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Thanos Power @ Over 380k $

>Space Stone - $200k Liquidity ACQUIRED
>Mind Stone - $400k Liquidity
>Reality Stone - $600k Liquidity
>Power Stone - $800k Liquidity
>Time Stone - $1,000,000 Liquidity
>Soul Stone - $1,500,000+ Liquidity

>What is STA?
A deflationary Index Fund token.
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Thanos balances Index Fund pool via arbitrage --> STA appreciates

>Won't whales fuck us?
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Whales dump on us trying to swing/FUD/whatever --> Thanos BURNS MORE FUCKING STA --> STA APPRECIATES
Some NoStankers here will FUD and dump no matter what. Thanos will humble them.

>Where can I buy?
Use THIS link to buy STA, none other. Look for "3DeED1" in the link. Check for yourself here: https://stateratoken.com/ --> "Trade"

>Where else?
You can trade STA on Saturn, mesa and now bamboo. It's growing!

>Where do I see the price?
Use UniVision for all your fractal charting needs.

You can use the same link to swap as you can to view real time data. Just set the input to a stable of your choice like DAI or USDC.

Coingecko is up to date and accurate thanks to the v2 update. Take note of the spike on 05/31/20. This is the actual start of STA V3.

>Where do I put my liquidity?

>Link to the Medium article on STA, feel free to share

>Official Github

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they lifted my picture IP ban

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So what's the pool? Benefits of adding to it?

In the beginning, all of the 5 tokens were worth $1000, so the pool size was $5000.

Now, say all other 4 tokens remained at their old value ($1000 / token), but STA did a x10, so STA value in pool is now worth $10,000.

That's much more than 20% of the pool, so the balancer must balance it out.
Note that now the pool size is $10,000 (STA) + $4000 (other 4 tokens) = $14,000.

So, to balance it out, each token should now have value of $14,000 / 5 = $2800.

To reach this goal, the balancer must sell the excess STA, and that would be $10,000 (current worth of STA) - $2800 (the new target worth of STA) = $7200.

The balancer sells the excess on various exchanges to which it has a trading bot interface to. Currently, it's only Uniswap.
Note that by selling, it performs transactions, and thus burns tokens, so the supply also decreases!

So, now that the balancer has sold the excess STA, it obtained $7200 dollars (say, in DAI coins).

Now, to balance out the other 4 tokens, it must buy $7200 / 4 = $1800 worth of each token.

So, it buys $1800 worth of ETH, $1800 worth of LINK, etc.

In the end, it's all balanced at 20% for each token - all 5 tokens are now worth $2800 dollars each!
And the total pool size remained at $14,000 dollars - so no value was lost!
Plus, you also get the trading fees, which are added to the pool!
On top of that, Balancer is now issuing BAL tokens for all liquidity providers!
You can check what it is all about here:

That's the magic of the balance pools.

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Comfiest hold in crypto atm

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30k pool growth since last thread. Simply based

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>How do I check TXs?
Statera Token Tracker: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1
Uniswap contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

>Balancer AKA Thanos

>Scott's nerdy ass tryin to educate you stupid fucks

>For all you Github FUDders . Finally, everyone's ears may yet recover from your screeching.

>Live Sta coinstats


>TG Channels
Statera Price Talk (Unofficial)
Statera Announcement

>What do we do when we hit [insert amazing price milestone here]
Once we hit $1, don't dump your bags like retards, slowly shave off a percent or two once a week, and enjoy the accumulation upwards while reaping benefits along the way.
Nice! Fuck jannies.

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How's your ratio between BPT and STA?

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I want Furudo Erika to step on my face!

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Good to hear anon.

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We are now able to be traded through the Gnosis Protocol. The dapp to trade on Gnosis Protocol is called Mesa.

Currently we are not whitelisted on there, however, you can go to


Upon going to that link you can input the STA contract address to trade:


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Who's pooling at the bottom and why, for accruing the transaction fees? Am I missing some benefit of pooling right now given we're near the bottom and a pump is likely incoming.

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Hello again; we're constantly trying to branch out the ways you can purchase/trade Statera. Today we're happy to announce that we've received confirmation that Statera is now available for trading on Bamboo Relay!

The benefits of using Bamboo Relay include a live order-book, candle-stick charts and more arbitrage opportunities for 'Sthanos'. You can trade STA on Bamboo Relay here:


Thanks guys!


An updated QRD on Statera and its uses

>So, we know you’ve all been patiently waiting for something to come from us.
We’ve been working hard over the past few days and we’re really excited to announce that Statera is now trading on Saturn Network, which means you no longer have to worry about slippage and liquidity issues. Currently they are working on getting our official information audited and listed on their exchange, however, you can still trade Statera through this link:


STA is listed on a new exchange that utilizes something called a "Ring Trade". This trades assets across a liquidity pool as opposed to selling each slice in chunks.
Yes, this means the audit is complete, yes this means that Kyberswap is a qualifier for upcoming listings.

>We are now able to be traded through the Gnosis Protocol!
The dapp to trade on Gnosis Protocol is called Mesa.
Currently we are not whitelisted on there, however, you can go to
Upon going to that link you can input the STA contract address to trade:

Statera is now recognized on the Delta app, used to track pricing and returns in your portfolio over time.

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about 50/50 atm. Just seeing where we go in the next few hours

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Redirect people to this post if they ask questions. Even better, if you actually remember the key points of each video, try to pinpoint them the exact moment that answers their questions. Or just answer and try to explain with the best of your ability

>STA overview

>STA Tokenomics

>STA Pool ownership breakdown

>STA Balancer ovewview

>STA in action

>Whats happening inside the pool

>Sending STA to Pool

>STA cant be fudded

>Adding liquidity

Patience, anon. Patience

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with the token burn in play, the conversion rate from STA to BPT changes. So people are still trying to get the best on that conversion price.

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Holy based. Thanos about to acquire that Mind Stone. Fucking hell Thanos has grown fast.

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its too help the project, the balancer is at the heart of statera so if you want your bags to moon you better contribute

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Maybe it has to do with price of tokens in pool going up. Or some whale who doesnt care about max gains put small % in.

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>Every time that ETH, LINK, SNX, BTC, or BPT moves in price, the STA token will be forced into burning supply.

>Just to clarify though, it's not our intention to 'take things slow'. We're trying to keep up the pace of when we started but price movements are not really something we're interested in. We're more interested in the pace of the workload we have.

>Unfortunately right now there are a lot of things which are out of our hands as a team, the audit we're waiting on full publication, the website itself will has been assured to us that it will be finished by the end of week, meanwhile we're working on more requirements for us to be listed on larger exchanges i.e. outsourcing a lawyer for some documentation we need.

>It's in the process of being finalised (The audit)

>We'll share the entire publication with you guys as soon as it's complete. We're being as transparent as possible with this whole process, so of course, we'll share the entire audit also. Should've only been a 24-48hr job but the company we're working with have a backlog or so they say.

