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I’m a neet who stays at home all day and trades crypto, I make a small living $25 to $75 a day trading. Am I loser? Let’s break this down for retards. I don’t make much money and don’t have much to my name but I’m in fact the winner against the wagie. I have an abundance of what money cannot buy, and that is Time. The wagie has an abundance of money but yet has no time. I rather be a neet with time than a wagie with money because I can use my time for myself and the wagie cannot even use his money because he has no time. This is the reality. Also the wagie wages for fake fiat currency and inflation doesn’t even cross the mind of the wagie Because the wagie believes in his system of lies.

I’ll give you guys an example of a Trade how I structure my trades and manage risk keep in mind I only trade alt/USDT pairs but i see an opportunity on BTC
right now BTC is looking bearish. Basically I would wait until BTC is very near 9500 and I would short up to 9500 and if BTC breaks over 9505 I cut loss immediately. If not, I profit a lot. It’s a very small window for success or loss cut. That’s how I manage risk and maintain more wins than loss. When you lose cut loss and lose small. Simple calculated trades with high probability of success. But you probably already missed the chance to short near 9500

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If anyone has any questions I’ll be here awnsering for noobs. I fell asleep last night when I posted this thread so this will be the last time I repost

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what TA do you use, also how do you calculate the bottom of a move?

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Do you compound your winnings? Also do you use TA? what timeframes do you trade with?

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Are you only trading crypto? There's far more money to be made in stocks.

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BTC to $500 soon

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top 10 alts or small caps?

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What's the point of having free time if you just stay at home all the time? Why don't you explore the world with all your free time?

Reality is that your time is worthless if you don't do anything with it.

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I don’t use TA only price action and watching the level 2 like a hawk. Level 2 being order book and time and sale
1 hour chart
Only crypto. The regulations in boomer stocks are unbearable and offer less leverage
Possibly never know
I only trade USDT pairs. BAT,ADA,TRX,IOST,IOTA

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I live abroad in a very cheap third world country but I’m originally from the US
Also XLM and VET

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You can never fully calculate the bottom of a move. But you can hawk eye the time and sale and use it to determine bottoms but that is a visual indicator you need lots of practice with to be able to pull off

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No I don’t compound my winnings. That would increase risk far too much. I use my gains to fund my lifestyle and to save money in my bank account. I keep a solid 1k trading account and I take 1-3 trades per day that can lead into anywhere from 10% to 90% gain depending on how long I hold out. A lot of times I just sell around 10% gain and wait for the next trade to decrease market exposure risk. Compounding gains will lead to an inevitable loss due to greed. One big loss with compounded gains could be catastrophic. Don’t get greedy and withdrawal your gains

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you only use 1 exchange?

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I have accounts on all exchanges bybit, BitMex, Binance, ocean ex, bittrex and more. But I only use Binance now due to decent leverage and many USDT pairings.

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Also Binance has a fair fee structure except for the fact they charge for limit orders but it’s still cheaper than most exchanges. 0.04% for market order and 0.02% for limit order

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I have nothing against you. The problem is that when this thing stops, what do you do?

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Crypto will probably never stop but even if it does I can easily trade forex

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If I were you I'd slowly try my hand there just in case
Why not use your money to pay for some qualification?

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Forex is the exact same as crypto. If you can do one the other is simple. Also there’s boomer stocks. All trading is the same. Qualifications are a meme and I’m no longer living in the USA

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The thing with building your qualifications, work experience, professional network, as well as your skills, is that these are intangible assets. Let's say you lose everything in a terrible trade, what is left? These people will have a basis to start over with.

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I will never lose everything in a terrible trade that’s where risk management comes into play. Knowing when to cut losses and never hesitating to do so is the difference between a good trader and a bad, a profitable trader and an unprofitable trader. Loss cutting is key to success long term

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I make pretty much the same amount as you do per day only I'm using more capital ~ 2500-3000. It's the houses money so I don't really care too much if a trade or two go bad, I usually come out with profits if I wait a day or two. (Trading volatile alts on binance.) Also similar strategy to you, I typically have a low risk tolerance and take conservative gains. It adds up, I have 7k in profits over 3 months, and 4k is tethered up in binance savings account.
Impressive how you're doing the same with just 1k.

