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based op

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bump 4 newfags

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Checked and bumped.

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how do i buy smart contract token?

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doin god's work

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Thanks. I came.

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“I think this is hugely important, in fact it’s kind of existential for baselining. Right? If, you are going to have a workflow step, and the consistency circuit is going to fail you if you don’t generate the same result in all the different counter parties’ systems, you are never going to achieve baseline.”@jwolpert

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Spamming his scam coin hoping to dump his bags. Scammers are so elaborate with their colorful collages

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based thread af

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i suggest u destroy this thread

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Delete this

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Dude so I was looking at the old warosu threads, how did you know that link was going to pump in June 19?

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>how did you know that link was going to pump in June 19?
A "quickening" came over me is how I can best describe it
I just knew without being told

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>I just knew without being told
I converted all my ETH and BTC holdings into link right before the pumps so it wasn't a coincidence

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>1% makes it $8.20
It’s $4.50 so it’s wayyy overvalued

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>FUG YOU 42!!!!
t. uncleoldfag who got BTFO so hard that he can't use the trip anymore and had to claim it was "hacked"

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Ok. Im in, you niggers finally convinced me. I buy today how much should i drop. I have 1k ready. Whats the smartest move to obtain chainlink?

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>I buy today how much should i drop
just tier your buys
buy 10% of your stack at a time over the next month

if you don't have a lot of cash (less than $10,000) then you don't have to worry so much about spreading out your buys

coinbase has fiat/link pairs
regardless, wherever you choose to buy your link, get it off the exchange and into cold storage

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I feel like a lot of chainlink fudders like
“The bots have been turned off“ clown Are actually insiders for other coins like Band, Bsv etc

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just admit it faggot, you hate chainlink and you work for the pedophile paper printers (either knowingly or unknowingly)

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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I don't get it, it's not effective whatsoever at dissuading people from buying link
if anything, it makes the case for it
this isn't the normal internet ghettos where shame tactics work on neuro-typical sheep
peer pressure does nothing to me (and I'm sure it has no effect on other anons here)

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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t. brad shermansteinberg's golem

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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This is what a fully demoralized person sounds like
Just dribbling nonsense in a corner
What have they done to you
What have you become
Has your spite irreversibly twisted your character so much?

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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What does a face melting pump with low volume mean

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What do ya think?

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Stfu Uncle Oldfag

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How about a little mood music while you're making it frens? I can feel the satoshis building..


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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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Jesus anon, I already bought, take it easy

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42 I am a retarded noob who just lurks and has a basic grasp of all this, but I want to all in on LINK. How do I do this? Coinbase? Binance? How do I create a wallet? I'm sorry to bother you with such basic shit, but FUCK there is such a flood of info everywhere that it's hard to sift through what is meme and what is not meme.

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These people are clowns

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Congratulations on a successful redpill thread anon.

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so how rich do you feel like we'll get via staking

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>How do I do this? Coinbase? Binance? How do I create a wallet?
first of all fuck binance
second of all FUCK BINANCE

regarding a wallet, you should get a hardware wallet like the nano ledger s (DO NOT get the bluetooth version) get the one that can only connect via cable

set up your coinbase account with your bank account
buy chainlink with money from your bank account (see if you can increase your buying limit on coinbase, coinbase pro I think has higher limits but you have to pay for it)

once you buy the chainlink on coinbase, send it to your hardware wallet
chainlink is stored on ethereum as an ERC token so all you need to do on your hardware wallet is to create an ethereum address and send your chainlink tokens to that address

make sure that you double check everything and follow tutorials online if you're still unclear on how to go about it

there's other tutorials online that you can refer to
remember though, you will first need to set up a hardware wallet
do not store your cryptocurrency on exchanges, it is a recipe for getting your coins stolen or (((hacked)))
the only safe place for your assets are on cold storage wallets (hardware or paper)