>We're holding off on marketing until all of our fundamentals are rock solid. This isn't something where we own 50% of funds and have tonnes of disposable money to just emptily throw at marketing. We want the marketing to be disruptive to the market and cost-effective, and to do that we'll need the foundations set, i.e. audit; website polished; onboarding process as user-friendly as possible.


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I think the difference between STA and GBTC is the fact that when you enter the STA ecosystem, you're getting onboard with not just bitcoin, but with arguably the top cryptocurrencies, hence you're betting on cryptocurrency as a concept moreso than on just solely bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, the STA ecosystem itself promotes the growth of the four coins as it constantly buys and sells them, the theoretical perspective being that eventually it creates an equilibrium.

>101 million tokens was the starting supply. I can't particularly answer how tokens being out of circulation appreciate the value of circulating tokens out of fears for speculation. I'm not going to give a random number without any factual basis, however, we can apply the law of supply and demand to get a conceptual answer. Deflation and inflation both work on this concept.

>We're working on the marketing to create that demand, all whilst the supply is continuously dropping. Statera will continue to drop in supply even if all external trading ceased to exist as the Balancer will continue to trade STA to keep the 20% equilibrium, thus in turn burning 1% of every transactional value.

>The marketing is being worked on, I can't make influencers respond faster, I can only control what I can physically do myself. And I can assure you I wouldn't be up at 3:31am if I wasn't working on things I can personally do to impact the growth of this project.

>Q)'What happens if a coin in our balancer completely collapses?' A)'What happens if the Sun dies out?'

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Did the team ever confirm whether the functionality can be used on a CEX or is that completely off limits? Is CEX listing just for more exposure?

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I think that this covers more or less everything.
Remember to cut through the FUD, and I hope that Bobo will do its job and update the liquidity amount in his pasta. Let's wait for 0.08 in a comfy setting ITT

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It does look like that CEX's aren't ruled out.

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Good to hear, sounds like once the audit is finalized and they get some docs completed some more major CEXs are inevitable.

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well ryan probably didnt understand the question.
what people are asking is if binance for example gets 10 million tokens and they never leave binance they will not be burnt while moving between traders wallets since binance doesnt transfer the token unless you withdraw, they just keep a book on who owns what like a bank, its credit basically.

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What will I do with you guys? Haven't you learned your lesson by now? Look at the cold hard reality for one second here. How many times will you need to be betrayed and lied to before you realize that this token isn't going anywhere? This time around, I'm not baiting or fudding. This is legitimate concern I'm willing to show for fellow /biz/nessmen. I admit that I was myself deeply invested in STA, because the idea, even if poorly implemented could really have shaken cryptocurrency and more specifically the psychological perception people have of it and DeFi in general. STA being an index fund inside this godforsaken and highly volatile market is undoubtedly a strong selling point for seasoned investors.

Selling point that you failed to convey. Why? Because first of all, the dev team is lacking the proper communication skills and network to truly advertise the value behind the project. Otherwise, the generous anon who found out about it wouldn't have had to go so low as to advertise it as a money printing machine. Second, because it doesn't have its place. I'm not saying that there is no use case. It's that the people in crypto aren't looking for guaranteed small gains over time. You are basically trying to convince gamblers to leave their greed behind and contribute to a pool in order to help make the project grow. How many do you think are still holding their tokens and haven't even put 0.0001 STA or ETH in order to maximize their potential gains? Poor Johnathan.
Third, as with all assets in crypto, it does look like a ponzi scheme. On top of that, despite its risk aware investor friendly appearance, you are betting on the success of not one but FIVE cryptocurrencies to pump the value up. And as of right now, the market is not in a good state. But BTC, ETH and Link are, pathetically slowly still, recovering. The same cannot be said for Statera.

For all of you early whales who are still in profit. Make use of the $17.5mil liquidity while there's still time left.

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fucking based.
also checked.

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I really hope so. Exposure = moon once some whales realize
Oh, nice of you to highlight on this conversation. I don't remember if the proper context was posted with this screencap. I apologize for the confusion
>$17.5mil liquidity
Extremely based time traveler anon

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Based bull in disguise

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But STA is not an exchange? Also you need CZ and CEX for it to moon?

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The fud is getting better for once. Still not strong enough bobo. Now get back in your cage.
>*peak autism intensifies*

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Bullish af. Comfy hold

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Wh n this hits $3.33, I'll be a millionaire

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We're now trading on bamboo relay

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All these (You's) are bullish as fuck if you ask me.

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Well, cex transfers won't burn the token by itself, but the sheer amount of volume one would bring in (and price fluctuation with that) would make the pool rebalance anyways, since it rebalances based on $ value. That's why they're not ruled out.

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Nice, but no one uses it tho

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This post is so based I unironically want to join the Bobo's. Also they killed the crab, and the little guy deserves some vengeance.

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If binance lists STA, I can imagine CZ involved fuckery with this coin...

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yes that is true, but what ryan did not understand was that people were worried about the deflationary aspect losing steam with CEX and that is somewhat true, but since people move money in and out it will burn. I do think we will se a lot of burn anyways so it doesnt matter to me.

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>It's that the people in crypto aren't looking for guaranteed small gains over time.
How do you know this fag? Im interested in it, staking or index fund, doesn’t matter for me

>> No.19712116

Yeah. One thing to keep in mind is the higher the price, the less burns. So, late in the game, cex listing would only do good imo.

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I've been invested in this project since the first day, and I have been thinking about the best way to describe Statera for a while. Despite the astonishing success of Hex, most of the wider cryptocurrency community want to see some kind of "real world" value in a token, not just "price go up".
Fortunately, Statera actually has an excellent value proposition in addition to its amazing tokenomics. Before I elaborate on that, we need to understand the true importance of the liquidity pool. Some of you may be wondering: except for supporting the value of Statera, why does it matter that we all contribute to a single index fund instead of just each making our own one? The Balancer project allows anyone to make their own pool after all.

The simplest answer is that this project is about much more than just an index fund. It is about the decentralization of liquidity.

At this point in time, the cryptocurrency marketplace is still dominated by large centralized exchanges. These exchanges destroy the possibility of privacy and sometimes abuse their power, as we saw with the Steemit debacle.
Decentralized market makers such as Uniswap and Balancer provide a solution to this problem, but their liquidity is still dwarfed by that of the larger CEXes.

Statera, in combination with the Balancer, can help decentralization win the day. By providing a strong incentive for investors to pool their funds, Statera allows us to bootstrap a large and fast-growing liquidity pool which rewards contributors with fees and supports the price of Statera. As the liquidity pool grows, it becomes more profitable, since it allows for larger swaps to occur with negligible slippage. Imagine the potential revenue of a liquidity pool that can accomodate transactions worth 1, 10 or 100 BTC.

