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Thanos Power @ Over $210k.

>Space Stone - $200k Liquidity - ACQUIRED
>Mind Stone - $400k Liquidity
>Reality Stone - $600k Liquidity
>Power Stone - $800k Liquidity
>Time Stone - $1,000,000 Liquidity
>Soul Stone - $1,500,000+ Liquidity

>What is STA?
A deflationary Index Fund token.
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Thanos balances Index Fund pool via arbitrage --> STA appreciates

>Won't whales fuck us?
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Niggerfaggot kike whales dump on us trying to swing/FUD/whatever --> Thanos BURNS MORE FUCKING STA --> STA APPRECIATES
Some kikes and pajeets here will FUD and dump no matter what. Thanos will humble them.

>Where can I buy?
Use THIS link to buy STA, none other. Look for "3DeED1" in the link. Check for yourself here: https://stateratoken.com/ --> "Trade"

>Where do I see the price?
Use UniVision for all your fractal charting needs.

Coingecko is up to date and accurate thanks to the v2 update. Take note of the spike on 05/31/20. This is the actual start of STA V3.

>Where do I put my liquidity?

>Link to new Medium article on STA, feel free to share

>Official Github

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So what's the pool? Benefits of adding to it?

In the beginning, all of the 5 tokens were worth $1000, so the pool size was $5000.

Now, say all other 4 tokens remained at their old value ($1000 / token), but STA did a x10, so STA value in pool is now worth $10,000.

That's much more than 20% of the pool, so the balancer must balance it out.
Note that now the pool size is $10,000 (STA) + $4000 (other 4 tokens) = $14,000.

So, to balance it out, each token should now have value of $14,000 / 5 = $2800.

To reach this goal, the balancer must sell the excess STA, and that would be $10,000 (current worth of STA) - $2800 (the new target worth of STA) = $7200.

The balancer sells the excess on various exchanges to which it has a trading bot interface to. Currently, it's only Uniswap.
Note that by selling, it performs transactions, and thus burns tokens, so the supply also decreases!

So, now that the balancer has sold the excess STA, it obtained $7200 dollars (say, in DAI coins).

Now, to balance out the other 4 tokens, it must buy $7200 / 4 = $1800 worth of each token.

So, it buys $1800 worth of ETH, $1800 worth of LINK, etc.

In the end, it's all balanced at 20% for each token - all 5 tokens are now worth $2800 dollars each!
And the total pool size remained at $14,000 dollars - so no value was lost!
Plus, you also get the trading fees, which are added to the pool!
On top of that, Balancer is now issuing BAL tokens for all liquidity providers!
You can check what it is all about here:

That's the magic of the balance pools.

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>How do I check TXs?
Statera Token Tracker: https://etherscan.io/token/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1
Uniswap contract: https://etherscan.io/address/0xa7DE087329BFcda5639247F96140f9DAbe3DeED1

>Balancer AKA Thanos

>Scott's nerdy ass tryin to educate you stupid fucks

>For all you Github FUDing faggots. Finally, everyone's ears may yet recover from your screeching.

>Live Sta coinstats


>TG Channels
Statera Price Talk (Unofficial)
Statera Announcement

>What do we do when we hit [insert amazing price milestone here]
Once we hit $1, don't dump your bags like retards, slowly shave off a percent or two once a week, and enjoy the accumulation upwards while reaping benefits along the way.

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Balancer are having issues with the support of FoT tokens, due to this we've quickly made some updates to our one-click pooling method via the usage of BPT. Please feel free to read the Medium article which will guide you through the process:


You can now view a real-time candle chart of the STA-ETH pair by accessing:


In the top left type in STA and it will be accessible there, thanks!

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Continue the good vibes here lads

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BASED comments from the team

>I think the difference between STA and GBTC is the fact that when you enter the STA ecosystem, you're getting onboard with not just bitcoin, but with arguably the top cryptocurrencies, hence you're betting on cryptocurrency as a concept moreso than on just solely bitcoin or Ethereum. Also, the STA ecosystem itself promotes the growth of the four coins as it constantly buys and sells them, the theoretical perspective being that eventually it creates an equilibrium.
>101 million tokens was the starting supply. I can't particularly answer how tokens being out of circulation appreciate the value of circulating tokens out of fears for speculation. I'm not going to give a random number without any factual basis, however, we can apply the law of supply and demand to get a conceptual answer. Deflation and inflation both work on this concept.

>We're working on the marketing to create that demand, all whilst the supply is continuously dropping. Statera will continue to drop in supply even if all external trading ceased to exist as the Balancer will continue to trade STA to keep the 20% equilibrium, thus in turn burning 1% of every transactional value.

>The marketing is being worked on, I can't make influencers respond faster, I can only control what I can physically do myself. And I can assure you I wouldn't be up at 3:31am if I wasn't working on things I can personally do to impact the growth of this project.

