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>put one dollar in the bank
>freeze yourself until 2100
>get rich off the interest
how viable is this?

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considering you can't "freeze yourself until 2100" not viable at all

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Checked and also the interest would get btfo by inflation so even if you could freeze yourself you'd be poorer than you are now.

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Surely you don't mean a *US* dollar, right?

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Have you heard of inflation? Jews are printing money and inflation will rise faster than the interest on that fiat.

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Why not

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Banks charge fees for inactive savings accounts.

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Even if we entertain the thought that that technology exists, at 5% interest that's only $50. And chances are that the rate on whatever variable savings account you have will actually be outpaced by real-life inflation meaning $50 in 2100 will be worth less than $1 today. Banks will also likely close dormant savings accounts with only a dollar in them

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>zoom zoom watched futurama's 1st episode for the first time

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>Get frozen in 2020
>2021 negative interest rates get introduced
>Your $1 gets BTFO and your dumb frozen ass gets thawed out by scientists in the future and you're even poorer than before

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If I owned a freezer company there could be occasional accidents. Perhaps the bank will donate to my company to make sure it doesn't happen again. Their richest client failed to thaw somehow. With no living relatives, or even knowing literally anyone alive at the time all his money was disbursed to the bank as its the next closest relationship to anyone.

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From this post I can guess your religion.

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walt disney did that but with millions in bank

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That just kills you.

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I think it’s like the second or third ep actually.

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>they thaw you out for $300,000 plus the negative interest
man 2100 slavery sounds based as fuck

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