If our pool can grow to such an extent, we will have proven that Statera is the killer app of deflationary currencies and decentralized liquidity pools. We will usurp the thrones of CZ and Brian Armstrong

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yeah, i think slower burn will look more legit to outside investors so they are more confident to invest since most deflationary cryptos are just simple scams.

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What the hell was that

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Holy shit bros... if this means what I think it means...

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what happened?

>> No.19712250

what does that mean?

>> No.19712293

Price jumped to 6 cents, just when we thought we were stuck at 5.5/5.6

>> No.19712331

Not exactly true. Thanos will buy and sell in accordance with the Binance price, although it means less burns.

>> No.19712335

Its now at 0.05999 bruh wtf

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yeah i think less burns will be more bullish since it seems more legit to outside investors.

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Maybe this will explain it better, all I'm saying is, strap in.

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Threadly reminder:
$0.08 is our recent local top. If we break out of $0.08, don't sleep for at least 24hours.

>> No.19712434

just some dolphin removing liquidity

>> No.19712456

How the hell does that drive the price up?

>> No.19712462

the beauty of THANOS

>> No.19712482

In the pool, when I look at my total value in USD - does that already include the pool fees?

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>> No.19712523

I am ready for the moon. Let’s go already.

>> No.19712682

Good chance we actually break 8c if peiple fomo in

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A small price to pay for salvation. Patience.

>> No.19712688

I'm tempted of jumping back in after that micro pump but is the hype gone? Would it be dumb to go back in now?

>> No.19712716

No, we're just getting warmed up
When it really starts to pump again we'll see new ATH

>> No.19712728

But Thanos I’m ready now!

>> No.19712742

It is still good to contribute to the pool even when the price is low because it helps to pad against fluctuations, swing traders, dumpers, etc.. It is just more beneficial to do it at the top of a pump

>> No.19712781

Yes, I understand that. As we start to move towards 10 cents, I'll gradually be adding 20k sta to the pool along the way to the top. Thanks for clarifying.

>> No.19712822

Where can I buy this?

>> No.19712844

Look at the top posts. Uniswap, Bamboorelay, Saturn or Mesa

>> No.19712846

It's in the top comment anon.

>> No.19712853

You would essentially be selling all 5 coins in the pool to buy STA

>> No.19712864

Jellyfish of massive gainz?

>> No.19712866

I'm waiting for 25 cents to pool, which I fully expect us to hit on the next big pump

>> No.19712929

It is very bullish right now. People are watching but scared to jump in. As soon as the gates open people will fomo in and the price will skyrocket. Some of those people will sell once they make a profit, and the price will retrace some, but the pool will be much stronger and we will also have a higher average price before the next run

>> No.19712944

OBVIOUS PONZI. no token utility so take your short term gains while you can

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>he's still trying to fud STA

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>> No.19713113



>> No.19713171

where's the token utility? Its only a matter of time before every deflationary coin is in a balancer pool. Then what? How the fuck can you hold long term when there is ZERO UTILITY. there is only liquidity, ergo PONZI

>> No.19713177


>> No.19713180

yup, it has no utility, nothing to see here, sell your stack and move on

wait why are you in this thread again? fuck off

>> No.19713198

Its not hard. does anyone even know what a ponzi is? it's people buying worthless shit in the hopes someone else will buy it for more. everyones drank the flavoraid

>> No.19713215

i'm obviously fudding so I can buy this amazing project for cheap. its the next bitcoin right???

>> No.19713218

All crypto is a ponzi then. Go back to /smg/ faggot.

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File: 2.23 MB, 2210x1080, 1592143849670.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>-20k $ liquidity since the OP
What happened?

>> No.19713222

It's only a matter of time before you fudders go back into hiding

>> No.19713224

when kyber?

>> No.19713248

daddy shitcoin taking a dump

>> No.19713257
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>> No.19713277

Dolphin removed around $30k liquidity
Caused a brief price pump that's been accepted.

>> No.19713293

Is the crypto market going to be green tomorrow?

I wish STA came out last year...

>> No.19713327
File: 104 KB, 1714x1299, STA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For anyone confused, this is where we are right now

>> No.19713343

>Is the crypto market going to be green tomorrow?
unfortunately. no, very unlikely

>> No.19713351

It's honestly amazing to see how much dedication you guys have to shill this obvious scam to people over and over again. I'm not even trying to hate, you guys deserve to be rich, you are working so hard and retards are falling for it thinking this is something valuable.

>> No.19713355

Why do I have to be so impatient?

>> No.19713378

> I don't understand the project
> It's a scam

>> No.19713382

Your mom is the only scam here bro

>> No.19713407
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duhhhhhh this hype becuz gud scammers, what is an eetee-ef

>> No.19713412

I’ve never seen so much effort to FUD something. That is amazing to me.

>> No.19713425

I wouldn't say all of that, I got my money's worth out of her

>> No.19713439

have you ever considered people are trying this hard because this is actually an amazing opportunity for early adopters still, regardless of whether it pumps early holders bags or not?

>> No.19713449

Yeah but you didn't pay anything.

>> No.19713458

And the fud is all incredibly weak too, the best they can come up with is "Anyone can make a copy of Statera."
Well guess what people, anyone can make a copy of Bitcoin too, but that doesn't make it worthless

>> No.19713476


>> No.19713492
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I've seen it with Link and Ethereum. History repeats itself if you're in the game long enough. This time is no different. Most people will sell at $1 just like most did with Ethereum at $8. DeFi is going to cause the next parabolic run. Statera has a nice first mover advantage. Make of this what you want.

>> No.19713503

well well well.. another joe at the grocery store.
hey buddy, not everyone is a fool here you know.
Some of us work hard for our money. WE come here hoping that as a community we can move up in the ranks of the more prominent crypto communities by finding assets while they are still lowkey. It is scum like yourself that go meet in secret discord and teletubby crowds to try and scheme with the people. much like the freemason,blood-sucking, sneaky fuckers that print the dollars.

For the love of god, anon that may or may not read this. I know you are watching and can relate to these words, although you may or may not be replying. take a step back.

Take a step back from the lambo dream. The get rich overnight scheme. The crop cream.
But most of all, take a step back and observe the tone these people speak in.

How on 4chan can 10 people instantly reply saying, "yeahhhhh, lets do it billy!" and you have not smelt the fishy, placenta like smell?

Focus. Breathe. Average out your sells slowly as the liquidity won't allow you to sell your full amount without dumping the price 15%.

This magical money making STA has got to leave the premise of 4chan for the better good.
And it needs to happen stat.

>> No.19713576


>> No.19713584
File: 620 KB, 1440x1168, 1562838808281.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NOT clap ALL clap CRITICISM clap IS clap FUD

1. Project copied an existing balancer fund replacing one of the assets(stable coin) with the Statera token. Thereby removing the safety net of a fund.