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Well, we should be getting lots of trafic now because of your picture lol

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same i just like chilling in these threads comfy af

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Checked, anon. Checked.

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Holy fuck Thanos is a silverback

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Oh shit, comfy AF anon

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Checked and sexappealed

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i swear this shit reaches $1 i‘m getting that meme tattooed

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Next leg up will destroy 7c and keep moving up
Still on schedule for 10c by 78pm eastern

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sent you a clean 15 STA to clean up your stack.
use the money wisely when we hit big anon

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Assuming shit hasn't changed in the last 5 minutes I'm the top 538 holder of this

I've never been on this list boys I feel euphoric am I gonna make it?

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top 100 bois you know the drill.
how comfy scale 1-10
me? 9.3

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BASED number rounding anon
top 100 before pooling 150k sta

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Hello anon, are you still not in STA?
Do you understand supply and demand?

Even if everyone stopped trading STA, the supply would still constantly decrease because of the balancer and the burn mechanism.
This means that as long as demand exists, the price WILL go up.
Where is the demand coming from? Well friend, from the balancer of course. If the other coins in the pool pump (BTC / ETH / LINK / SNX) then "Thanos" does his job and re-balances by buying STA, thus creating demand.
Given enough time, as long as there is liquidity in the pool and the other coins in the pool go up in the long run, STA will moon.

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Best part of the weekend dump is we burned another 1% of the total supply. LET'S FUCKIN GO

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I was a retard and sold half my stack last night, I still have 31k, will I still make it? learned my lesson and will never sell again

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I have no idea what this does but just bought myself into the top 110. Am I going to make it with 190k?

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10. I have so much in pool that i cant lose anymore and still holding a super fat stack.

Dat ass we need more shit like this

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now feeling a 10. this weekend, a 6

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Note: this is not factoring any speculation on STA itself, just pure fundamental value.

If you factor in speculation... well friends, we're in for a wild ride

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Considering the money I invested (about 7000 euros) was on a LINK wallet that I had basically forgotten about I am 6/5 comfy.

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I'm a top 100 holder. If only I had more to invest I would.

Hodl my fren, hodl. You will make it. I'm going to take 20% from my stack at $1 and pool it. Same at $5 and then maybe I'll cash a lump out at $10. Just cause I wanna.

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based comfy scale poster

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Anyone else getting MAD Antshare vibes from this?

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It's entirely possible that you could make it by eoy in a 1st world country

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I saw one of these threads at 1130 EST

I had bought in by 1230 EST

I have never been so happy with /biz/

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thanks again bro, i believe that we all will make it

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nothing comfier than amassing wealth with my boys

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Good man. Read up on it and you will not regret your decision. It is a wild ride so far so have iron hands and ignore the intense fud campaigns, and you will be rewarded greatly

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I can't wait until I am rich enough to forget about 20k+ euros worth of a coin

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hey dude my STA stack is only 4k. dont feel bad about not having much crypto. you bought a pretty good token and you'll make money from it. don't swing trade and dont buy scams and you will make it. it's actually totally possible to invest in crypto with a very small starting investment and turn it into something huge if you're responsible and don't panic sell and all that shit. good luck bro i hope u make it.

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imagine accidentally stumbling into a giant pile of cash that just keeps growing indefinitely. You better pool anon, check the announcements message.

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Any recent Whale action?

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just hold on to your STA and the rest will work itself out

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It was same with me. I heard STA mentioned once or twice in other threads and went to check it out and I immediately put $1k in after reading about it, and have bought considerably more ever since

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I don't even know what the price is at this point but I keep buying because it feels right

>> No.19597564

what price did you buy in at?

>> No.19597592

Gonna say 8.6

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"Bobo" is awfully quiet today!

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CoinGecko last updated 6 hours ago...
It's just us now boys.

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my dad works for ethereum and he said anyone who tries to copy statera will get banned

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not so comfy, so much going on in my mind right now... can it happen? will i become a millionaire? that can't be real !

i'd say 5.4 atm

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Didn't he admit that he was just doing it for cheap laughs? Leave him be. He understood the error of his ways, and has increased his stack by a measly 6000 STA since. At least, he won't be a problem for the future...
But still be wary of fudders or people who will start to sell starting from 0.10$.

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kek is that you, be honest.

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Nah, I'm top 100. Never sold, and never planning to sell.

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fuck, forgot pic

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is all the action in the discord?

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Woaaah thats a solid pepe anon
Based lain poster.

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New Statefa vid. "tokenomics"




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all the action is always out of the spotlight (tg, twitter) vcwHF5g
Throwing this in the next OP, very cool.

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>leave for an hour
>still crabbing
Welcome to moonshot waiting room. Extra props to anyone who bought high and is waiting to get out of the red.

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I'm 6 minutes in. I wish he could drop the "that's the lottery ticket we've been waiting for" stuff.
Other than that, I think it could help

>> No.19598103

i pray anon does not put that in the pool. everybody who fomod in high will take little profit or break even wiping it out

>> No.19598133

Hoping for another dip before the next pump to accumulate some more.

