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Why are people acting like he is a freedom fighter who got an unfair deal? The dude is responsible for sooo many drug addicts out there. Even I bought drugs on silk road and got an adderal thing going when Iearned that it was meth. dude sold me meth. this aint nelson mandela we are talking about.

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Pro tip no one gives a shit and someone out there still owes me a ounce of shrooms pay up

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>Blaming anyone else for your mistakes.

You are WEAK. Take responsibility for your life, faggot.

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thanks to him I got LSD when I was 17 which changed my life for the better

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Imagine being this new

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want me to kick his ass for you fren?

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ross ulbricht, he operates the silk road

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Who is responsible for sooo many alcoholics?

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He literally dindu nuffin wrong. The government have him a ridiculously long sentence for what he was charged with. This is a great 50 minute podcast on the topic https://youtu.be/Mhucyn3iZwc

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pee pee poo poo

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Watch the podcast I just posted

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Not any more

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he also ordered multiple hits on people he thought were going to rat on him.

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>this aint nelson mandela
Yeah Nelson Mandela was actually much worse, He was a convicted terrorist who used to necklace those who disagreed with him. Fuck Nelson Mandela

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yeah nelson mandela is a pathetic terrorist nigger brought into glory by the Jewish controlled media to further their political interests.

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Nelson Mandela ain't Nelson Mandela

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Ulbright is an absolute legend and hero in my book.

It's a shame he went full gangster and tried to assassinate some rival dealer. If he just kept a low profile and stuck to running the market, he would be chilling on a private island somewhere right now.

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Bro took a wealthy, developed country with a crime rate comparable to that of switzerland, with the highest black literacy rates and longest black life expectancy in Africa and turned it into a war zone with rolling power cuts and an aids epidemic the national health minister said you could cure with beetroots, and an 80% black illiteracy rate. A fuck up so immense its basically an achievement.

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he is a true /biz/inessman

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Technically, all he created was the framework for the platform/site to exchange value between two users anonymously, yet reliably. The vendor who chose to use the framework to exchange drugs is the one responsible for selling you meth. Ross was just the architect who created the platform, it was the vendors and users who harnessed it for malicious activity.

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Not even going to rat on him. He wanted to kill a low level dealer so his supplier would start selling on silk road in larger quantities. It wasnt self preservation it was greed.

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his wife was worse tbf.
way, way worse

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If he didn't take a piece of each transaction than maybe he would have a stronger point

Who wants to print this thread out and mail it to him?

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Ross Ulbricht is a hero. A true American dreamer, a daring entrepreneur and capitalist. He's an inspiration to me.

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I'm more pissed at him because I was bearish after is fucking 3.5K bitcoin prediction

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If governments deliberately distribute drugs to disrupt a country, I'd say there's a lot more nuance than just personal responsibility.

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Here's the thing. Libertarians tend to be genuinely autistic. I don't mean it like an insult. I mean they are GENUINELY autistic to some degree.

These types of people grow up getting good grades but are totally friendless and anti-social and then project outward this strange mentality of hyper-individualism, wild west style. As a result, they carry this weird sense of naivety mixed with unrealistic idealism with them. So of course they see this guy as a hero and not a scumbag.

This guy was obviously a piece of shit.
>make silk road
>make the claim that it's a libertarian experiment to show peaceful consensual transactions or some bullshit.
>get caught trying to hire hitmen on separate occasions (and getting tricked into thinking they completed the hit you arranged)
>tried to help who he thought were the Hell's Angels in Canada join the platform
>get caught by the FBI
>oblivious retards think you were an inspiration

Libertarians are just idiots. Avoid them. I'm serious.

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came here to say this
fuck nelson mandela, his wife, and their shared love of brutally torture-murdering their opponents
fuck the marxists in media who deified him
ethnic and ideological enclaves assembled on a voluntary and individual basis cannot rationally be determined to stand in violation of anyone's natural rights, and are thus a completely non-violent, voluntarist, anarcho-capitalist way for intelligent whites and intelligent blacks to protect their way of life, their heritage, and their genetic material

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He's pretty lean, though. Kinda legitimizes him.

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Is there any proof that he ever hired a hitman?

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Yeah forgot to add this, Nelson Mandela was a scumbag and the fact that he gets so much praise disgust me

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He sent messages and money to two people he thought were hitman. The messages are public if you want to look them up.

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He failed because it was people scamming him. He genuinely believed they were hitmen though, it’s intense. Go read the emails.