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Hello I see that you strike like a COBRA

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Thanks, nice job as well. I’m doing it with only $500 since I only ever use 50% of my account in any 1 trade. I can gain anywhere from 10% to 300% but I mostly just take the gain and run which has saved me countless times and also fucked me hard since I could of made a lot more. I use 30x and it is very dangerous but if things go wrong I just market sell it and eat the loss. I don’t use stop loss due to stop loss hunts

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More or less a sniper. Only taking 1-3 trades per day on extremely high leverage

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You're right that many people undervalue their time, but conversely, you cannot go off the deep end in the other direction. Being a dirt-poor NEET is a terrible life as well. Sure, you have lots of time, but very little to do with it. Sure, you can consoom content from youtube and torrents, but other than that you're basically just wallowing in your own filth.

The sweet spot is managing to get a job that doesn't consume your life, that doesn't require you to take your work home with you, that ideally has flexible hours and can be scaled down if desired, so that you're only working, say, 30 hours a week rather than 40. The dream is to work enough to be financially sound, but not so much that you cannot do anything or enjoy your life.

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That’s part true. Except I have plenty to do because I live in a third world country and my little money goes a long way. My rent alone is $350 a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath room house

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not bad, but you could win more daily if you put time into more ta

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I've got around 500 dollars, how do i get into this?
do you have guides or something?

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>tfw got a job in supply chain just before corona started and now im working from home at my parents house making 1k/wk

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I don’t have any guides just read the example in the OP and try to formulate similar trades. I’m not selling or teaching anyone because I keep my strategy to myself but I did give a solid example of how I structure my trades in the OP that can 100% be used as a template for you to structure your own trades based on my trading Philosophy and methods. Most of my gains comes from experience From trading the market for a long time.
You can always win more but that’s not how you become rich. Greed will get you liquidated eventually

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You make $25 - $75 a day trading crypto, but you have enough to cover your short?

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Lol enough? You can scale how you want too wtf lol

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how much money and leverage do you use

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Yes because after a pittance of a return you would have enough equity in your account to cover losses. Wtf dream land are you living in.

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Lol wtf are you talking about? I can tell your new
1k account I use $500 per trade sometimes less if I’m unsure and 30x

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I can tell that you are a poorfag larping as a trader.

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>LARP cope: the post

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Do you not understand laddering? Say I enter on $100 then I add $100 it’s simple as hell yet you can’t seem to understand simple laddering into a position
>hurr durr you can’t afford to cover
What a retard

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How is It a larp? If I was larping I’d just say I make $2000 a day or more or even $300 a day. Why waste my time? My BTC call from the other day legit was 100% on the money but I’m a larp?OK

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Professional hodlers can’t seem to grasp that real traders can make bigger returns In 1 day than their entire boomer portfolio returns in 3 years. % gain is scalable that’s also a concept you retards cannot grasp

>> No.19721397

>>Real traders make $25-$75 a day
whoa there lad, I'm making $500-$1000 a trade and still a noob, but yes I guess you are a real trader

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Yet a $500 account won't cover the costs.

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>% gain is scalable that’s also a concept you retards cannot grasp
Thats only if you maintain that %

I am very familiar with the concept, and make way more than you, both from a job as well as passively. Like, ya I can be profitable with certain sustained metrics, but its not like you're going to be making perfect 5% gains day in and day out. You can make all the right moves, be well within normal variance, and still lose money.

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A $500 account won’t cover what costs? This is the biz shit I’m talking about it’s like you say you understand trading and then you say something this odd which infers you actually have zero clue what your even stating. What costs??? There’s a trading fee. Market fees and limit order fees

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I’m on a 5 day win streak no losses. I can easily maintain 10% a day without even thinking about it
Just because you start with more capital doesn’t make you a good trader. I started with low capital if I had more capital I’d be far richer than you just in this last week alone

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Please give me the name of these brokers that will allow you to have a $100-$200 short with a $500 account.
>>Zero clue
Whatever you say.

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More capital? I worked my way up to that capital over a year. So yeah doesn't make me a good trader.
>>Far richer
I highly doubt it.

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>5 day win streak no losses.

>I can easily maintain 10% a day without even thinking about it

>I make a small living $25 to $75 a day trading

sick sample bro

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>>More capital
With you enormous success you should already have a bigger capital.

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>100$-200$ short with a $500 account
? What are u trying to say

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That he doesn't have enough in the account to cover the margins.

