a return of 21k yearly. And that's not even guaranteed.

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How do you tell which ones binance owns. Solitaire has the best rewards it seems. Is there any benefit in going with a smaller validator?

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Not really

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Getting 4 million ONE is 20k USD

You will earn roughly 1,500 one a day, so 45k a month, nearly 500k one a year. If one 30x from here, that makes each one worth 15 cents. That’s 75k usd per year

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>no general understanding of the tech and competition

you will sell at 2 cents, at least u will afford rope

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15 cents cmon bro calculate that market cap don’t be a dumb fuck

1 cent would be 10 billion market cap

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>1 cent would be 10 billion market cap

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fud is bullish kek

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I have more coins then you 5 million

That’s right suck it

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doubt it

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