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Life expectancy is currently 81ish. So in about 25ish years, there will be a massive Boomer die off. There giant boomer neighborhoods being build right now everywhere.

Mark my words that we will see a slow fall in the housing market in 20 years as boomers die off.

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Fucking lookup all the retirement communities. They are everywhere and they will all fall apart as boomers kick the bucket.

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Why would anyone want to live in apartments when they can live in dead boomer homes?

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you can see evreything that happens in japan what happens in western world 10 years after, technology, boomer generation, low birth rates
etc. also europe is much older than usa, usa is fueled with young latino migrants so their median age is 8 years lower or something. silicon valley etc. is mostly european and asian engineers not americans and california is soon spanish speaking state

in japan housing collapsed and lost 80% of value, now people avoid taking mortgages. but tokyo metropolia area recovered quite a bit as
young people want to live closer to down town tokyo closer to shibya/akihabara/ikebukuro/roppongi :p country side in japan is very cheap already and abandoned small ghots towns everywhere

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So I have to wait 20 years before buying?

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>cookie cutter houses
>static lawns
>identical driveways
>literally just rows of soulless NPC families

i-is this really what the goal of life is?

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Just understand that homes will not hold value as the boomer die-off hits full swing.

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Or you can be a rent slave

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Plenty of mexicans here to buy up the boomer houses. Nothing will happen.

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you realize boomers had 3-5 children. they will just pass their house down

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Look around you at the influx of immigrants. You’re not the intended market stupid cracker

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>Mark my words that we will see a slow fall in the housing market in 20 years as boomers die off.
Lmao, there's this thing called mass immigration, you may have heard of it.

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Thanks japanbro

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Japan would rather let their country die than suffer the dishonour of being invaded by gaijin. You dumb nigger

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This won’t happen because they are making it so hard to build a house. Housing used to be much cheaper because it was less regulated and was easier to get approval to build homes.

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With immigration housing will only drop modestly in response to a boomer die off. If you want to own a house you will need to save up a lot of money or have a high income, just accept that.

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Like immigrants won't have the money to drive the price as high as old boomers.

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That's where the modest drop comes in. They can afford more than millennials will be able to cause they will have whole families working jobs and sometimes multiple families to a house.

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Housing market crash is just cope. Home ownership nowadays is a luxury reserved for trust fund babies and the top 10% of society.

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OR you can buy land and build your own house much cheaper. Housing prices are inflated as fuck.

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I donno. My sister and I sold my parents house because it was too big, we are zoomers that like small places. I have no use for some 5 bedroom mcmansion.

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*tsip* Yep, Metal gear Solid 4 was a good game

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>We still have another fucking 25 years of these faggots

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Mark my words all these boomers will give their houses to their children and you will have to rent from millennials.

>t. Millennial who will inherit a house from a boomer and has no reason to ever sell it

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They will sell their house to go on one last vacation.

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Or better yet, retard boomers with reverse mortgage. kek!

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i work in florida within these retirement communities doing contracting work and i can confirm that the market is fucked for them
There are condos selling for 1$ because no one wants to get locked in to pay 3k a month HOA fees. People who paid 1 million for a house in 2005 cannot sell the same house for 1 million now. Insane considering how much property elsewhere has appreciated in that time.

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>needing a special snowflake house to not feel like a loser
Try having hobbies and a personality.

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HOA fee is 3k a month?

That is a bit high... why so high? WTF?

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You miss the point OP. It’s all about WHERE these boomer houses are being built. Most of them are nowhere near the prime job markets where we have seen the massive run up in housing costs. This isn’t going to jack shit to real estate in SF/NYC/etc, these boomer communities are all far as fuck from where anyone under age 50 would have any desire to live.

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3k is on the low end bro... im talking 3k a month and a lot of the houses are basically duplexes or condos in 2-3 story buildings
if you want to talk about boomer communities with the mcmansions that are 800k-2m its more like 5-6k a month
although we are talking about prime boomer living in south florida so not sure how this translates to other areas
This doesnt even account for the mandatory club membership thats an initial 50-100k

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Oh cool so I can buy a (realistically priced) house when I'm 50 finally. Superb news!

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uhh wait... what are you paying that 5-6k for?

That sounds gay as hell.

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by the time I have the money to buy a house I'll be 50 so it works out.

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If you're a millennial, you will be unable to benefit from this during the years of your peak earnings, leaving you drastically underinvested and primed to become another Forgotten generation.

Welcome to the hopelessly brutal world of macro-demographics.

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Someone needs the newest model 911 Porche.

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a quarter down, 3 more to go


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Boomers are not buying and inflating property prices now, it's foreign investors and immigrants doing that. That will continue after boomers are long gone.

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The younger end of boomers and gen x are so broke that most will sell properties to cover retirement and their burnout kids(which on average they had 2-3)will follow suit. Most migrants I can't see sticking around after the economy falls to shit and will move back to their home countries with education and skills gained here and live higher quality lives there. Real estate at most has 10 max before heavy decline in demand.

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This. I was talking to one older boomer/gen-x lady and she was describing one couple she knew as only having one adult child to support. Only one, like somehow that was exceptional amongst her peer group

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We need to early euthanize boomers. It's the only way. When a boomer hits age 70, you get released to elsewhere turned into onions green and your wealth is redistributed, no exceptions.

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