>> No.19598184

Not sure about dip, but we'll probably crab for a couple of hours before launching ginto orbit again

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he's putting it in the pool. profit taking anons who dont pool with their profits are not going to make it.

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anons stop trying to predict. With a token like this it's pretty easy to know what will happen given certain conditions. It's good we have more liquidity now but if someone decides to cash out and take profits we WILL dump. As simple as that.
The good thing is we know we can recover, hopefully quicker and quicker each time.
But there is no way to know if it will crab for x amount of time, or if it will go higher or lower.

>> No.19598263

I bought at around 11C and have been buying the dips, still 20% in the red. Should I put into the pool now to secure what I have or wait until the price goes up to add to the pool

>> No.19598277

liquidity has increased by 15k since 45 minutes ago.

>> No.19598278

"token like this" I meant barely a week old. If it dumps or pumps can be decided by the actions of a single individual

>> No.19598298

Someone just sold 450k and the price didnt move at all. The point is so one person can't pump and dump it, eventually even the top 10 dumping at once can't dump it.

>> No.19598300

Let's be honest, the pool is made up mostly of neets looking for a quick pump to make some cash. The liquidity is still very low. Think about the sells when/if this reaches $1. So many anons will cash out.

This is meant to be traded. Profits into the pool to secure value and then rinse and repeat. However this needs to attract day traders. I don't really know how well that will go. Could be really good, which shows just how early we are. It also could go absolutely nowhere since it will only be on dex and lets be honest, there's not millions of crypto day traders out there.

Will hodl though. Whatever happens.

>> No.19598309

Start adding to the pool once you are up or even. Don't worry, it will happen.

>> No.19598318

Wait until the price goes up a bit and you are well into the black

>> No.19598333

Liquidity will also keep going up when STA goes up. People will be pooling their profits and STA going up will also increase the pool value.

>> No.19598334

thanks anons, I'll hold until then

>> No.19598373

Can't wait for the one button pool.

>> No.19598415

That will be huge. If you did not know, you can already pool one token easily through etherscan. I've used that method and it works like a charm.

>> No.19598419

It works fine though with the Medium tutorial and it's pretty easy to do

>> No.19598422

hope you are correct sir. It's progressive, we will be able to handle such sells better and better. 2 days ago a 100k sell would drop the price half a cent

>> No.19598449

Thanos has much more buying power than selling power. It has 4 other tokens to sell if it needs to buy STA. Yes a whale dumping right now would cause it to drop, but it would not be the end.

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You get it. There's a reason we track the liquidity pool.

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So I pulled up the top 100 marketcap coins, and number 100 is Golem with 55 mil marketcap. How quickly will we overtake 55 mil and secure our place in the top 100?


>> No.19598491

I have about 150k sta. Question is - how much would be an optimal amount to pool and more importantly when? Someone said it should be done near a perceived end of a pump (before correction dump) to secure your profits. Input appreciated.

>> No.19598555

If you can time the peaks that is the perfect spot to pool. Pretty much no one can do that so the optimal strategy is to keep pooling small stacks on the way up. It all depends on how much risk you want to take.

Don't be lazy and start learning about the project. Here is a good start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_aAet-Kn40&feature=youtu.be

>> No.19598569

Pretty much like you said. Holding is higher risk, higher reward, pooling is safer but not quite as much profit in the long run. Pooling does help the project as a whole, and you by proxy and directly. Most people agree 20% is a good balance, but it comes down to personal preference

>> No.19598703

pump it gals

>> No.19598725

its pumping right now

>> No.19598730

I stick with recommending 20% for the symbolism alone.

>> No.19598775

>slippage doesn't exist when you send your STA to the pool.
But you can't send STA alone unless you have an equal number of the 4 other tokens. This is in case you have the tokens already.

>> No.19598803

LMAO, you pajeets are still at it? Didnt you get the memo in the discord that all the early buyers dumped their bags on you? Or do you need bigger retards to buy the last remaining bags because there is no liquidity. Kill yourself, your lives are pathetic.

>> No.19598811

Yes you can they released a 1 click method through an etherscan contract

>> No.19598815


>> No.19598827

You can send any of the tokens alone.

>> No.19598843

Finally a streetshitter showed up now that he missed the train XD All the top 50 wallets been accumulating like crazy. Smart money knows.

>> No.19598846

That's a woman.

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Whoever decided to make the video, thank you so much. I now realize how fucking early we are, but this could also bite us in the ass. RIGHT NOW is actually the most critical moment for this token to develop, because we need to have enough liquidity so that even the biggest dumps cannot kill the project for good. I only have a little amount of STA but I'm seriously considering putting half of it (12000) into the pool just to contribute. Did I get things right? Even if I don't get that big of a return in the long term considering the price point I invested in combined with the low amount, I'm sure it will help Thanos to get stronger. That's right? And should I do it? I bought when it still was around 0.01 cent so I want your opinions.

