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I started a dropshipping store recently and I just found out it's incredibly easy to not send the items people ordered and just keep the entire cut in my pocket.
Do you think this is morally wrong? If you think about it, no one will remember what they ordered after 2-3 weeks or so.

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How many haircomb tokens did you earn?

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I promise you did not start dropshipping.

I have several websites that are bascially dropshipping (but not technicaly, because I hold the product in my garage).

Customers are constantly begging me to ship their items faster.

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What are those?

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Yes and what if you just not respond?

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Unless you live in the third world, you will probably face some sort of repercussions.

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a few parcels missing/late = ok
taking cash and sending nothing = begins with f and ends in 'raud'

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What kind?

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I remember what I order, faggot.

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oh okay.

Theyre gonna issue charge backs on their credit cards and youre gonna get Stripe or whatever you use to process credit cards canceled. Do it long enough, eventually the government authorities will raid you and arrest ya.

If you're getting sales, just take profits and ship the shit to em

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>if you're getting sales

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