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how you holding up, /biz/

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Really damn badly.

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holding nicely

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Slowly moving to cash this week. Feels good to sleep well. A little time out from the 10k grind if you will.

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Holding BUIDL and I doubled up on stocks so Im not to bad but could be a lot better.

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Im alive, not obese, 22, have all my limbs, live in a decent state in america to an upper middle class upbringing in literally the best time to be alive ever but feel like shit. I tried reaching out to my ex a couple days ago for emotional support, for context she was my first gf and we were together 3 years and were engaged and she broke up with me on my birthday like 8 months ago. Dad's got cancer, dog died, my little old 3 legged pug that Ive had since elementary school is dying, my grandparents are sick and in atlanta, cousin is in prison for 7 years, uncle died recently, probably cant join the airforce cause depression and add history, still technicaly a sophomore in university cause I dropped out in 2018 to trade shitcoins cause I made a bunch from 2017, but then lost like 50k being over leveraged on shorts which was all my money in march 2018. She just says welcome to the real world and that if I cant handle it I should kill myself after I tell her that shit. Made me care about her less but fuck man this hurts

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Doin bretty well, surprisingly

Currently holding ~$45,000 in PMs; $3,000 in cash from stocks; and getting some good government gibs since my line of work is gonna be one of the last to reopen.

Comfortably waiting for that sweet sweet crash

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getting into gold miners and buying more linkies, otherwise mostly cash....work sucks though. pour me an old fashioned will ya?

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why's he locked up?
sit tight anon, just going through the motions of life. Get some LOKI if you wanna make it in the next cycle.

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doing ight

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Very well

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Started margin trading with 10-11 cents currently at 17-18 cents. Daily Target is 20% until I reach $3000. I have a point to prove to anxious newfags

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Scotch neat and a pint of ale.

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>>19651113 he was doing some fucked up shit ngl but he got this amount of time because he had a prior for fighting with us brother. Got caught this time breaking and entering. Really fucking dumb stuff but I know he's been going through some stuff the past couple years, their dad, my other uncle, died a few years back around christmas and they were raised super christian so it mustve gotten to them. Why LOKI? I dont really gamble on shitcoins my main focus has been developing infosec skills so I can get a decent job and stack monero but I havent really done a lot last few months

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I currently have 7.3k link right now and trying to buy more. I work at amazon and actually am looking into management. A apart of me is grateful for my stack but another part is telling me It won’t be enough. I won’t stop buying until $10 and even then I might still buy. Currently 30% of my paycheck goes into link and I’m struggling with my porn addiction. I’m going to push through though. I have to do what I must to secure a brighter tomorrow.

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$5000 I mean I think . Whatever

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meant for >>19651240

but why you saying mexico

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Pretty shitty to be honest. The last 2 weeks I've been randomly lashing out and becoming aggressive over really small things. This isn't me at all, I'm typically a pretty laid back guy.

I think the world has gone crazy the last few weeks and its been alot to carry. What makes it worse is to see the masses agreeing with the violence.

Then I see dumb money becoming rich off stocks getting gains id kill for after trading for the last 4 years. Bitcoin has been boring as fuck so there's nothing to distract me from everything.

I'm slowly cracking.. my girlfriends noticing it and im even noticing it myself. I hope everyone else is doing well and making good money, I really do love this board you've given me gems and laughs over the years. Stay safe everyone.

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Same brah, I'm a DCO there

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Currently holding onto a magical unicorn that’s going to lead me to a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

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I didn't get my inheritance until after the link dump and now it's crabbing and I'm stuck with my measly suicide stack when I could've bought 5 make it stacks

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Life sucks but objectively my life is slowly improving. Just need to get some more it certs, hunt for a better job, and continue to try to improve.

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Just take out loans and finish college. You have credits you already paid for and there are girls there so you don't simp to a shitbag that unironically tells vulnerable people to kys. Then you have a degree to keep you off the streets if your savings dry up.

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I wan't a robo GF and I',m loosing hope I'll ever have one.

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currently in fluid load and the management likes me for my work ethic. heard management was decent and i just started doing voice overs for virtual housing tours for real estate agents on the side as well. just got to keep on top of things.

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>not ready for the next bull run this weekend

Ngmi, ill send you a post card from the exotic Asian islands where I'll be fucking virginal girls this summer

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I just went balls deep in my asian gf and dropped a huge load in her. She is angry lol. Felt so good I refused to pullout :)

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Good luck anon

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if I cant join the military I guess I might do that but still I feel like I need to outdo my dad because he never graduated but still built a multi million dollar microphone business

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Sauce me please

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It would cost lot of money though in the end plus all the interest so Im trying to rush for OSCP rn

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I'll do the same with my "girl" too

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Fuck I didn't want to squeeze the goose today.
I'll save it for a rainy day

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>i just started doing voice overs for virtual housing tours for real estate agents on the side as well.
How to get into something like that? Fiver? Do you have a particularly personable and persuasive voice?