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>first of all fuck binance
>second of all FUCK BINANCE
seriously...fuck chinance
it's a CCP boiler room
at least with coinbase it's a US boiler room

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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My Mom is kicking me out of the house. Should I just give he 112.5 link. She wants 500$ a month in rent and I have 10,000 LINK and negative 220$ in my checking account. I showed the dumb bitch where Link's price is right now and she knew where it was before. She's at her wits end with me and I told her to just give it 3 more months, but she isnt having it. She took away my XBOX too and I'm in South Dakota where there is nothing else to do but play Halo 3. Shes telling me to go work in an oil field but I dont want to be killed when we are so close to the singularity. Any South Dakota LinkMarines I can stay with for the summer? I'll give you 50 link a month. Or should I just hit the fat bitch over the head with a frying pan?

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here's an example video of how to setup your hardware wallet
do not get the ledger nano X (it has bluetooth, which can be hacked)
get the ledger nano s (it requires a cable connection)

also if you're holding a lot, it would be a good idea to have a metal plate backup of your seed phrases and store it somewhere safe

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Probably between 1-5% per year

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you're boring
/ignore/ mode activated

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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they certainly are

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Get a job while you wait. Why the hell wouldn’t you

>> No.19617060

How about you stop being a leech and just pay the fucking rent

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>My Mom is kicking me out of the house.
Your mom and I had a talk, and we both think it’s best if you move out and learn to be independent.
Your mom and I are starting a new life together after she left your dad.
Sorry champ, but it’s time to grow up and learn how to provide for yourself.

>> No.19617125

Thanks man, I'm gonna go do this right now. Any other advice you can give to a noob? I am writing all this shit down. Also, why is Binance so bad? China = bad?

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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Your sister can stay though
She’s cool

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Have any work skills? Are you mental?
Do you smell? Are you trustworthy?

If you answered yes, no, and no, and yes.. I'd consider accepting your link to live with me. Im a long way from SD though

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>Also, why is Binance so bad? China = bad?
see pic related in this post
also link related:
Stole a million link tokens for $100
He fails to mention that it was chinance bots which “embedded” those orders.

essentially chinese cryptocurrency = CCP money laundering operation

CZ was involved with the Maltese politicians involved in the car-bombing murder of the panama papers reporter

not like coinbase is much better, the day these centralized exchanges die is the day that cryptocurrency will actually live up to its name
until then, we are a pseudo-market, where centralized exchanges still work behind the scenes buying and selling assets

in no other markets do the exchanges participate in the holding or selling of assets, they facilitate it
only in this retarded crypto-space are there entities like coinbase and chinance that not only facilitate transactions, but actively engage in wash trading and market manipulation themselves

most of this market is a scam
the less you handle your assets after buying, the more likely you will be in profit

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You'll be making threads like this for the next 4 years.. have fun.

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>You'll be making threads like this for the next 4 years..
it will look something like this:

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FUG YOU 42!!!!

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I haven't seen this b8 in awhile

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I was considering selling some black lives matter clothing items at rallies to all the clowns that want to be part of the crowd.

But then i had a dream i was at a massive rally in LA and all the people got gassed by hidden towers that nobody noticed. Also it wasnt tear gas it was corona gas.

So maybe i will stick to selling them online. Just to buy some more linkies.

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I have the means to buy 1k link per month, should I do it? How much link to make it? Make it = 2 000 000 USD

>> No.19617360

Lol. You are killing mr right now.

>> No.19617404

lmao too many newfags here

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lol that pasta is stale too
so many genuine replies
such a shame lol

on a side note, Pompliano mentioned /ourguy/ Yuri yesterday

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What are the chances of Coinbase getting hacked though. Seriously?

>> No.19617476

Maybe not hacked but what are the chances they freeze your assets of they become too valuable?

Or the sec shuts them down?