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>This is a great 50 minute podcast
>50 minute podcast
>50 minute
>Watch the podcast I just posted
Laugh my fucking ass over

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Sentenced to life without parole.
What is the definition of excessive again?

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Amazing how their case was made entirely because they snatched his laptop while it was open by having a man beat a woman in a library and his simpstinct kicked in.

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And the moral of the story is...?

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Checked and based op is a massive weak handed limp wristed faggot

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Allegedly, and even if it were true it would have been entrapment

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Just read it, sounds like just wanted to get rid of scammers so fine in my book
Also any proof that the guy he was talking too was just a scammer himself? If so, how did he have so much information?

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>get rid of scammers
>by killing him via hired hitmen
>"fine in my book"
like I said, Libertarians are autistic.

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the hitman stuff was neither proven, nor part of that what he was sentenced for. He (inarguably) got a bum sentencing deal as tossing away the key, at his age, for running an online drugs n shit market, thats disproportionate.

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yes, truckloads. read american kingpin

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the only reason it was not used in court is because one of the FBI agents was siphoning seized money that DPR sent for the hit into his own bitcoin account. The prosecution wanted their side to look clean as a whistle so they scrapped the charges

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>Before pol
>After pol

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>Even I bought drugs on silk road and got an adderal thing going when Iearned that it was meth
Just because you're a weak person who can't handle freedom it doesn't mean everyone is. People like you should be culled from the gene pool via an overdose.

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And here's a retard that believes everything the government says

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There are logs of the messages he sent from his account and the money he sent for the hits to be done are publicly visible on the bitcoin ledger

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>This ain't Nelson Mandela we are talking about
Nelson Mandela was responsible for several carbombings and other terroristic attacks, so this dude is fairly tame in comparison

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And the logs can't be fake?
The fact that there random bitcoin transactions doesnt proof anything, someone couldve just written the logs after they searched the mentioned transactions
Not saying it did or did not happen, but that is some weak proof, especially if he wasn't even charged for those crimes

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>I was born after 2012

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yeah lol if he didn't try to kill 2 cops he probably would of gotten away with it

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He tried to kill 2 cops? I read the chatlogs but there wasnt a word about any cop

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yeah man his co founder cipher or whatever was a cop the whole time from the beginning. This is like the first thing you learn when you look it up

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Nelson Mandela ordered bombings of children, he's being tortured in hell as we speak. Sad!

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he didnt know they were cops but thats besides the point

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why do people put this at the end of a post like it has to be spelled out?

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there's a really good ars technica write up of all of the public info, worth reading

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>could you link it?

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Thanks a lot

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He didnt go full gangster some equally retarded fbi agents entrapped him imo

Also one of them ran off w the money

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this is the future libertarians want

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Glownigger spotted

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>Ran off
One of them got a good sentence while the guy that stole much less got 6 or 8 years

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Dumbass kept a journal of all his activities.

Having a shit lawyer doesn't mean you should serve life for hosting a website. Would you put the owner of a trap house in prison for life?

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The first part of your post somewhat negates the second. Not much any lawyer can do, when their client basically hands the feds an extremely expansive personal written confession. Obv. life with no parole meant the time to cop a plea was before trial. idk how well the consequences of not doing so were explained to Ross. But even with the benefit of hindsight, going to trial, when caught red-handed with undercover feds hanging out his drawers, THAT was a dumb idea.

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OP why didn't you tell us the story on how you figured out it was meth etc. I guess the reagent tests aren't so good for picking up the difference? Also doesn't meth last longer and is way stronger?

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They basically the same thing, esp. when obtained illicitly. OPs acting like SR was a licensed dispensary sent him heroin instead of Preperation H or some shit.

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>Willingly bought meth and blames him for it
>This ain't Nelson Mandela ( a guy who threw tires around people's necks and lit them on fire )

Meth, not even once.

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Well I thought meth was way stronger. Meth vendors on Empire get really bad feedback for whatever reason, I'm tempted to think its because they're strung out or something hehe.

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Nelson Mandela was a terrorist you retard, objectively worse than selling you meth.

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Exactly, look up the church street bombing

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I love you guys.

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Because Trump does it.

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>eventually we'll have assassination smart contracts

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>he doesn't know how the west was won

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No. Read the book American Kingpin. He had full control over what was sold there and condoned the sale of weapons, poisons etc.

I agree with his libertarian views and I’m totally on his side but even he would resent being painted as merely a “facilitator of a platform”.

