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Did any of you guys sell?

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I sold and I'm buying back in at $1 EOD

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I bought.

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we were just joking
didn't buy this scam in the first place

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how sell mean?

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Yeah dude, you didn't? LMAO

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Can you post your shorts? Am I the only one bag holding right now?

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I am NEVER selling my stinkies.
$5? Not selling
$3? Not selling
$0? Not selling
$100? You guessed it NOT SELLING.

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I bought more at 3.82. If it goes lower. I’ll buy more.

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Just bought another 40 link which puts me at 7.4k now

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lol r u srs

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ICO buyer here : Yes, I sold the 40x. Twice. Re-bought after the Coinbase moon. Dumped AGAIN above $4. I still have 100k, but anyone who bought above $2 is gonna have very bad years.

Find something new. I suggest Kleros.

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sold at 4.50, too obvious this shit rides between $4-2

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nope. i'm buying dip after dip until i'm priced out. link is my comfiest hold and i refuse to get JUSTed out of greed

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>most bizaraelies bought around 35 cents
>waiting 3 years for a 10x in crypto
>it can barely even hold that

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>larpy mclarperson here, I have $50 to my name

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OP literally no one who holds a substantial amount of LINK swings. Swingies are all poor with 1,000 or less. Will never ever sell. EVER. Imagine me having to pay taxes on $700k just because I wanted to try to catch some 20% knife. Worse, imagine I didn’t time it right and the $700k was all I ever made. Nah, fuck that. Anyone who has a real stack and isn’t at LEAST waiting until staking to sell some is lying outright or just plain retarded.

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Oh really Mandeep? Well I suggest the Toilet.

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Yea I think around even 2K people stop swinging.

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Then why is it dumping so much?

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I sold 100 at $4.30 to buy drugs for my yearly camping trip
Gonna get my annual drugged up backwoods orgy, and will even have an EZ opportunity to get back over 20k LINK after the vacation (at 19.95k since selling)

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>why is it dumping so much
here's a riddle for you newfriend: who owns the overwhelming majority of tokens, and who has been known to dump massive quantities at obvious tops, repeatedly, while spamming social media with a PR team to push the "never sell hodl the lieeen muhreeen" meme?

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Haven't sold, but I'll buy more at $3

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I barely check the price anymore

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My swingie stack is growing slowly, comfy desu.

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Sold at $4.00.
Permabulls can lit my nuts slowly and sweetly

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i sold my aave and bnt to swing but i'm too pussy to sell any links

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oh no brah why would u sell that BNT? shit is about to get listed on coinbase and save defi with chainlink when their v2 releases. then bancor staking rewards coming. thats a hold brah.

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I’ve spent $2200 for 500 stinks these past few days. I want you to remember that your meme warfare took the life of a fellow marine that had the opportunity to buy at 0.40 but was told not to because you thought it would be funny.

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I sold at $4.10, but I bought at $4.40 so made a significant loss anyway.
I'll buy them back at $3.01

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we dont sell our golden tickets

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what a wholesome pepe :)

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Everything is dumping right now. Unless you think the world is about to end this is when you buy assets, not sell them. Ya you might not hit the exact bottom but panic selling every time an asset you own dumps 10-20% when everything else is dumping is straight up retarded.

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Hey. Fuck you.

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I'm selling every week the dumpster fire that is USD. Can't get enough chainlink, fortunately I've been able to load up a bit more with the weekend retardation.

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just bought another 330 Link
stack at 22k ish now
Totally confident
Smiles and based

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The true moneymakers are the ones that keeps selling above 4 and buying back in at 1.80

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