>> No.19598876

Huh I thought the 1 click method was just to automatically trade your STA for the 4 tokens and balance them. But I still should pool my STA after it's done pumping, right?
It's just like staking right?

>> No.19598927

These STA threads are full of smart and helpful people. But let's just avoid the homoerotic thumbnails next time though, Lmao.

>> No.19598933

The pool will be valued so high in the future as well, I've been insisting any anon who believes in sta as a project, and not just as a means of scalping eth, Pool 20% of your tokens or more. >>19598876
It's like staking because you get BAL rewards, too! It's staking AND hedging.

>> No.19598935

nothing wrong with sucking cock bro

>> No.19598939

this faggot isn't gay for thanos
what a piece of shit

>> No.19598954

Based. If you are okay with smaller risk and smaller profit, then absolutely do it. Everything counts.

>> No.19598968

Totally, we must all pool as much as possible, to unlock its true potential.

>> No.19598971

First complaint in 107 posts, I'll weigh that accordingly. Perfectly balanced....as all things should be.

>> No.19598979

If I could choose to be gay, I would. Just sayin.

>> No.19598990

No anon they made it so you can input any of the 5 tokens and it will rebalance itself.

>> No.19598991

I thought it was pretty classy, personally

>> No.19598996

so fucking same bro. pussy ruins lives

>> No.19599016

"nothing wrong with sucking cock bro" - I wouldn't mind if only Jews did it.

>> No.19599017

liquidity at 235k

>> No.19599018

smart money doesnt spam 10 threads full of non organic replies to shill some shitcoin nobody ever heard of ranjesh. Thats like the biggest red flag ever but you retards dont seem to get that simple concept.

>> No.19599032

Nice quote newfag

>> No.19599041

could you show me the memo from the discord? I didn't see it, but you seem to be referencing something specific. I'm sure it'd be easy to find again.

>> No.19599055

More liquidity is coming tonight as well... we takin ova

>> No.19599057

i've never considered this before. all people have the capability to be shitty, but if bros can be bros, would fucking your bros make for a solid relationship?

>> No.19599062

Holy shit youre getting boring in every thread

>> No.19599066

>RIGHT NOW is actually the most critical moment for this token to develop, because we need to have enough liquidity so that even the biggest dumps cannot kill the project for good.

Yeah pretty much. I'd say 15% of your profit should be in the pool for now. Then when things start to take off, you can put 15-20% of your stack in.

But yeah we should all be pooling as soon as you take some profits. The pool liquidity needs to skyrocket asap. Also, it will be difficult for it to do that with 4chan being the clientele.

>> No.19599068

wtf are those markings you put around
>nothing wrong with sucking cock bro?

>> No.19599089

>nobody ever heard of ranjesh.
the only thing fudders do is call people panjeet, ranjesh, and niggers. they dont actually provide any good insight and they just post the most bland generic fud ever.
Sorry you missed the pump kek

>> No.19599096

Does anyone have news if that Apu guys or retard dev is having an exchange listing yet? They could easily 10x this coin if they send a fucking application over and it got approved in about a week. Honestly why the fuck is it taking them this long?
Liquidity is drying up soon. They should get on with it these lazy fucks.

>> No.19599101

Great logic right there. I suggest you only invest in tokens that are never shilled anywhere. See if you find one.

>> No.19599113

best practice: instead of dumping STA (if the time comes) just add it to the pool - everyone wins

>> No.19599146
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>> No.19599147

I'm a new lurker here so forgot the green text but the fact still remains that I don't like cocksuckers. Weak degenerates.

>> No.19599158


>> No.19599161

poggy, lets break 7 tonight

>> No.19599165

No one can find a flaw with a token that literally prints money until you're rich.

>> No.19599173
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>TFW 200%


LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ITS PUMPING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.19599186

alright lads, be nice to the newfag. These are comfy threads remember

>> No.19599193

Because the coin is 8 days old? Chill.

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File: 58 KB, 1080x810, FB_IMG_1590856315820.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19599211

Weak fud. Try harder

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Oh right I totally forgot to post this
sorry guys
well uhhhh, y'know what they say anon, Lurk moar :} based tho

>> No.19599239


>> No.19599246

>be nice to the newfag
No need. I have enough ammo to deal with lgbt sympathizing gullible anons. But yes, it's better to keep thread focused on the project that's gonna make us all rich and the fudders seethe.

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Kek I was gonna post this 8 hours ago and I just passed out instead.

>> No.19599275

Bullish squared. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.19599282

I like these posts, they make me chuckle every time.

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Show some mother fuckin respek when you're talking about the devs mother fucker.

They don't want to be listed on some fucking chink or pajeet exchange. They don't fucking have to.
Organic DeFi Bitch.
You're the lazy fuck piggy back riding like the goat fucker you are, pajeet, shut up cause you don't know what you are talking about, dick breath

>> No.19599298

Once we are on binance everyone on this board has made it except the one fudding dude that has never seen a toilet in his life XD

>> No.19599319

I want to make it.

