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I have 12.5k Link. Told myself i’d never buy above $1 but lately i’ve been feeling like i dont have enough. I saved money thanks to Covid, and i could buy an extra 4K right now, where i’d feel satisfied.

What do Biz?

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Where’d that guy find that chainlink box?

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Btw that‘s a man

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I guess you could top it up to 15k and keep the rest, if it dips you'll still have cash to buy more (or just keep as savings for emergencies)

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Chainlink is a buy all the way up to 10 united states treasury notes

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damn, I can honestly say I would fuck her ass

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don't miss the run up past 5 bucks. We're in euphoria stage in equities. capital is going to trickle over to crypto. and then we're gonna slide back down to 1 dollar. but dw, you're gonna capitulate long before then

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we all know that fundamentals point to moon. What's interesting is that now also the technicals point to moon.

So yes, you should buy.

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Im buying more Aragon Network Juror (ANJ)... This thing is a rocketship

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also yeah buy more OP

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The LINK BTC pair might be interpreted as bearish in the short term (lower highs, higher lows, with a triangle forming that might end up with a retest of the long term moving average), but even if that does happen, it still looks bullish in the long term.

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Keep buying as the top 100 holders which control something like 85% keep dumping.

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Unironically that's a man, you're gay

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