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Hahaha holy fuck go back to bingo boomer BITMEX,BYBIT,BINANCE seriously fuck off your retard level trading knowledge. This is /biz/ finest right here. This is the type of faggot that calls everything a larp

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I withdrawal I don’t compound my gains. I’m happy With making enough to live A nice lifestyle in my third world country. I don’t need to be super rich. I own a motorbike, don’t need car. I rent a house. I have a small harem of girls. What else do I need?

>> No.19721869

do you use your extra time for any rewarding hobbies or just neet around your room?

>> No.19721873

Go back to penny stock general dumb faggot

>> No.19721876

Sorry forget you are not investing in real markets. My bad.

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10% of $500 = $50
I can easily grab 10% per trade on 30x that’s barely a 0.40% market movement an It’s easy 10%

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You outed yourself as a retard. Your trading knowledge is moot kid. Go watch stock market live on YouTube that guy is a total retard who says “LIVE” and then proceeds to never enter the market once His entire live steam. Stock fags are the dumbest

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>>Hurr hurr retard
Keep up with your gains and striving for a below average lifestyle.

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OP here i was phonefag posting but ill post proof of my win steak last week this was mon-fri I dont trade weekends

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% gains from last week in total

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Your a retard. More capital = more money with the exact same strategy and market movements. I could easily take myself to rich fag status and I will eventually when I have a lot saved in the bank. I started with nothing

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You have not yet met true fear

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Yes and I started off with a $500 account.
>>I could easily take myself to rich fag status but choose not to. Hurr hurr retard.

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>What's the point of having free time if you just stay at home all the time?

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I choose to save money not risk all my gains in 1 hurrah like a retard. Once I have 50k in my bank I’ll raise my position sizing. I’ve got about 5k to my name including my 1k trading account. And I live alone in a third world country with zero family and no one coming to my aid if I go broke

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They all scattered after they realized I wasn’t larp

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About to quit my job because the business is ran piss poor. So, I'll have 2k to invest with. Would you recommend alt coins. Or trading main ones? I traded less volatile alts at work due to lack of time. But now idk

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Trade any alt coin, never invest. Investing is far too risky. With trading it’s easier to manage your own risk. Just learn to day trade and only take calculated trades with a fair amount of leverage 5x to 30x and do not get greedy, take the gain and run, it’s a sort of hit and run mentality I have with day trading even if I could of got more of a gain I don’t care because I can take another trade. You’ll have to spend time to learn how to day trade I couldn’t educate you via text on biz

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My problem with day trading is reading charts wrong I think. I look at something on diff timeframes, come up with resistance/supports that I think I see on the chart then I see someone else publish an analysis and their R/S prices are different? Is there an indicator for this? I’m trying to get the fuck out of waging. Like I’m comfy, got a spot at a company that pays my gas,food,hotels and gives me a car but I have absolutely zero time to do anything. I broke the system as far as overhead/cost of living but I’m trading my Every waking for it. Shit sux. Need tips thanks fren.

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That's good money regardless of where you live. Try and triple it. Funnel the money into shit like AAVE.

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You lack experience and that’s probably your main issue. Other than lack of experience you need further education. I educated myself on basic trading knowledge via YouTube tutorials. Also, for tops and bottoms you need to become efficient with the level 2. The level 2 is the order book and the time and sale. I could tell you all day what to look at but the experience factor is what will make you an effective trader. If you want to be a trader bad enough then you’ll need to spend countless hours banging your head against the wall trying to learn concepts, that’s what I did. I spent two entire summers locked in my room learning how to trade and now I can trade without any more education needed. It’s a very rough start and only those who want it and enough will make it. I can’t really explain things via text because it’s like doing a back flip. You can be told how to do a back flip but if you attempt it based solely on instruction without experience your probably gonna break your neck

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Indicators DONT work. The only indicator that’s reliable is price action. Price action is the formation and structure of the candlesticks. Don’t fall for the heikin ashI meme either. Candlesticks are best for day trading

>> No.19724910

Which MA do you use?

>> No.19724950

Genuine question OP, are you happy?

>> No.19725047

compound 7% of the profit you would take

>> No.19725076

where do you get level 2 data?

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maybe Im late and OP isnt here, but I'd like to know whats your principal and how much you leverage.

Also like to know where can I adquire a deep understanding of calculation unrealized gains and leverage in general before trying it.