>> No.19599332

We need to use our money to start advertising.

>> No.19599341

Scott is very well spoken and transparent. Maybe don't call him a retard.
Pooling for pools? based.

>> No.19599362

Alright guys I have a 13.5k stack. I was planning on selling half of my stack when it reached wither 7.5 cents or 8. I also was going to sell half of my moms stack. Then if it dips I could buy more. Is this retarded or should I just HODL to the moon?

>> No.19599396

13.5k stack...

you better hold like your retirement rides on it

>> No.19599397


>> No.19599406

Have you still not even looked into it? How can you still not know if this is retarded or not?

Okay kid i will help you out. Don't fucking touch yours or your moms stock for 6 months.

>> No.19599443

You asked this in the last thread and I already told you don't take a single bit of profit under $1

>> No.19599450

But what if I can sell and buy back in at 4cents again? My stack would be wayyyyyy bigger.

>> No.19599457

Who says it's going to hit 4c again?

>> No.19599458

>7.5 cents or 8
Just wait until we break ath and then put your moms half into the pool

>> No.19599466

I have 4.5k (units, not $). not pooling any. Should I pool? Why or why not? I fr don't get the pool shit

>> No.19599481


This dedicated kid in every thread LMFAO

hodl like your life depends on it

>> No.19599487

We're about to test 7 cents ahhhhhhhhHHHHh

STAbros here we gooo

10 cents by 7 eastern

>> No.19599500

No, with that size stack, I would not pool until you at minimum double your money, then consider pooling 20%

>> No.19599515

Read the OP post about pooling and let me know if that doesn't clarify things for you
This guy is wise, that's different than intelligent. Most people on biz are intelligent.

>> No.19599544


>> No.19599557

7 cents.

>> No.19599632

You're my favorite in these threads anon

>> No.19599645

Yeah sure I'll apologize when they say they've submitted their application to some exchange. Just admit we're shilling because we need more pooling and liquidity to pump lmfao

>> No.19599663

Please anons, I just want to be able to pay for my kids college fund. I want them to have a better chance at life than I did, I just want this to be the one.

>> No.19599666

They've spoken countless times about being under NDA about a coming exchange. Do you think that means they've applied yet or no?

>> No.19599681

Holy carp. After watching that YouTube video. I knew this was a goldmine but I didn’t realize it’s even better than I thought.

>> No.19599695

There is a video?

>> No.19599696

When I saw the price crash the first thought I had was the anon who put his momma's money in and how mad she was gonna be if you put her in the red
t. got my boomer dad to put a decent chunk of money in btc at 6k and he cashed out at 10k

>> No.19599698

How old are you and does your mum have dementia? Why is she letting you bet her money on such volatile investments online.

>> No.19599717

Yeah this anon pops up every day asking advice about his mom’s stack. So wholesome

>> No.19599719

Okay Satan I'll believe you

>> No.19599733


>> No.19599737

I have 11k STA... should I pool some or wait until i can buy more? How much can you lose from pooling if things dump?

>> No.19599749

Thank you, I insist you verify the information on your own, though.
Check it

>> No.19599751


>> No.19599764

You lose less if it dumps, but you won't gain quite as much if it pumps. Wait for the price to increase and then add a portion (maybe 20%) to the pool

>> No.19599767


>> No.19599813
File: 26 KB, 598x792, 1591644610818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

best time to buy is when the general threads is filled with despair. but that has only happened once so far. or you can buy now, but you need strong hands. can you stomach another -50% IF it happens?
Up to you.

>> No.19599838

I should have bought another ETH yesterday. FML

>> No.19599841

Best time to pool is when threads are euphoric.

>> No.19599853

Gramps is happy with his 13,300 stack! I think this one is legit. Too bad I was not smart enough to figure it out the first night at .006. Still very happy. May get 2 more eth. Stratera and Dev ftw

>> No.19599866

based gramps.

>> No.19599871

250k Liquidity

>> No.19599890

Fuck thats a 25% increase in an hour and a half.

>> No.19599899

I just added $2k+ a minute ago

>> No.19599906

Whoops. Gramps cannot type. 15,300. Gramps

>> No.19599913

Jonathan came through

>> No.19599919

Thanks for this, just bought back in. Unironically we can break ATH because this is confirmed.

>> No.19599928

I'll throw it in the OP next time. I like sharing good news. Sorry for late delivery, again.

>> No.19600115

We're slowing down at .69c. Any moment now we'll break 7

>> No.19600158
File: 158 KB, 1278x520, Clipboard01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


We already broke 7c.

>> No.19600182
File: 33 KB, 673x565, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19600240
File: 36 KB, 1061x495, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Liquidity is fucking skyrocketing

>> No.19600252

guys i literally missed buying yesterday, should i dump more eth now?