2. One of the Team members is from Nigeria, the other is Not from Scotland as stated in the Telegram group.

3. Without continued liquidity, thanos dies aling with STA. What is the definition of a financial scheme that can't survive without liquidity. PONZI

>> No.19713610

>NOT clap ALL clap CRITICISM clap IS clap FUD
I think my eyes are bleeding now, thanks.

I'm still not selling faggot. Top 40 here

>> No.19713616

Weak FUD, this makes you look silly faggot

>> No.19713626

Except I've watched pool liquidity rise all day, despite a drop in the number of BPT holders. What does this tell you?

>> No.19713630
File: 115 KB, 840x791, 3193199511_135kib700x710wojaktfwnogfcryinghd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19713635
File: 621 KB, 1000x562, d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Night has once again come in Australia. Big exam tomorrow morning so going to bed a little earlier.

Just going to listen to an audiobook and think about my gains.

Keep your hands strong STA Lords, there's a long hold ahead. Goodnight.

>> No.19713639
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 1587461433620.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck is with this "clap" shit?
fucking niggers man...

>> No.19713657

Bunch of 4channers are currently trying to force it as /ourcoin/ because one of them called Fredrick happened to be on a Telegram channel talking with Abu and Scott and talked about a miraculous money machine to convince the average /biz/raelites into buying a lot of sta at a low price and becoming whales.
Coin continued to get shilled and pumped up and hyped for 4 days but as expected the whole thing turned out to be a flop Statera dumped hard because of Jordan and Thanos wasn't doing anything when everyone was selling so now it leaves us with 1000 of bagholders anons.
Now during this steady recovery what's happening is that whales are pushing anons to add liquidity to the pool so that there's enough money for them to dump. Newfags don't know this story
The coin is HEAVILY manipulated and the supply is dried up from huge whales who accumulated below 0.001 price to create a artificially lower supply (a lot like H3X) and these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes.
In regards to actual project that statera's aiming to achieve it's nothing more than a staking token with a balancer, would take like a day for a competitor to add it to ethereum.. literally making stateras whole concept irrelevant and definitely no need for a token. Would take longer to implement with other coins than WBTC, WETH or LINK but more competent teams could easily do it in less time plus stateras is a two man team by nonames and even a Nigerian scammer

>> No.19713687


>> No.19713689

>those balancer sells
We're going up very soon lads

>> No.19713702

does anyone know why it wont let me swap etherium on uniswap for statera? wtf is going on

>> No.19713719

increase slippage

>> No.19713721

slippage. increase slippage

>> No.19713780

>these people have so much room to dump on all of you faggots to still be in profit when the time comes
>when the time comes
What time?

>> No.19713794
File: 95 KB, 1054x626, bzzz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i dont know if you are double baiting cuz you got me if that is the case, but this is a remodeled copy pasta dude.

>> No.19713814

I have a small bag bought at 0.04 and I want to be optimistic but I feel like a lot of these posts saying it's going to $10 or whatever are just going to drive people away, not pull them in.

This is crypto. Somebody's gonna get dumped on. In order for anybody to win big, somebody else has to lose big. We just have to hope that it's us dumping on the redditors, boomers and zoomers, that we'll be able to pick a reasonably good moment to sell. It's all well and good to say the whales won't dump because of slippage but there's a prisoner's dilemma situation where all it takes is a few whales getting antsy and doomping everything to fuck over the other whales just as badly as the small bagholders.

Let's talk about realistic price targets if and when redditors and other normies get lured in. I think anything above $1 is wildly optimistic and even if $10 or whatever is possible, it's stupid to wave that number around now, it just makes STA look like a scam.

>> No.19713827

read up on the balancer pool, realize what it does, and then read your own post again.

>> No.19713873

this anon doesn't know
this anon knows

>> No.19713894


This. The only reason you are saying that is because you don't understand how the pieces fit together. For your own sake anon, actually spend maybe an hour or two looking at what is in the index fund. What each of them do, as far as tech goes? And finally how they can work together. If you can't piece that together I don't know what else to say anon.

>> No.19713956

People are already sending custom tokens with names to the balancer address. What happens if somebody were to send a CP URL or send niggercoin to it, Anons? It could completely destroy the credibility of the project. It's literally a form of irremovable graffiti.

>> No.19713992

Neat, this is a good weapon, I'll make a note of this so I can use it to fire at opponents in the future.

>> No.19713993

noone cares about random tokens sent to the contract
they're not visible in the balancer UI

>> No.19713994

>sending custom tokens with names to the balancer address
WTF are you on about? You can't add custom tokens to the pool, it is fixed

>> No.19714010

I'm talking about the ETH address.

>> No.19714058

I know it was copy pasta anon. I was trying to call out that fudding faggot who if he was physically near me, I would beat within an inch of this life because the statera fudders have crossed all lines. On the other hand, such supernova levels of desperation to keep the price down makes me feel like I stumbled upon some gold mine when I bought 180k sta for 1 eth as a crypto new fag.

>> No.19714087

Damn. Finding a coin that does a 10x as a newfag is pretty impressive, finding one that will do a 1000x is legendary

>> No.19714098
File: 38 KB, 708x480, 1588445075359.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you dont have to get angry, he isnt really fudding but rather shitposting. wouldnt surprise me if he held a sizable bag and is just bored waiting for it to moon, much like us.

>> No.19714162

I got it around $0.001 if I recall correctly so IF this goes to $10 by mid 2021 or a bit later, it'll actually be 10,000x

>> No.19714180

Larger point is we're all very early and not in that corny cliched scammy shilly way but in like a legit way.

>> No.19714189

Bought 77k for 2eth

I feel blessed, I'm already well in profit but long term I'm gonna be so fucking loaded for so little money actually invested. Low risk high reward

>> No.19714210

Can a big brain please ELI5, single coin pool swap for me. Is their a down side to putting in and pooling only STA with pool. Like slippage etc. Thank you based anon.

>> No.19714249

if you pool STA, it will automatically be split into 20% BTC,ETH,LINK,SNX and STA. As far as I know this is the best method of joining and leaving the pool atm.

>> No.19714252

The only downside would be that 80% of the STA will be sold for the other coins, so if STA moons, you would not get as much as you would if you hold. It is better to add to the pool as a way to take profits after a moon mission

>> No.19714264


For one, Thanos has to sell STA which affects the price. That's why you see the price taking a hit as the liquidity pool gets larger. Fine for the long run but it makes for a rockier start.

>> No.19714274

Just buy the BPT on Uniswap, link is on the website

>> No.19714275

Actually, pooling ETH into the Balancer pool is the best way. It triggers all the benefits of STA without directly selling STA.