I have 1k to lose without batting and eye, would that be enough?

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OP, in which country do you live?

i guess somewhere in SEA?

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I don’t use moving averages, indicators don’t work.
Relatively, happiness is subjective. Some days are happy and some days will be inevitably sad
I can’t afford too but in the future I will do something like that
It’s on every crypto exchange, it’s the order book and the time and sale
Deep understanding comes with experience. If by principal you mean total account balance, my account balance is 1k and I only use 50% of my account balance if I’m confident in the trade and even less if I’m unsure. The market is dynamic and you should be too.
1k is enough if you use adequate leverage anywhere from 10x to 30x And make 1-3 trades per day on a decent time frame

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>> No.19725389

>And I live alone in a third world country with zero family and no one coming to my aid if I go broke

yeah it was obvious you were alone with no sense of responsibility/obligation to anyone. a lot of people choose not to live like that.

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oh very nice

How is life in colombia?
How easy are the woman?

>> No.19725436

I have a girlfriend and I could easily start my own family. There’s also many people who are forced into being responsible and hate their lives so what’s your point? There’s no medal for taking care of others. You remind me of a boomer who takes care of his obligations but then proceeds to bitch about it

>> No.19725456

Do you reccomend living in another country if possible, not only to take advantage of cheaper living, but also to get some new perspectives?

>> No.19725471

It’s nice. Way better than the west. Women are mostly traditional conservative and then you have the bar girls that are liberated whores. Just depends on where you meet the girl. Same as anywhere really.

>> No.19725496

my point is that if you DID want/have a family like many people, you wouldnt be as content to sit at home all day taking on 10x-30x leverage for meager earnings. you would spend your time differently.

>> No.19725504

Definitely. Traveling is the biggest perk of being a trader. A wagie can barely travel but the wagie has to report in person to employment. We don’t. Cheaper living is the best way to go. Fuck the west and it’s overpriced bullshit. The west is overpriced as fuck and to top it all off comes with shit tons of red tape and unnecessary laws just to fuck up your day

>> No.19725525

Absolutely false. Time>money if I had a family I would like to spend more time with them. So I would absolutely be doing the same exact thing. What good is having a family if you don’t have any time to spend with them?

>> No.19725592

really? you wouldnt care about setting your kids up with a better life? you would still keep trying to subsist on leveraging $1000 and do nothing else? do you think spending some extra time with your family is the best way to help your family?

>> No.19725637

I don’t care how much you work your kids will still have nothing as that dollar inflates, it’s a rigged game dude and you can’t get ahead. The minute you finally get ahead your fiat will lose A portions of it’s value And your just shoveling sand into the tide.

>> No.19725647

where in colombia can you live off $100 a day?

>> No.19725788

what the fuck? Do you know how much is $100 a day? that's 3100 a month. That's more than 50% of American makes.

>> No.19725916

Lol anywhere
biz is retarded bro leave them alone hahahahaha

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Enjoy paying for 25 to 75 Bucks to medicine when you get older fuking faggot.
Imagine bragging about 25 to 75 Bucks on an incel board and being poor when he gets fking old.
Dont worry "fren" the gov will pay you some NeetBux until then enjoy your Jordan Belford nigger wannabelike life.
Enjoy falling for the neet meme for 75 Bucks a day

>> No.19726323

Cope harder faggot. Insurance isn’t that expensive over here

>> No.19726407

Why cant you make more money if you developed a successful trading plan?

>> No.19726410



I got to live and work in Antioquia for a year, and it was some of the best times ever. Colombia's my favorite country and I miss it bad.

>> No.19727060

Because no trading plan is fool proof and the only way to achieve profitability is to fully understand risk management which means utilizing your capital in the correct manner to keep from blowing accounts while making slower gains. Professional traders understand risk management.
YeH it’s nice man

>> No.19727492

Okay OP, I am completely new and have been lurking for a while but it's difficult to separate the meme advice from the good advice. I have an account on Coinbase/Pro and have moved $2k to the Pro account. I have no wallet or anything, and I have no idea what the fuck most things mean. I still don't really understand what shorting means or what trading USDT pairs means. Can you give me a quick retard-tier rundown that'll help me get on my feet?

