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>plummeting volume
>decreasing price
>nothing on pivotal
Are we getting exit scammed?

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what is the point of this thread?

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because link is a scam and the big joke is none of the stinky linkies bought enough Ghost to make it

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That's right, Pajeet. Get you one last sip from the Ganges and prepare your anus.

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I think we are, I market sold at $4.50. Hope you guys make it out of this shit.

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sergey betrayed us all, we were supposed to all be in this together

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To ask if we are getting exit scammed
Serious answers please

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everything in life is a scam you fucking retard

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I'm being serious fren, I market sold you should to, we're getting another rona wave, so link might crash again. maybe you can try swinging for a bigger stack if sergey does announce.

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The pivotal is empty because there will be an announcement shortly. The can’t have the tasks related to the announcement loaded yet has people would know what’s coming

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it’s summertime. maybe that week they have annual leave

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This Ranjeet knows what time it is.

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>we're getting another rona wave, so link might crash again
That's a terrible reason to sell

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Here are some serious answers: >>19579574

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This may be it or it may be something completely different. The important thing to remember is there is development going on in private repos. Mixicles and VRF didn’t appear in the pivotal before they were announced. The pivotal is for bug fixes and ongoing iteration of the existing platform. When you see pivotal tasks dry up, they are usually focused on private repo development

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Also, I fully expect them to go from v0.8.x to v1.0. They like to drop big news as a surprise and won’t want v0.9.x iterations leading up to the full release with staking.

What people should be noticing is all v0.8.x finish flags that were in the icebox have been completed with no v.0.9.x flags listed. The only one left besides the chainlink contract finish flags is the ////////////// flag which was last used for main net launch.......

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They’ve done this before major announcements, thanks for putting it on my radar anon, much appreciated. I’ll pick up another 1k tonight, thanks again

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Whys is it "////////////////////"

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No clue anon, maybe it’s easily distinguishable on page? I dont know all I know is every time this has happened something has been announced

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To mark it’s importance, celebrate the big accomplishment, keep some mystery around, all of the above?

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Damn its so obvious you are new here, please lurk more before posting

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they are using another project manager now, it wass confirme b a tem member in discord

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check the github from before mainnet launch. is there a checkered flag and ///////?

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how do i search the project history in the pivotal tracker? is there a way to search by date versus having to click show more?

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stop lying

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Low volume pullbacks are good, stupid. It means it's light profit taking, not heavy panic selling. Once those who wanted to sell are done, and no ones panic selling, where do you think we're going to go? The only direction is up

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It's 2,000% up in a year. Of course it's gonna have a bear cycle now.

Buy some Suterusu desu.

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I’m not lying

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there are 20 slashes if that means anything

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seriously at this point of time someone think their pivotal tracker is legit ? Development is going behind closed doors on private repos. Recently we had two new releases with almost no changes in pivotal tracker.

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they confirmed they dont use the pivotal anymore, you can ask the team about it on discord theyll confirm it. they already confirmed it though.

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How dumb because there are things the following week. They're not going to announce, quickly put up a couple of days worth of jobs and then go back to normal.

Its just a down week, they've had them before. Who cares.

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No ////////// has been used a couple of times.

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Might dump some connections to help save this shit thread

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Virtual studio code I believe. Could just be a larp

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short term : no
Long term: yes

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>>He walks into your room, belt buckle undone with mcdonalds grease glistening his hairy chest
>>He loosely flings off his daily steve jobs plaid shirt
>>You brace yourself uncomfortable, the binds keeping you shackled spread eagled on the floor

"yes master, nulinkers deserve death. they are just trying to buy this synth-russian vaporware dogshit token on the low by fudding a chinese CCP fly-fishing counter protestor forum. not like your browse it master or have any fucking semblance of a fatass walrus scammer mindset."

He smiles.

He slowly walks over to you.

"And what do you say to the deceivers?"

"You'll never buy sub one dollar again! Nice try, didn't read, not selling! been holding for 700+ days. imma just keep buying like the dumb dipshit pig i am. it'll eventually work out no matter what because im too stupid to understand economics and i compare this opportunity to ethereum cuz im a fat, fucking retarded pig that loves to pay for your expenses and vacations"

He assumes the position now, a chair on top of your bare naked chest. He grunts and let out a massive fart.

"That's right... I've been holding it for 700,000 blocks, it's nice and hot and stinky..." He trails off, a distant look in his eyes as he glances and looks at all the chainlink posters in the room.

He grunts and out comes, a fat nasty shit on your chest.

"Another 700k, dumped. Take it in your GPI."

"Thank you master, partnership confirmed. To the moon!"

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Started FUD triggers Fomo... biz link think

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Invested in ETH huh?

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I took 90% out when it hit $4.48, was about to fomo it again when it reached 4.60, Im’m glad I didn’t.

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Thank you for based information fren

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serious answer: no we arent being scammed

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WAIT.. let me get this straight.

You post a thread asking if its a scam but you sold already and are trying to convince others to sell?

Youre either retarded or really bad at FUD

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> Decreasing price
> $4.37
Fucking comfy.

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anyone know what Dimitri Roche is up to? I was looking for his Linkedin to see if it said he was still at Instagram and i cannot locate it at all

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What is getting announced? Staking? Tsig? Mixicles?

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Not yet, Sergey has time until SEC will go aginst him

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It’s ogre

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oy vey

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guys please! you are undercutting the value of the chainlink decentralized oracle network price feeds!! sell sell sell

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Pretty sure none of us are writing these prices on-chain.

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Good stuff, Rajesh. With a couple more timings like that you'll accumulate an extra 5 link before $1000 and your village will promote you to chief swinger of the links.

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why it the backlog almost finished and staking not out yet. oracle integration is q3 right? last date with jobs is in sep

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ArE (((wE))) GetTinG sCamMed?

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