>> No.19714298

You can enter pool by swapping Sta with Bpt here - https://uniswap.exchange/swap?outputCurrency=0x0e511aa1a137aad267dfe3a6bfca0b856c1a3682

>> No.19714299
File: 33 KB, 473x432, OIP.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Threatening People With your CP collection.

cc: FBI/Interpol

>> No.19714304


Thanks, so hypothetically what is better for community. I uniswap STA for eth and then add eth to balancer or just swap coin with manual contract. STA has given me such an opportunity that I want to give back even if I lose some %.

>> No.19714313

No thank you. I'll buy it with STA through the smart contract.

>> No.19714320

Cheers man. Even if we don't make it with Statera, these types of investments with insane pumps is what sets the stage for making it done the line eventually.

>> No.19714337

I dont know if this has already been adressed but whales have no incentive to dump on us because they can just secure part of their profits by pooling. So its basically making gains while simultinously helping the project

>> No.19714354

Well adding to the pool at any point helps with liquidity. I'm just not sure on where to find which is actually the best conversion rate, as its still early days and besides checking the price live, there isn't many other indicators.

>> No.19714357

What size is your stack? If it is a small stack, I would recommend you hold until you make some profits, and then add to the pool. Switching STA for Eth and then buying BPT is the same as buying BPT with STA directly. When you buy BPT with STA, it has a negative impact on the price because you are selling 80% of your STA essentially. If you use Eth from an outside source, it forces Thanos to buy STA which increases the price. It probably won't have a significant impact either way unless you have a very big stack that you are pooling. We do appreciate youwanting to add to the pool because it does benefit the project as a whole

>> No.19714378

Just buy BPT, the fuck you care about the community for now

>> No.19714429

That's not the right attitude man. Yes, we're all in it for money primarily but the cohesiveness and general positive/organic nature of these threads is drawing many more to jump on the train. Just saying.

>> No.19714440

Not to mention, healthy pool = we all win.

>> No.19714450


>> No.19714456

Yep. People will slowly begin to realize how amazing this is.

>> No.19714503

well i don't really know what means, i looked it up and tried to do that, but it still doesn't work. brand new at this.

>> No.19714521

if you're on uniswap there should be a little gear up the right hand corner. if you click that and increase slippage to 1.03% it seems to get past it. Thinks its an issue with v2 of uniswap

>> No.19714534
File: 55 KB, 300x300, 1591971505058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make sure you're using Uniswap V2
Go to the gear icon in top right, set custom slippage tolerance of 1.5%. The STA contract burns 1% on every transaction. I've heard setting a slippage % above 1% will get your transaction to go through.
Also, make sure to set gas accordingly. Look up a tutorial on Metamask, but once you figure out how to set gas use this website: https://ethgasstation.info/index.php

>> No.19714546


>> No.19714621

When Thanos wins, we all win.

>> No.19714654

so fuckin depressed. brand new at this. somehow i sent $200 worth of etherium i bought on coinbase to a uniswap address, and now its totally gone and its a different address than the one i had on my coinbase wallet app. wtf happened. i wanted to use this $200 all on STA and i fucked it up. why is this so complicated

>> No.19714670
File: 58 KB, 1000x1000, 840BE018-3336-4766-9C6C-2A9F57818F3B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19714692

That sucks dude. It's always important to double check the address you are sending to. Hope this is a mistake you learn from and one you don't make again.

>> No.19714705

You might have just tipped Uniswap. You run the chance of getting doxxed/having your address public, but if you post your transaction address we might be able to tell you exactly what happened. Just know there's a very slim chance of getting your money back if it went to a human controlled wallet.

>> No.19714709

Why are there so many people who never bought crypto but would make something as obscure as STA their first? Why not ripple or some shit?

>> No.19714717
File: 12 KB, 225x225, 14E05639-FF00-44E8-AEFE-31FC4021D40B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19714737

Start using metamask

>> No.19714740

I swapped my STA on Uniswap V1 instead of V2, is this a problem?

>> No.19714748

Its not complicated at all. Like many things in life, cut ONCE but measure TWICE. I can't tell you how many times i stare at an address I am sending to or from before actually sending it. I look at initial several numbers/letters of an address as well as the last several and I do this a number of times before pressing send. I have sent several thousands of dollars at time and the thought of losing my money to a simple end user error is not something I am willing to endure and to that end I ENSURE that I leave no chance for error on my end before pressing send. I suggest moving slowly and more deliberately with your actions and you will be fine. Do not get all excited and antsy over buying crypto to the point that you are moving quickly and creating more chances for mistakes to occur while trying to send digital money back and forth

>> No.19714769

Nah you’re fine bro as long as you used the correct contract address

>> No.19714775

Ripple is fucking dead dude, I wouldnt be telling my worst enemy to buy it. Sta is not normies first choice but its just as safe as btc or eth imo

>> No.19714785


Yeah, I have the correct amount of STA in my Metamask wallet

>> No.19714812

Uniswap adress? You didnt use a wallet? I dont get it

>> No.19714831

Interesting reason. I am very into a mystical lifestyle, and have a very accurate and well known astrologer I met in india. He read my chart last year, and he said I would begin to make investments around this time. I haven't been to 4chan in like 10 years, but for some reason I felt inspired to come to /biz/ and begin scrolling around. I came upon this statera coin and was immediately attracted and felt a powerful internal message to invest something. I don't know anything about crypto, but from everything i've gathered this is low risk and high reward.

>> No.19714837

Congratulations, you've made your first step into the world of crypto.
This lesson only cost you $200, be glad you aren't the guy that sent 7500 LINK to some random's address.
Triple check everything in the future, and make sure you're doing things in the easiest way possible, such as using MetaMask to connect to uniswap so you aren't inputting variables you can fuck up.
I doubt there are too many people in this thread that haven't done this once on some scale.

>> No.19714844

Because they're lying to you and themselves. Everyone starts off on cuckbase.

>> No.19714845

Oh you're trying to push the entire index fund idea which normalfags should buy into. Sorry I'm slow sometimes. Kek.

>> No.19714869
File: 1.46 MB, 1000x1000, STAppolo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

STApollo will take us to the moon

>> No.19714888

Based, if you want off the deep end I made contact with an entity in 2015 or probably earlier that told me to keep on walking this path until May 2020. I don't even browse /biz/ either, I just turned up here one day because I was fed up with my job. After a couple hours of reading, I knew it was meant to be.

>> No.19714924

and STAceX will bring us to Mars

>> No.19714947

After 2 years away from crypto I strangely felt the sudden urge to trade again. This was the first thing that really drew me in, and I can't really explain why. Seems to be a fair bit strange concurrence going on with this coin.