>> No.19727570

Lol damn dude without basic knowledge you really shouldn’t be live trading especially with 2k but if you insist I suggest you make a Binance account not Binance us but get a VPN and make a Binance Futures account and if you insist on live trading start with $10 and use 0.01cent in order to get the feel for trading. You will get absolutely rekt if you try going live with 2k without Bare minimum a basic understanding of trading. Shorting is short selling basically you are making money on the market declining in value. Going long is the opposite making money on an increasing market value. USDT pairs are pairs that are tied to tether and tether is a stable coin tied to the dollar

>> No.19727576

Watch some YouTube tutorials about trading crypto to at least get SOME knowledge

>> No.19727602

Dumb fucking larp retard
If you do this in a first World country you pay more taxes on your trades than any worker minus social security benefits
Kys larping retard

>> No.19727605

Oh your on coinbase Pro that’s fine you can trade there it’s basically the same as Binance with slightly higher fees

>> No.19727617

Reading comprehension faggot

>> No.19727676

What the fuck? So if I short BTC for example, what am I buying? Am I just making a bet that BTC's price is going to go down? In what timeframe? And who am I betting with?

I still don't understand the USDT pairs thing. What's a pair in this context? Because if it just means two things at once, and this one is USD and Tether but they're tied to each other anyways, this all seems super circular. What do I even do with these pairs?

Also, what is staking? I see that shit mentioned everywhere and still don't understand. Thanks for answering btw anon; I get that I might get top kek'd but I figure I will be stuck forever weighing pros and cons of I don't put some money in and have some risk to motivate me properly. My strategy right now is basically just to dump it all into LINK and forget about it though lol

>> No.19727752

There’s no way your going to comprehend what I’m telling you. Just go on YouTube and start self educating. Biz is 100% not the place for any sort of education on crypto. This board is for shills and small talk about trading. You’d be short selling contracts on BTC so you would be effectively buying the contracts.
Pairs are simply BTC/USDT is an example of a pair/pairing. Staking is basically the same as buying a stock and collecting dividends monthly or yearly I forget. I don’t stake I just daytrade. You don’t do anything with these pairs. These pairs are the markets

>> No.19727753



>> No.19727784

Lol fucking boomers
>it takes big cajones to short stock
Fucking kek

>> No.19727875


Is Argentina a good place to do the remote NEET lifestyle? Also keen on getting out of the west because I think it’s just going to get worse here, especially with the inflation which as you said rigs the entire game.

>> No.19727953

Have you ever considered using trading bots?

>> No.19728045

No idea never been there
i thought about it but I don’t really know if any good ones that could perform better than me. The best bots are for spoofing but I don’t have much knowledge into bots. Bots aren’t necessary imo if you can trade yourself but it would be nice

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File: 111 KB, 618x599, TREMENDOUS FAGGOT5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 47 KB, 819x827, 2 SCOOPS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice work Anon. Really appreciate the time you put into this thread!

Two scoops for you:

>> No.19728811

>No I don’t compound my winnings. That would increase risk far too much
You're retarded

>> No.19728839

Time > money. Time is finite and precious, the most valuable thing anyone will ever own and we've been tricked into thinking money is worth more.

>> No.19728871

how would you handle large favorable price swings? for example you put your long in and we finally have our break past 10k?

>> No.19728937

You could have started with $1 and at 10% a day you'd basically have all the world's money within a year.

>> No.19728956

Nice, not a larp, do you know a good recourse to learn momentum and price action? Need pragmatic way to learn TA but no time to read 300 page TA books. Not going for demo trading cause that is gay, no psychology and no gains.

>> No.19729076

What the fuck are boomer stocks?

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Yo Mama for example white boii

>> No.19729161

Yeah funny cope harder nigger

>> No.19729217

Can you mention some of the channels or videos on YT which think are better and more useful?

>> No.19729227

>25-75 a day
>average of 18,000 a year
>bragging about living in poverty because you have more time to shitpost and play video games

>> No.19729263

>I live abroad in a very cheap third world country
Then you have money, it sounds like. $50, which is the average is what, a week's worth of wages there?

>> No.19729292

>just buy low sell high, bro

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File: 111 KB, 618x599, TREMENDOUS FAGGOT4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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This thread is gold.

OP is a chad.

>> No.19729353

Whats your bankroll?
What advice do you have for someone looking to make a similar move in life?
>move somewhere cheap and live of crypto.
What things to look out for and take heed of?

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