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Imagine not holding the only crypto partnered with Paypal

Stay Poor

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Sold everything

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Thanks just sold 10000000

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$.05 by 2021

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Been trying to kick off a RSR thread all morning. Basically, while you stupid motherfuckers are chasing uniswap scams and ethereum killers, Silicon Valley is cresting the next biggest thing since bitcoin. A stable crypto dollar that’s 100% decentralized and governed by the people.

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I didn't think so until this past month. Now sitting around half a cent. Slowly getting there.

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Not selling until at least $0.50

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I'm incredibly bullish on RSR, and will buy more every chance I get. However, I would like to point out that many of the even more bullish buyers than me like to point to a potential amazon partner as the real sign for takeoff. Paypal is likely I think, but amazon has run the game for 20 years now and not incorporated paypal, so that seems like a bridge too far to hope for

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buy some whenever you can biz - this is all that's left

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Heavy accumulation happening

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>a bridge too far
>largest investor in RSR is Peter Thiel

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Where is this picture from?

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Also an investor in paypal... no paypal integration in Amazon in 20 years...


I trust Peter Thiel's taste and I will continue to stack rsr, but Amazon is not a given

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1. App update (July)

2. Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Lebanon, America Launch ( June-August)

3. On-chain RSV Transactions (September-October)

4. Global App Launch (October - February 2021) P2P exchange (local bitcoins), fiat on/off, liquidity providers, all still in beta and limited to South America users. Americans can remit RSV

5. Main net launch (January 2021 - June 2021) [In-app arbitrage]

6. Binance Listing RSR/RSV (October 2020 - May 2021)

7. World wide Marketing and business development (2021-2023). Adoption, awareness, arbitrage. Global Fin tech spotlight on Reserve as “the next big thing”

Coinbase Listing RSR/RSV (February 2021 - July 2021) Main net will make RSR legally available to the US market because decentralization will make it a non-security.

You could also get more granular about the other countries that Reserve is targeting for the app launch. Off the top of my head, Mexico, America, China, Lebanon, Turkey, and Nigeria. Others have been mentioned recently by the team. Importantly, these are countries where hyperinflation is present or where remittances occur.

Similarly, you could include more details about the app update in June/July. That it will have significant UX improvements, etc.

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brazil when?

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it's a combination of speculation and telegram updates

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no qt asian gf for you

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I didn't actually sell I just want more heheheheheyhehehehehehe

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Can we get some THICC RSR girls in here pls

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I think PayPal will happen next year. Exciting times.

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if you are holding 10m you are most definitely not selling now.

nice larp go shove pegnet up your butt

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20% of fudders are confused noobs
the other 80% are accumulating

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will i make it with my 5.5 million frens :)

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>spectre have infiltrated the telegram group
it's a hard pass from me anons

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