>> No.19714957
File: 815 KB, 1125x1076, bandwagon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not for me. /pol/ tard here, I used to come here because of Bizonacci memes, trying to make sense of this culture and only got the more obivious things like the bull = green people are winning money, the bear or pink wojaks = red, people are losing money
I literally still don't know what marketcap is or what the blockchain really does. I just know that Chainlink was supposed to be revolutionary but I was too scared to put even one penny in
Stopped browsing for a while in early 2019, then came back checking here two weeks ago on a whim. Saw a thread with 200+ replies, asked what was the fastest way to get STA, people told me to create a Coinbase account then download metamask, click on the 3DeED1 link and voila.
So far I'm extremely grateful because I went from 100$ to something like 2000$. I didn't even think once of selling even after seeing the price decreasing because I was still x20 of my initial investment. I don't care much about the technical details. I'm planning to hold long term

>> No.19714991

The thing is this is tied to the projects that have a future. Better than looking at biggest marketcaps and buying some absolute failed trash with million bagholders like xrp or bsv

>> No.19715012

ok i figured metamask out. just to clarify, I send etherium i buy off coinbase to my metamask, and then use unibase linked with metamask to swap into STA? and is the STA stored into my metamask account? Sorry for the ridiculous questions, hope you understand.

>> No.19715041

It's time to bring on the new era of economy. The first global crisis in a long time has proven there are much progress to be done as we're still very much vulnerable. Add STAbility to cryptos with intertwined systems is indeed the way forward. Let the boomers pass on their fiats to the younglings and transfer it all into our metamasks so we, with ease, can buy microtransaction lapdances in VR from hot anime girls.

>> No.19715047

Describe what you did exactly. You might have traded for STA and it just isn't showing in your wallet because you didn't add the contract address to coinbase

>> No.19715057

Yes correct, your STA will then be on your metamask account. From there you can leave or if you get a hardwallet you can send your STA back to one your wallets addresses and leave it there for long term

>> No.19715059

Go back into same Uniswap link and you should have a balance against Sta now.

>> No.19715066

True. I don't even know why shit like BCH is on coinbase. It's like they want people to become poor.

>> No.19715096

wat do if I'm wanting to stick a small chunk of STA into ETH in order to pool a little to help out but I don't have enough to cover the gas (which is somehow over 1$?)

>> No.19715130

Same thing you'd do when your car runs out of gas...

>> No.19715136

Well, you can swap STA for BPT directly without converting to eth, but you will still need gas money. Always try to keep a few dollars in eth in your wallet for gas money. If your stack is small, I would wait until we start mooning to add to the pool. If you don't have a way to get eth in a short timeframe, you can post your wallet address and I can send you a dollar or two

>> No.19715197


Thanks for the offer anon, I thought this might have been the case and I was just being a total dumdum. I've got a very small bag but I'll just hang tight and wait until this goes above 10c to put more money in. Slow and stedy until blastoff i beliebe

>> No.19715216 [DELETED] 

When you ascend and get a bag of STA and become impervious to fud
>I'm tired of scams, these bobos. I'm tired of being caught up in the tangle of their lies

>> No.19715227

Don't forget to get a bit of eth for the future, even if you don't need it right now

>> No.19715280

Ever since STA started, there's been 10 or so versions of HEX, wtf. Amazing.

>> No.19715281

I only have 13 eth and feel like it's too late to get 32 before the bullrun.

>> No.19715306

Bros, I added to the pool but when I took out of the pool I was missing 2000 sta, I'm missing 200 dollars man cause I add 600 dollars worth of sta and it should have all stayed the same in the pool, right!?

>> No.19715309
File: 294 KB, 466x531, The face behind A great.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why does his voice sound like one of the scammers behind Bitconnect? Avoid this shit like the plague.

>> No.19715323

God, this crabbage is really lame, it's not even moving at all.

>> No.19715330

Hard to say, I do expect a bullrun but it's hard to pinpoint when it will happen. There is a good chance if you hold STA, you will be able to get your 32 eth. I was referring moreso to gas money for the other anon though

>> No.19715358

When did you add it? If you added at 4c and STA goes up to 6c, then you would have less STA but the value is still the same

>> No.19715374

Lol some guy sounds like another guy. NICEEEE

>> No.19715415


>> No.19715469

I added 10051 at .0595 which was about 600 or something and now that I swapped out I'm not just missing sta I'm missing the money, it's not the same amount

>> No.19715482

lads I'm not getting a prompt from metamask to confirm my transaction (ETH=>STA on uniswap), never had this problem before. anyone know why? my metamask is connected to uniswap

>> No.19715492

Top right corner, click the gear icon, adjust slippage to 1.03%

>> No.19715499

R u using firefox? Had the same problem

>> No.19715504

Refresh the page and or login to metamask again. Fixes the pop up problem usually.

>> No.19715517
File: 506 KB, 708x609, Abu - Bakr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just listen at what he says.
>Keep holding, the price will go up
>You're not educated enough to understand
>it's a cryptocurrency and it has an use case
>wait one year, two years and you will be rewarded
>it's all about the community

Read the threads. It's literally what he says in his video. Don't be a retard and sell

>> No.19715571

I'm not sure since I don't have access to your wallet. Unless you bought with massive slippage, it should work out to roughly the same amount since you sold BPT at the same price

>> No.19715604

>Statera is relying on a trading bot to balance the tokens inside the pool
Fucking kek it even has the trading bot, literally bitconnect 2.0

>> No.19715610

did both, not sure which one fixed it but the confirmation panel is appearing now. thanks frens

>> No.19715644


except its a decentralized pool not a centralized trading platform. low effort fud

>> No.19715703

>2 subscribers
>1 of them is you anon
fuck off

>> No.19715829

cba reading the thread. How come we jumped so much?

>> No.19715838

Strong hands anon

>> No.19715870


>> No.19715923
File: 328 KB, 1324x1024, 1592113699518.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19715945

furfag killed the crab

>> No.19715992

Shit just keeps coming back. Can’t be defeated.

>> No.19716173

Fk the FURFG killed crab yesterday. Screencap this, if STA hits a $1, i'll go to next furry convention in my area and suck all wolf dicks.

>> No.19716214

I'm viewing candles on uniswap vision, and I feel like it updates v slowly. Am I doing something wrong?

>> No.19716230

great. how am i able to see my STA balance on unibase? Is this the only place my STA is stored? really confused about this

>> No.19716247

Should I buy or wait for dumpling

>> No.19716262

It's in your metamask wallet, not uniswap.

>> No.19716265


>> No.19716276

Chart is bullish as fuck

>> No.19716281

I'm up in the air too. I have a feeling the stock market will dump on monday and so will this. Might be best to wait but as always, you never know.

>> No.19716335

Based furfag. You shall be spared.