>> No.19600258

I was gonna buy in at 4c earlier, now its at 7,FML!!
I keep missing the boat on these things

>> No.19600278

already hit 270 k since posting this
200k eod? eoh?????

>> No.19600309
File: 3.57 MB, 3648x1680, IMG_20200608_182741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why my shit be approving for 3 hours

No intention of selling but why does it gotta be this way

Help me /biz/ how do I unlock my STA

>> No.19600320

Holy shit, this will bring us to new ATH's easily.

>> No.19600325


>> No.19600345

That's a tough call. I have no idea what it is going to do next, it could rally or it could dip back to 5c or so before we blast off again. It is seeming pretty bullish right now though.

>Having problems selling
>Has no intention of selling
Anon, I...

>> No.19600365

Make sure gas is set to high and tolerance is set to 1.03

>> No.19600369

Put slippage to 1% and speed up the transaction if you're using metamask.

>> No.19600382


But I don't understand the unlock concept

Why when I want to swap eth into anything else I don't need to unlock it

I just want to know they're my coins goddamnit why do I have to "unlock" anything

>> No.19600406

You don't have to unlock anything but your metamask as far as I know. If you are using Trust or Coinbase, I can't really help. Does it show up in your wallet? Try closing and reopening your browser. I have to do it nearly every time I do something in MM

>> No.19600409

That's mostly what I'm paying attention to. Its gonna be a beast

>> No.19600424


How can it be done with LINK?

>> No.19600450
File: 118 KB, 780x646, mywife.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's just how interacting with smart contracts works on Ethereum, the same goes for any other dapp.

>> No.19600467


Using trustwallet via webconnect. Very jank but only way I could buy it within an hour when I saw the thread around noon EST

Do I even have to do this if I'm not selling? Just I wanted to know I "could" sell whenever I want to

I normally do stupid shit trading on binance I've never delved this deep into ETH tokens before

>> No.19600496

Ask in the telegram, there was a guy who did it with Eth and said to contact him if anyone needed help, but I don't remember his handle

Hopefully someone else chimes in because I am not familiar with Trust. I assume you tried restarting the browser? Also turn off any popup blockers

>> No.19600537

Gramps bought using Coinbase wallet and is having no trouble seeing his strat after I open the app. Don’t know if this helps. Gramps

>> No.19600594
File: 33 KB, 609x615, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19600612


>> No.19600654
File: 333 KB, 920x613, 1142090017.jpg.0[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

O yesss

>> No.19600668

People are getting hyped about STA in the comments of the yt video

>> No.19600754

Fuck yeah boys I knew it would recover.
Didn't fucking sell

>> No.19600764

Thanks to Johnathan from Tg. Added another 200 eth

>> No.19600782
File: 112 KB, 1080x316, Another $50k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanos is growing because of fucking based Jonathan adding another $50k. Based fucking whale!!!!!

>> No.19600828

Diamond hands riding Jonathan’s coat to the moooon,

>> No.19600829

How many of you that bought the top are dumping as soon as you're in the black.

We could easily it $.3 in 1-2 weeks if they hodl or only sell piecemeal.

>> No.19600857

He will go down as a legend.

>> No.19600882

click on pending items then click clear all

>> No.19600893

As someone in the tg said, June 6th will henceforth be known as Jonathan's day

>> No.19600905

Im thinking of selling maybe. I just wanna make my money back and the past few days I wasn't really feeling that good. I'm most likely not going to because I really do believe in the future of this project. Idk I'll see. Maybe I'll sell some of it just to make back some of my money when it reached 10c again.

>> No.19600928
File: 227 KB, 1584x870, staeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I'm thinking your little rally is over staggots. Very cute. Back to zero we go where this shitcoin belongs

>> No.19600937
File: 1.83 MB, 360x654, RichExcitableChrysalisSmall.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go John yeah

>> No.19600958
File: 61 KB, 184x184, 1410905648522.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

awesome TA lmfao

>> No.19600966

Token literally not needed. You could just fork it out and have the entire project exist without the ponzi element making the devs rich. Just came to this realization and sold my entire stack.

>> No.19600978


See I've been doing that but the transaction is still posted to the blockchain

So I've probably racked up like 6 bucks in transaction fees provided they actually post. I just want to know when shit gets rediculous I won't need to wait 5 hours to sell a bit just to get my initial or whatever I don't want to sell now. I was thinking it would stay unlocked until I wanted to eventually sell but maybe I just don't live in a fantasy unicorn land

>> No.19600997

Checked and good choice. Abu told me him and Scott are going to go to Epstein's island once they exit scam everyone

>> No.19601027


Look at all those poor pajeets on the verge of being priced out. They went quiet for a while, and now they're back with their scam, this is dead, or token not needed claims. kek

>> No.19601039
File: 14 KB, 300x300, 1415660654218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

post tx with claims like that

>> No.19601046

Didn't the devs put in 50k or something to start? That's already not enough to exit scam it.