That’s the excuse pathetic faggot bitches like Mark Zuckerberg use to defend the monsters they create.

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Watch it on 2x speed. Now it's 25 minutes.

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How many bitcorns does he own?

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What am I looking at here?

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Whole DPR thing was a parallel construction.

Originally the story was that he got caught cos he used an email address on the clearnet that was also linked to the DPR identity, then when people realised that was too stupid of a story, they made the rest of this shit up.

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Him and the tiger king guy essentially got entrapped.

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>Not much any lawyer can do
See OJ Simpson. This guy deserved 20 years max, if that. Not LIFE. The judge is at fault too.

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Thats Nelson Mandela FC - a 'sporting' organisation organised by Mrs Mandela (at rear, end of vid) to keep the yoofs occcupied while Nelson was otherwise detained:
they never did play much football tho.

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without him we would still be trading boomer stocks so be a little grateful you fuckers

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There are literally millions more like you. Including myself

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say it with me.


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I'm actually here since 2017 I just didn't remember

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Only a bootlicker would think it's okay to jail people for voluntary transactions.
>muh degeneracy, muh children, muh addiction
Each individual is responsible for their actions, and the consequences that follow. Not my problem if some use that freedom to fuck themselves up.

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>”haha USB pen goes bzzzz”

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He looks like such a nice guy.

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>muh bootstraps
Free will is an illusion.

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>The dude is responsible for sooo many drug addicts out there
Is he now? Is your local wallmart responsible for the alcoholism of people buying them booze?

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how the scam, the fraud originated

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>ethipians and somalis are also the only subsaharan africans who have half of eurasian dna
wow really made me think for a second you have a source for your pic anon?

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Just like Light Yagami

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Nelson Mandela was a mass murdering communist installed by the USSR to destroy the legitimate nation of South Africa forever.

This guy created a platform through which YOU chose to buy drugs. He didn't make you do that, that's entirely on you.

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That's the result of bad parenting, not drugs.

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>Nelson Mandela was a mass murdering communist installed by the USSR to destroy the legitimate nation of South Africa forever.
Okay,now we clearly know you bought meth from this guy.

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This is how I know you're an utter retard. How can a voluntary society, which means YOU MUST DEPEND ON EACH OTHER, mean individualism in any way, shape or form. The monumental retardation of such a claim cannot be overstated. It's about there not being magical groups with magical powers that get to tell you how to think, dress and live. You make your own decisions and bear responsibility for them. Other people can choose to interact with you. Or not. That's it.

Then again communists like you aren't really human to begin with so what's the point of explaining anything to you.

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Yeah bro, just a coincidence


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he says BTC to $500 before bullrun in 2022
I believe him

>> No.19747281

>Joe Slovo
>Literally one Lithuanian Jew who’s family fled to South Africa to escape the Pogroms in Europe

>> No.19747291

It all comes down to a simple question: What authority does the government have over what an adult can do to his or her own body?

The answer is none. Drug laws are going away in time.

>> No.19747317

you can't be responsible for what people do out of their own free will

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>literally HIS account private messages
>bro it can just be fake lmao

>> No.19747614

>It's about there not being magical groups with magical powers that get to tell you how to think, dress and live. You make your own decisions and bear responsibility for them. Other people can choose to interact with you. Or not. That's it.

WTF then why don't Libertarians just have a landslide victory into the white house? I could write a lengthy post about why you're very wrong and dumb, but it's easier to just call you socially retarded.

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>NOOOO you can't just jail someone for violating multiple laws in multiple countries its not fair!!!

Lol pampered pseudo anarchist logic is the shit.

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He would be buying LOKI right fucking now if he was out

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The guy was a piece of shit. I'm cool with the free market side of the story, anyone buying and using drugs should be free to do so if they wish, but this faggot was actually ordering hits on people he thought were a threat to his wallet. I won't spoil the end but there's an interesting twist to the plot.
Barely sociable did a good episode on him. Go check it out but fair warning it's pretty lengthy

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"how to change your mind" by pollan may have some answers
interesting read anyway

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same with shrooms at 35 yo

>> No.19749564

Sam here at 29. LSD is a miracle drug.

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SR introduced me to btc in 2011 which led me to eth antshares and now link.
Ross saved my life.

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Dont make my pussy wet anon second chances dont come often

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you're a man

>> No.19751539

is that how you cope with being an incel
>w-women dont have a CHOICE to NOT fuck me

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