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i can't fucking take much more of this crab market.

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Ayyyy that bitch is disgusting, not even worth it

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Checked. I feel, anon. Although that KNC pump provided some clutch euphoria.

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people have told me i have a voice for radio and my old boss from the marketing company i used to work at said i should do voice overs for him so I did. haven't done fiver yet but plan on starting an account soon and begin marketing my services.

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>tfw have an ugly voice

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Professional voiceover talent here, it’s not easy

VO is one of, if not, the most cut-throat industries out there (yes, even more so than on-camera acting) and very few will be able to make VO their primary source of income.

I got started by reaching out to my community’s small businesses offering to produce sample ads for them and networking with old college friends in the arts world that require talent. After a while (and I mean a WHILE) I had enough material to produce a demo and found an agency that liked what they heard. Nowadays all my gigs and roles are booked through my agency.

Tl;dr: its a tough road to take and very few will make it but it’s a very rewarding industry to work for, best of luck!

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Made a bunch buying puts on entertainment stocks in the crash, used money to max my Roth (going long normie index funds) and to buy btc under 7k and eth under 140 - so I'm actually kinda fucking crushing it rn desu

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Stay strong anon

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This. The sheer absurdity of the whole protest/riot movement is genuinely affecting my mental health. It's just so fucking stupid.

Obviously George Floyd's death was basically murder by cop, so protesting against police brutality in general makes sense. But unarmed black people aren't even killed by police at a rate higher than unarmed white people, there have been plenty of similar cases that happened to white people (like pic related) the media swept under the rug, and it looks like the cop had some sort of personal connection or vandetta with the guy. Which is to say, just because a black person was killed, there's no concrete evidence, circumstantial evidence, or even statistical priors from which to assume it was because of his race. And yet it spawned the greatest race riots in this country since the 60s, and now everyone is kowtowing to BLM to remove anything that could be remotely construed as racist in their hyper-zealous definition of the term. They're literally talking about abolishing the entire institution of the police because something something black people.

I guess it's such a stupefying display of irrationality leading to such potentially disastrous social upheaval, my basic belief in some rationality in this world that survived even a decade of this shithole is unraveling. /rant, but I guess that's what the bar is for. On a positive note, my positions are mostly up.

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Pretty good. After years of trading so called blue chip projects I made back everything I lost plus just over 15x more going from ESH then getting lucky on Statera. Cashed out my initial five times over and now just riding house money. It could go to zero and I'd still have made profit, but now I sit back and see where this shitshow ends up going. For the first time in my crypto life...comfy

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I'm in a similar place but with options. I took out a bunch of puts expiring this summer on banks because I predicted an economic collapse for completely unrelated reasons, and then corona happened. Since the bottom I've been back and forth between big losses and crabbing, but I made enough profit from what I sold I'm ok with holding and seeing if shit dumps again, and if my remaining options expire worthless, fine.

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Hmm lets see, in April 2018 I put almost all remaining USD in EOS and lost it (about 15% of my net worth) in April 2019 I sold all my LINK (over 200k) for FANTOM, in April 2020 I liquidated my 20k shares in REFR and FCEL for <2$ and then put it all in SQQQ. So I'm doing pretty badly, my networth has dropped from 800k to 20k in three years. I realised I need to be in a straight jacket every Mar-May idk if it's some vitamin D bullshit or astrology bullshit but I seem to become intent on ruining my life during those 50 days.

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This is bait right

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No, I could post proof but I really don't want to log into my binance/robinhood again.

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You are the epitome of a retard.

Thanks for sharing the wealth, which you never deserved, with other people!

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i feel this as well, everyones falling for the identity politics and its just disappointing. i had to start quoting statistics at work.

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That's just life though isn't it, I made the 800k trading too, (actually make like 1.2 million before tax), but let me guess that's just 'luck' and my losses are 'retardation', you're always judged by your failures and dismissed for your successes.

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there's the risk

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Don’t let (((them))) kill your spirit. Keep fighting

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I have an interview for university in a few minutes and a presentation. I hope I manage to ace it and get enrolled. It's been so long since I've talked to people being contained at home and all hopefully my speech will be ok.

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Good luck pal. You'll be grand my man. We're all gonna make it anyway.

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I've never had a job that made more than $20 an hour and I have a college degree that's now worthless and I'm 25 this year and I really just hope Chainlink will go up eventually.

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looks like I'll finally be recovering all my disastrous losses with the upcoming dump. genuinely happy

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