>> No.19601054

You will get that same feeling if you sell at 10c and you watch it hit 25c.

>> No.19601064

>red truth
Ok now I HAVE to invest holy fuck

>> No.19601080

Yep, token literally not needed. This will just die like all the rest of the shitcoins right after Scott and Abu al sharad bakr hussein bin ladin get enough cash to fly on the lolita express. Staggots btfo

>> No.19601092

Literally no counterargument but only "pajeet" insults dished out by the king of the loo himself.

>> No.19601131
File: 2.23 MB, 490x360, wediditrabbi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How else can Thanos buy back a percentage of itself as a whole.

Token very needed. It's the God piece to the whole trustless index puzzle.

We made it we all made it.

>> No.19601145


How can there be token burning if there is no need for the token? Are you parroting LINK fud?

>> No.19601160

>How can there be token burning if there is no need for the token?
Does the token exist?

>> No.19601175

ignore the lame FUD STAbros. let's just keep moving up

>> No.19601222

Massive dump in 3...2....1

>> No.19601254

lol. This coin was built to pump. And pump it shall.

>> No.19601261

Someone asked what the use case was and the best answer he got was “errrmm herr duurr I cant put it into words” LOL

>> No.19601265
File: 351 KB, 640x640, 1591658767275.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19601274

counterargument what? Your baseless claims?
Gonna have to try to fud harder to get me to sell :^)

>> No.19601278


>> No.19601304
File: 2.82 MB, 1280x720, 1550019681169.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rumor and that's an this is, but rumor is STA will be used for another balance index. This time at 10% and another at 1%(the txns were insane)

Anyway it will all use STA.


>> No.19601314
File: 162 KB, 847x793, 1587080768470.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tick tock motherfuckers.
4 cents incoming

>> No.19601328

7 cents
And like clockwork FUDers show up. Same time everyday.

>> No.19601338


also to the moon!!!

>> No.19601409

go kill yourself fudder. i hope you die in a fire and get cancer you mentally sick animal

>> No.19601417
File: 262 KB, 1213x519, You_Cant_Hide,_Bobo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he came back

>> No.19601419

That would be huge!

>> No.19601425


>> No.19601430

10¢ by 12am EST

>> No.19601431

Could literally send any other token to a burn or contract address. Which would in turn cause deflation for the entire crypto market instead of just this token.

>> No.19601462


When I make it with my STA stack I wanna go to Japan and fuck qts.

>> No.19601465
File: 373 KB, 1936x1772, 1587038991332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I never left

>> No.19601476

is someone selling each time it gets to 7c? itll get to 7c and then 0.0690 and then itll drop quick to 0.066

>> No.19601484

Give me one reason to buy I don't want this shit to dump again

>> No.19601500
File: 199 KB, 808x485, 1587092831799.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tick. Tock. I told you we're going down. Are you starting to see it?

>> No.19601506

Last time we were at this price the liquidity in the balancer pool was only ~$40k. It is now ~$275k.

>> No.19601553

should take the chance to get your 29k stack to 50k to avoid roping yourself in the future bobo

>> No.19601564

This is a long term hold. If buy or not the liquidity is going up. Price will sustain new highs better the more liquidity there is. Up to you. Maybe tomorrow price will be down and you can buy in cheaper, maybe not, but long term this project will do amazing. I mean unless all crypto takes a dump. I have no crystal ball.

>> No.19601587
File: 743 KB, 1080x2353, pathetic cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just to clarify. I'm the "bobo" screencapped and since then I bought more STA. I was fudding for cheap laughs. Kill yourself fudder, you had plenty of time to buy. I wonder what you retards are thinking now that we've got our momentum back? I thought we were supposed to crash below 0.001 :^)

>> No.19601594

Just testing resistance.

It really doesn't matter if it dips, because it will go back up. Maybe invest in it because you trust the project and expect it to do good rather than just picking tokens based on whether they are going up or down at that particular moment. This is something you hold until it is a dollar or two

>> No.19601632

pfft. Nice larp. What's that selling going on at 7c? Probably is you isn't it? Don't worry guys it'll just go up forever, go ahead and buy I won't dump on you.... yeah ok, fool. These other anons might not be wise enough to see through it but I can. You won't fool me.

>> No.19601741
File: 684 KB, 1080x2058, %22organic%22 reactions to the dump.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What's that selling going on at 7c?
Retards panic selling just like I almost ended up doing because of your FUD. Thankfully I was filled with regret so I bought back right after. But seriously you and the likes of Fredrick should end your lives. What the fuck are you trying to achieve with this when it clearly doesn't work anymore? There's no dump. There's no need to try and tank the price, you've had 8 fucking days to accumulate. Now more than ever people are starting to realize how genius the whole system is. You can't FUD anymore, the price will only go up from this point on. Stop being retarded and enjoy the gains instead

>> No.19601806

>line only go up
Nah theres probably a retest of support honestly. That guy posted some interesting meme lines.