Add the contract address to your metamask or whatever wallet you are using, in order to see that balance. There are thousands of tokens out there, so you need to tell it which one's to check for a balance

>> No.19716375

There's an issue with the chart and swaps that they were trying to fix a couple hours back. Not sure if it's fixed or not

>> No.19716392

He understood the question

>> No.19716419

>"I am Ryan"

>> No.19716452
File: 11 KB, 411x90, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic related
he explicitly addresses cexs burning tokens

>> No.19716494

kek the timing was pretty on point, too

>> No.19716496
File: 56 KB, 697x413, kekk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

add this to the screencap collection :DDD this is SO reddit tier post. WE ABOUT TO MOON always do the opposite of r/cc

>> No.19716520 [DELETED] 

guess im too autistic to figure this shit out. was about to invest heavy into this coin but can't fuckin do shit. why is the coin not showing up in my metamask account. how do i find the token contract address to add it

>> No.19716529

It's going in

>> No.19716541

Go to menu, add token, custom, paste this in the contract address 0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

>> No.19716554

You can find it on Etherscan, or you can go to the announcement page on telegram. Or you can just ask. I did post it a few minutes ago too. I can seem pretty daunting at first, but you get the hang of it quickly. There are a surprising number of newcomers to this, so you aren't alone

>> No.19716559

there are tons of youtube videos an many websites telling you how. just google it ffs. if you can't, then yeah dude you're not made for this. better move on

>> No.19716574

hell yeah! i figured it all out i think. now i feel comfortable to add more. what is a actual good amount to invest into this to actually see some good profit when this begins to rise? $500? $1000? give me a number to put in.

>> No.19716611

whatever you can afford going to 0 and not loose sleep over it.
Do not invest anything that is going to make you look at the price going down and come back to the threads telling people you were scammed. This takes patience and strong will.

>> No.19716632


>> No.19716633

30k suicide stack
80k comfy stack
110k make it stack
190k+ future whale.

>> No.19716659
File: 3.33 MB, 3840x2160, Statera_render_4K_Fixed.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any love for some Art with my fellow STAers? Here's a Wallpaper!
If you like it check out my other post :D >>19716427
Share them on social media or what not, let's reach an audience

>> No.19716689

Saved. That looks mint anon.

>> No.19716707

this is all i needed to know

>> No.19716730

it's in the OP
open your metamask
on the left hand side click "add token"
under "custom token" add the addres from the OP

>> No.19716733

Whatever you can afford that would not make you want to kill yourself if you lost it. This is as safe of an investment as you could get with a crypto, but it is still crypto, so there will always be a risk. You could realistically see a 10x+ return on whatever you invest, so keep that in mind.

>> No.19716752

I like it! Saved.

>> No.19716754


>> No.19716776

Thanks a bunch! I'll probably get some more up later, gotta run now. Got a date tonight believe it or not (I wouldn't)

>> No.19716778

Good work anon!

>> No.19716790
File: 48 KB, 639x633, 1551335149916.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Americans waking up to profits and selling lmao

>> No.19716794

yeah i actually don't even use money at all practically. i have lived in india in the mountains doing yoga living for free for the last 4 years. i have no bills, property, car payments etc. like i said earlier i had a mystical experience that led me to this and have literally nothing to lose except a few thousands dollars which was given to me for free.

>> No.19716812

Lol I’m sorry you got in late anon but 100k is a suicide stack

>> No.19716837

Isn't it the opposite usually? As in europeans selling and americans buying/pumping? No offense to anyone. Just an observation I had.

>> No.19716851

eww a hippie

>> No.19716860

100k can be a make it stack if Sta reaches $10 by 2021-22, assuming anons consider $1 million as 'make it'.

>> No.19716867

I'm guessing people who bought at 4c yesterday cashing their profits.
That was true before though, and if we're lucky there'll be some people buying this small dip and driving the price back up again though. Might have a look at the etherscan transactions and see if I can get a better idea of the volume of sales.

>> No.19716876

Quite the opposite. yoga and spiritual life doesnt equate to hippies

>> No.19716898

Indian hill stations are full of the bottom tier western women visiting those places for sex tourism under the pathetic guise of 'yoga sessions' so be careful. Those types carry STD's.

>> No.19716908

Yup, textbook examples here

>> No.19716917

living for free kinda does tho... I'm just messing around buddy

>> No.19716919

Is there a way to contact the devs, i really want to fix or atleast find out how I lost 200 dollars converting from bpt to STA

>> No.19716944

Yes, go to the telegram or the discord and search for Ryan in the members list. There will be more then one but one should be labeled as an admin

>> No.19716948


>> No.19716974

Why the fuck did you trade your BPT for less than the pool value you had?

>> No.19717021

Earlier ITT he said he bought 10k STA worth of BPT, but when he changed it back, it was only 8k STA. BTC and Eth did go down, but it wouldn't have effected it that much so I am guessing maybe slippage. I did hear a couple of people say that there was high slippage using the unendorsed method of adding liquidity in uniswap (not the current way to do it in uniswap), but I never looked into it because they came out with the new method shortly after

>> No.19717093

There’s no reason for this to hit $10. We might hit $1 given btc pumps like hell. A lot of anons will cash out at 1.

>> No.19717161
File: 660 KB, 1106x1012, 1476621133491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do they even get any meaningful profit with such a low price increase and uniswap slippage

>> No.19717188

So what if they cash out at 1? Of course it will dip but it's not going to magically disappear when it hits 1 usd. If people see this as a good investment it can literally go to any price. Once this goes to 1 usd, it will attract bigger players as they can see it has grown big enough to not fail. If this keeps going and will become a known project, the pool will literally have millions and millions worth of liquidity. Then the whales will join.

>> No.19717204

Buying at 4c or lower I guess

>> No.19717219

In traditional markets, a 20% profit is considered really good generally. Maybe they are stuck in that mentality

>> No.19717238

Imagine not buying in the last dip before the storm
Imagine missing on basically chainlink on steroids
Imagine being this clueless

>> No.19717258

I can't even imagine

>> No.19717327

Anon my post was calculated, my IQ is 190

>> No.19717345

Hmm posts like these make me wonder sometimes. Please hear me out anons. I been on this since day 1, I'm very bullish, not selling, etc. Just want to clear that out.

But how can we compare this with chainlink? yes Statera can and hopefully will moon. If we and the devs play our cards right and get on better exchanges, increase liquidity, we can moon hard.

BUT statera will never have the utility chainlink does (yes, I am completely aware they are 2 different things) But then so should you. Statera might be worth more than chainlink at some point, but I too see it as something a lot more temporary than chainlink, which will be around for years and years.

Statera, not so sure. I hope so tho....
I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I just want to figure out if we're not being too optimistic

>> No.19717387

>they came out with the new method shortly after
So you're saying that it's better to stick to the medium article one-token method to pool instead of doing the STA-BPT swap as the swap has slippage issues?