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>essentially chinese cryptocurrency = CCP money laundering operation
and yet people still buy and shill absolute shit CCP vaporware

they're going to (((hack))) themselves and then abscond with the funds while claiming it was an outside party
coinbase is a better alternative to chinance but just barely

>> No.19617486

FUG YOU 42!!!!

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we will all be free once peer-to-peer platforms like Uniswap and others take over
until then, this market isn't a real market and is simply a poor man's stock market, projects like chainlink notwithstanding

>> No.19617511

That would make a lot of people very angry. Chances are assassination smart contracts would be made.

>> No.19617536

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19617540

If I was you, I’d do it.
Unfortunately My wife would never let me do the above even though we make 6 figs

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>Chances are assassination smart contracts would be made.
I'm sure that there will be bounties placed for bad actors that have been exposed as such
it's clear that the social institutions we've erected over the past centuries are entirely co-opted and not effective at meting out justice

normies don't realize what's coming, but there will be utter compliance because actions done in bad-faith will be immediately penalized and worse

>> No.19617555

I don't know about you guys but the thought of having my life savings depend on a USB stick or a piece of paper just terrifies me.

>> No.19617571

So your wife wears the pants?

You allow yourself to be held hostage by her ignorance?

If i was you and too scared of my wife i would still find a way to buy some.

Man up

>> No.19617609

So you would rather trust a shady character to hold your funds?

>> No.19617611

FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>normies don't realize what's coming, but there will be utter compliance
they can feel something is coming, hence their absolutely rabid reactions and ludicrous demands
but they don't realize that the new system is diametrically opposed to them and all resistance to it will be crushed forever

they think they will be getting rid of police
they don't understand the future
you won't know who the police are in the future
you will just get taken away

>> No.19617640
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>I don't know about you guys but the thought of having my life savings depend on a USB stick or a piece of paper just terrifies me.
the USB stick and paper don't hold the assets
they hold the key to unlock the assets
once you setup your wallet, you can destroy your USB device and store the metal seed phrase backup in a vault at the bank

>> No.19617652

Did you see pelosi and group kneeling for a photo opp?

And people are proud of this bitch.

They are currently trying to nationalize the police

>> No.19617668

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19617687

I have worked at banks and the safe vault is only as “safe” as the employees at the branch.

They make mistakes all the time

>> No.19617694

FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>they think they will be getting rid of police
>they don't understand the future
>you won't know who the police are in the future
>you will just get taken away
in the future, the populace won't know who the leaders are
they will just comply

>Did you see pelosi and group kneeling for a photo opp?
yeah I did
the wakanda scarves were a nice touch

>And people are proud of this bitch.
two words:
another two words:
is everyone ready?

it's an example, but yeah I agree, during times of crisis, the bank will be closed so I don't store my phrases at the bank either
the point still stands, fuck exchanges, store your crypto keys securely and safely

>> No.19617746


Holy fuck look at all the new fags who don’t know the pasta who probably all have less than 500 link. You idiots I been posting that pasta for over 2 years to show links price going up and down.

Poorfag faggots

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>two words:
>another two words:
>is everyone ready?

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Isn’t it amazing

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>Holy fuck look at all the new fags
lol or as we like to call them: "fresh meat"

>> No.19617791

If you have it on your ledger you have to keep it safe. If it gets destroyed the crypto isn't retrievable right?

Desktop wallets on the other hand have been hacked more times than exchanges.

Is there something I'm not understanding here?

>> No.19617807

How will they institute population control?

Rolling blackouts happened last year too. They blamed it on fire danger.

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>If you have it on your ledger you have to keep it safe. If it gets destroyed the crypto isn't retrievable right?
if your ledger is destroyed, you can still recover all your crypto holdings by buying another ledger and setting it up again using the seed phrase recovery process

however, if you lose your recovery phrases AND you lose your wallet, you are fucked and have lost your money forever

>> No.19617841

FUG YOU 42!!!!