I'd like to see how they play out. Idk why you're pushing people to FOMO in right now, we are actually getting rejected here.

>> No.19601810

Alright guys, just added to the balancer pool but I have a dumb question: How often do I get fees and what cryptocurrency do they come in?

>> No.19601830

Based former fudder

>> No.19601843

Imagine selling 22k STA to fall into an exit scam kek

>> No.19601856

Liq pool up 77k since start of thread. Blessed booty Thanus.

>> No.19601857

>Stop being retarded and enjoy the gains instead

Anon if they weren't retarded, they would've got a bag by now and just sitting on the side enjoying the steady movement upwards.

>> No.19601874

This is going to 200 EOY. MAJOR news coming early july.

>> No.19601946


>> No.19601947

I can't tell if flama is legit exit scamming or if those guys are just getting some of the fudd we were getting recently.

>> No.19601951

200 what?

>> No.19601978

As much as I'm impressed with the project, I don't think we'll hit triple digits for another year from now.
If we do have a bullrun in 2020, then we could hit $100 for sure, but the 20,000% seems unlikely.

>> No.19601990

What's the news?

>> No.19601995


If you want to de-risk, why don't you just put a small portion of your stack in the balancer pool? That's what I did

>> No.19602001

Honestly I have no idea but if it's the former I find it hilarious. We moved from v1 to v2 but never removed all liquidity.

>> No.19602046

i only have 11k.

>> No.19602082

If you are going to sell half anyway, why not put it in the balance pool, then you can still make gains and the risk is less

>> No.19602104

I'm personally waiting for the value to rise. At my level, if I put some in the pool right now I'd have to put my entire stack in order to get a little less than a 1% fee which isn't ideal. For now, I believe that people in the top 30 are the ones that should contribute just like that whale did with his 50 ETH. Unless if there's something I missed regarding pooling I think that it's the best option available for small stacks

>> No.19602108

What >>19602082 said, the whole point of this project is for the index-fund. It's supposed to be considered a safe investment. If you're worried about volatility, invest in the index fund.

>> No.19602144

>we could hit $100 for sure
>tfw you could make 10 million after throwing your money at a meme you saw on leddit
I'm not complaining though it sounds highly unlikely.

>> No.19602157
File: 555 KB, 360x360, House_Truck.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrapped Ether on the Ethereum blockchain.


>> No.19602200

fuck it ill just keep my stack. even if it goes to 0 (which it wouldn't, not that low) i wont feel bad. it's worth the risk imo

>> No.19602207

It'll be 3 years before it hits $100.
Unless I'm fudding and we hit that in the bullrun.

>> No.19602273

Can u put only sta into pool instead of all those 5?

>> No.19602287
File: 1.34 MB, 640x800, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I had to google it because ypu fags wont reply causing me to do my own research. I hate you.

Anyway look at this:

LMAO fucking Vitalik

>> No.19602294

Yes, see>>19596941

>> No.19602312

Once people realize the potential of the high burn rate, then we will moon.

>> No.19602318

Google it. Basically, ethereum doesn't conform to the erc20 standard, and it makes everything simpler to transfer between tokens rather than straight eth.

>> No.19602320

so whens the next big thing news wise for this coin?

>> No.19602334

>it's worth the risk
It absolutely is. The risk is very low now and while it will have ups and downs, this is going to excel in the crypto market

>> No.19602355

Scott youtube interview, audit, new exchange, one button pooling
I don't know which will come first though

>> No.19602374

Not me I sold 153k Saturday.

>> No.19602380

Oh the Scott youtube interview where sergey will reveal he is satoshi? I'm hype for it too.

>> No.19602381


aaand this is why Cardano, Stellar, EOS, etc and any other blockchain is going to moon so fucking hard this bullrun.

Theoretically, Statera devs can port their existing codebase to any network that allows it. (EOS, ADA allow ethereum smart contract migrations)

>> No.19602387
File: 2.59 MB, 1280x720, northkorean.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks anon. The absolute state of Ethereum right there.

>> No.19602541

We're going to be so fucking rich

>> No.19602573

We swinging hard
As long as the liquidity is climbing I have faith. Thanos is doing his job

>> No.19602596

Who dumped :( We're below 6 again.

>> No.19602611

BTC did, lol

>> No.19602635

There is nothing to worry about. Just as

>> No.19602727

what ever you pool is locked in + gains, unless the entire crypto market fails which it wont

>> No.19602767

don't worry we're going up soon, Thanos will help us

>> No.19602809

Jeez I’ve seen some bad takes on biz but this one is up there

>> No.19602878


>> No.19602902

For any anons that ever want to carry the torch, I put this in a neat and tidy pastebin for you

>> No.19603020

Thanks anon

>> No.19603192

When did you get into crypto? Yesterday?

>> No.19603211

Lol Abu you aren’t even trying anymore

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