>> No.19717390

80% Chainlink and other major coins
20% possible moons
Diversify anons

>> No.19717401

Well, if Link is going to be around for years, and the other coins too, then does that not bode very well for a token that is tied to those other coins? It is unlikely that the 4 other coins will diminish significantly in value, and will probably continue growing in value, which will also increase the price of STA. It is also solid reason to have money invested in the pool

>> No.19717432

No, there was a method being passed around that used uniswap, but it was different than any of the methods released by the team. It came out after the first one-token method, but before the Uniswap BPT method

>> No.19717468

yes, but the key here is to get people into STA, those who are already holding the other coins.
That's my whole point, if we can't keep up the interest and have new wallets and people adding to the pool steadily STA will be temporary. Because that's what we depend on.

Chainlink is clearly over that treshold IMO.

>> No.19717493

i was just about to buy a good chunk then noticed it droped from .065 to .057. should i wait a little bit until tomorrow to buy this chunk or just go for it now?

>> No.19717495

I have been using the etherscan method and its fucking awesome. I think it's best method by far. You pool your tokens and get exactly the correct amount from the pool. No need to worry about slippage.

>> No.19717516

also, does anyone know the exact date and time and place STA was launched? I can do an astrology reading and see what the planetary arrangement was at that time and see the future of this coin.

>> No.19717519

If you wait until tomorrow, there is a good chance it will moon if the audit or a youtube video happens before you buy. But those things could not happen and it could crab or go back to 5c. In any case, buying now is not a bad idea even if you could buy it 10% cheaper later.

>> No.19717554

>Chainlink is clearly over that treshold
Did it get there at ICO? These things have to build from the ground, just like we are doing, just like btc and eth did.

>> No.19717609
File: 35 KB, 695x334, mathgod.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek the one idiot who was bashing sta on reddit was super tilted and said that he is a math and computer science genious or some shit and it's his job to do arbitrage bots :D. Here is some math for you fucker.

>> No.19717645
File: 64 KB, 430x539, 8eb56cabc4c0306ee76549906d022e3fdde3394dda358ee5c261ef74412304c3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19717822

'.....believe in astrology' or 'selling statera before $1'.

>> No.19717858

Hey can you give me nutshell why you think statera will pump and in what rough time frame. I'm new but not stupid. Thanks.

>> No.19717922
File: 23 KB, 707x317, packyourbags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone bake some new bread. These next 24 hours are gonna be wild.

>> No.19717935

1) It's deflationary so supply keeps on reducing. Was 101 million. Now around 92 million.
2) It's price is directly tied to the price of btc/eth/link/snx so when they moon, so does statera but with far more intensity (crypto bullrun might be triggered in late 2020/early 2021).
3) Great and novel concept which will surely attract a lot of oldfag crypto whales once it gains some traction on social media.

All of the above things are......inevitable.

>> No.19717951

dont insult this token by comparing it to scamstink.

>> No.19717985

You don't really know what this project does do you? Or you wouldn't be saying that.

>> No.19718047
File: 85 KB, 703x658, Screenshot_21.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking based.

>> No.19718126

Damn. That’s awesome

>> No.19718137

I wish I was that eloquent.

>> No.19718155

Big brain anons backing Statera. Can this token get any more bullish?

>> No.19718164

Burger here, i bought in yesterday around 180 mETH and sold it this morning above 270 mETH. It pumped 50% again within 2 hours. Of course i'm going to take profits from a 50% jump.

I'm waiting to buy back below 5 again.

>> No.19718166

Fucking rekt!

>> No.19718188

>I'm waiting to buy back below 5 again
>below 5 again
Oh lord, not again. The crabbing is painful despite the mooning being inevitable.

>> No.19718193

Frens how did you find out about Statera? Via /biz/ ?

>> No.19718195

>waiting to buy back below 5 again
Not saying it won't happen, but we are primed for a pump

>> No.19718199

this dude fucks

>> No.19718220

Is there a discord?

>> No.19718237

Not an official one, but yes

>> No.19718302

Yes. Some noble anon shared statera's existence with all of us as a means to make for recent losses as many bizbros got burnt, especially by the Esh dump (live and learn)

>> No.19718396
File: 3.08 MB, 640x358, 1591971280576.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes you are right and we did do a mini pump, a 50 PERCENT in just an hour. Lets not forget that there is nothing special happening with STA this week, so it was such an easy sell signal.

As soon as i saw my couple eth doubled i just had to sell and put the profits in other tokens for now. I'll be buying back my STA as soon as we show sign of leaving this level of resistence/support.

sta is following a golden trendline, i think we'll all be fine, swingers, just take extra caution. It was definitely worth swinging last night.

Low volume pump = Fat market buys, it will slow bleed down but not below 200 mETH. This is all bullish bros

Btw im not a bobo, I am swinging cause i cannot afford any more STA bros.

>> No.19718464

>I am swinging cause i cannot afford any more STA bros.

>> No.19718484

You can trade $10,000 worth without moving the price if you sell off slowly. That's what I did. There's always someone providing liquidity, as soon as you see that happen, that's when you sell

>> No.19718529

How can you check the liquidity moves ?

>> No.19718650

Uniswap.info > statera > Transactions, then switch to the "Adds" tab. It shows accounts that provide the uniswap liquidity

>> No.19718695

Thx anon

>> No.19718771

how does adding liquidity work?
i've only used uniswap to buy things, not to add liquidity

>> No.19718772


>> No.19718825

There is a guide on the telegram announcement channel, but it is basically just like buying STA, just with a different contract in the output section

>> No.19718841

telegram sucks
can i get a quick rundown?

>> No.19718875


You know he just wanted to call him a dumb nigger so badly.

>> No.19718891


Use this and whatever you trade for will end up in the pool and you receive Balancer Pool Tokens in exchange, which represent your percentage of the pool. Most people use Eth to buy, but you could use STA as well, but the pool will sell 80% of whatever you put in to buy 20% each of the other coins

>> No.19718909

Adding Liquidity to Uniswap is not the same as adding to the Pool. If you want to add Liquidity to the Pool, then you follow the Telegram/Medium guide, OR you buy BPT through uniswap, which is essentially the same thing. I'd go with the former though, so you are not buying someone else's BPT for a premium price. Instead, you could just swap directly between the smart contract, if you follow the guide.

>> No.19718947

>so you are not buying someone else's BPT
I don't think that's how it works. I bought $2k worth of BPT the other day using the uniswap method and the pool increased by $2k

>> No.19718972

neat, ty

>> No.19718978
File: 698 KB, 1012x1132, 1588742768559.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fresh bread soon?

>> No.19719003

Lmao but he couldn't because reddit is cucked to hell.

>> No.19719009

comfy gif

>> No.19719062

Bake a new one OP

>> No.19719127

New Bread
New Bread
New Bread

>> No.19719294

28th May, 2020 , 15:00 (roughly) Cape Town, South Africa

Straight from Ryan. Reveal yourself on the discord anon.

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