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>> No.19617876

Based rent anon

>> No.19617890

I sold for more LOKI. how fucked am i?

>> No.19617910
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>How will they institute population control?
we are witnessing it now
shutting down small business and self sustaining operations
force people to go on subsistence level and beg for handouts
force people to stay indoors and ban public gatherings
open the prisons and release the prisoners so they can riot and destroy urban areas and intimidate the population
ship in recovering corona patients into nursing homes to wipe out the elderly and seize all their assets before they can pass them down to their next of kin
force vaccinations and a social credit score system (this is coming next)
shut down the 2020 elections in America (which the whole world waits on with baited breath so they can plan out their next 4 years)

I will say it now, and let everyone remember

there will be no elections this November 2020 and they will blame Trump for it

>> No.19617938
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>however, if you lose your recovery phrases AND you lose your wallet, you are fucked and have lost your money forever
which is why you typically keep a backup of the seed phrases at another location separate from your wallet
just in case

>> No.19618005

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19618014

How can we protect ourselves from forced vaccinations?

>> No.19618053
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>Rolling blackouts happened last year too. They blamed it on fire danger.
it's going to get worse
once they realize that the current crop of employable humans are getting less and less knowledgeable about the machines they are operating, it will be too late to stop it
I am genuinely concerned and worried about the electrical grid in the future
easy target for disruption

>> No.19618129

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19618162
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>How can we protect ourselves from forced vaccinations?
don't live in big urban areas
start setting up a community of people that you can rely on to procure supplies and essentials (have a farmer friend, mechanic friend, electrician friend, etc.)
limit buying at big name stores as much as possible
become a home and landowner and not renter

there will be no more concerts, no more sports games, no more parades
urban areas will continue their decay
they have become localized mordors where insane psychopath wizards control their orcs and seek to wage war on rural and suburban communities

>gif related might as well be san francisco

>> No.19618181

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19618206
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>urban areas will continue their decay
>they have become localized mordors where insane psychopath wizards control their orcs and seek to wage war on rural and suburban communities

>gif related is a no-go zone (aka your typical urban city in the 21st century)

>> No.19618270

FUG YOU 42!!!!

>> No.19618305

Guys LINK will moon for sure, but there are other pure gems out there in the wild!

SHUF is just a $150k Marketcap, it's verified by Uniswap, founder is a top notch Dev with reputation, and this has just started to get featured all over the place:

This is an easy 10X from here if you want it quick, and 100X++ if you hodl !

To buy, just go to Uniswap and type SHUF! yes, you dont even have to paste the contract address like the garbage you been buying right now, because SHUF is legit and approved by Uniswap just like LINK!

>> No.19618411

I was considering becoming a city cop too for a few years until link moons.

My wage slave gig doesnt pay much.
I was going to take police training and work a couple years but now literally a few months later i am like wtf?

But yeah in regards to forced vaccines i think if i home school my kids, and have enough money to pay people to deliver food and or essentials we might be ok.

Also need some kind of generator for protection against rolling blackouts

>> No.19618466
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>Also need some kind of generator for protection against rolling blackouts
I've been involved in a lot of backup and emergency generator projects recently for a reason

>> No.19618557

What do you reccomend?

>> No.19618563
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>they have become localized mordors where insane psychopath wizards control their orcs
the tech wizards have abandoned reason for madness
they've been looking too long and too deeply into their "seeing stones" and have lost their minds in the process

>> No.19618617
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the projects I'm doing are big scales and not for personal use but suffice it to say that a lot of our governmental clients are low-key replacing their backup and emergency systems en-masse because they know what's coming
>hint: rolling blackouts

that being said, a lot of the generators are natural-gas fueled instead of your typical diesel system that requires additives to keep the fuel proper over time

>> No.19618650
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I'm still waiting on chainlink random generators to produce verifiable random recovery seed phrases

>> No.19618689


42 pilled

>> No.19618779

FUG YOU 42!!!!

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