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>What does STA do?
Deflationary Index Fund Token™
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Thanos balances Index Fund pool via arbitrage --> STA appreciates

>Won't whales fuck us?
>Money --> STA --> Thanos burns STA --> Niggerfaggot kike whales dump on us trying to swing/FUD/whatever --> Thanos BURNS MORE FUCKING STA --> STA APPRECIATES
Some kikes and pajeets here will FUD and dump no matter what. Thanos will humble them.

>Where can I buy?
Use THIS link to buy STA, none other. Look for "3DeED1" in the link. Check for yourself here: https://stateratoken.com/ --> "Trade"

>Where do I see the price?
Real time data: Just set the input to a stable coin of your choice like DAI or USDC

>Muh graphs, muh liquidity statistics

>Coingecko is slow, but it's here for you TA diviners

>Where do I put my liquidity?
Please migrate from Uniswap V1 --> Uniswap V2 pool:

Balancer pool:

>Watch STA-ETH pair destroy other Uniswap pairs

>Scott's nerdy ass tryin to educate everybody

>For all you Github FUDing faggots

>TG Channels
Statera Price Talk (Unofficial)
Statera Announcement

>What do we do when we hit [insert amazing price milestone here]
Once we hit $1, don't dump your bags like retards, slowly shave off a percent or two once a week, and enjoy the accumulation upwards while reaping benefits along the way.

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So what's the pool? Benefits of adding to it?

In the beginning, all of the 5 tokens were worth $1000, so the pool size was $5000.

Now, say all other 4 tokens remained at their old value ($1000 / token), but STA did a x10, so STA value in pool is now worth $10,000.

That's much more than 20% of the pool, so the balancer must balance it out.
Note that now the pool size is $10,000 (STA) + $4000 (other 4 tokens) = $14,000.

So, to balance it out, each token should now have value of $14,000 / 5 = $2800.

To reach this goal, the balancer must sell the excess STA, and that would be $10,000 (current worth of STA) - $2800 (the new target worth of STA) = $7200.

The balancer sells the excess on various exchanges to which it has a trading bot interface to. Currently, it's only Uniswap.
Note that by selling, it performs transactions, and thus burns tokens, so the supply also decreases!

So, now that the balancer has sold the excess STA, it obtained $7200 dollars (say, in DAI coins).

Now, to balance out the other 4 tokens, it must buy $7200 / 4 = $1800 worth of each token.

So, it buys $1800 worth of ETH, $1800 worth of LINK, etc.

In the end, it's all balanced at 20% for each token - all 5 tokens are now worth $2800 dollars each!
And the total pool size remained at $14,000 dollars - so no value was lost!
Plus, you also get the trading fees, which are added to the pool!
On top of that, Balancer is now issuing BAL tokens for all liquidity providers!
You can check what it is all about here:

That's the magic of the balance pools.

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Damn It really fell off? I feel bad for that guy who put 25 ETH into this at 0.0053

Dude must be punching himself

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kys pajeet
you will unironically never make it if you are still shilling shitcoins after years and years

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This day was quite brutal. Let's hope this one will yield more positive results. Ignore the FUD, spread the good word, and be sure to pool your stack once the button is ready. Can't wait for the exchange listing, it might grant us the visibility we lacked and tried to compensate with early hype.

Getting comfy with my stack, and of course I won't sell until $1.

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Where are my Chad's who bought in under 1c? Also who else /top50/ here?

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Bought at 10c but feeling comfy, desu.

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Bought 54k at like .001

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I'm up 5x but I got a good feeling about this one. Im an oldfag who has been in this game for years and I smell a big one. Once we crack last ath all hell will break loose and the fomo will be insane.

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It's gonna be tough to crack it since there's so many wrecked bagholders right now (including myself).

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U mad?

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17K HERE.....



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Fuck off telegram ranjeet fuder.

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What's the matter man? You bought the top like a fuckin idiot, then panic sold when it dumped, didn't you?

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It was a FOMO pump and dump. Now it will organically rise so keep holding.

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poo harder pajeet

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Which telegram group are you from? Pamp, h3x? Very curious

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Each side calling the other one a paj makes me unironically bullish

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poo harder pajeet

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>pajeet calling everyone pajeets
never change, /biz/

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This is giving me HEX feels. All biz did was seethe and call us pajeets then too. They mad. Kek.

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poo harder pajeet

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fuckkkkk it's crashing. sell guys this just isn't gonna work

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In hindsight, we've been telling you for a week at this point to get in.

It was a scam
0.001 was a scam
0.0068 it's going nowhere
0.01 lol its gonna crash
0.025 (in one day)
It dipped, and then..
0.1 < you fomo'd in here like retards after it was going up and up for 8 hours straight
0.15 it was just asking for it at this point.

Next time, do some fucking research first, and most importantly: do not play with money you cannot afford to lose.

Guess what happened at 15 cents? People who were standing on the sidelines realized it was legit, and started fudding because it was too high of an entry point. So they fudded. And you fell for it.

Learn this lesson next times. Top wallets did not budge. They bought more at every dip. And instead, following the /biz/ way, you bought high and sold low. And now are pissed at the project, saying again it's a scam because you lost money.

The fault is yours and yours alone. Take this as a lesson, and while it's still cheap, get a bag now and check back in a month.

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poo harder pajeet

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Yeah I’m glad it dipped desu means I can buy more.

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>0.059 to 0.573
Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

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That 4c dip was juicy AF.

Remember people. There's one thing you can do, the golden rule. Follow the money.

Any pajeet can hop on this board and make up claims about anything with no proof whatsoever, but the money knows. That's why rich people get richer everyday meanwhile you buy the top and sell the bottom.

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Back to 0.06? It won't last. Watch this.

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Here we go. Fucking finally we went above 0.062
I've got a good feeling about this one. Rejoice a little and learn to appreciate those small victories.

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hare is a partial translation of the medium article in Spanish, will finish it later, if some other anon feel like helping out, please do so.


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ITS PUMPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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was a lil busy today guys. havent been on 4chan or monitoring prices what's the update on sta??

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Not much to report. More weak hands btfo

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Can you imagine being an STA cuck who bought in >0.10c and seeing this shit keep going down

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Im still up 7x. I'll hold this shit even if it dips into only 2x profit. Beats boomer turtle stock market by leaps and bounds.

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Still up like 5x. Not selling until it is over a dollar

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Based dubs

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>imagine selling at a loss

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I kneel, Bobo. I kneel...

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Whoever originally wrote the OP for this general, can you let me in on the next shitcoin you and your friends decide to pump? Based on your posting style its so fucking obvious you shilled ESH last month.

>> No.19565864

Esh did literally nothing, all the hype was for ghost

This is a whole other beast

>> No.19565920

Yeah, that's not my point tho. Just that it's the same anon(s) bringing this to biz after they bought huge bags. The difference between them and every other shitcoin shill is that they're not incompetent pajeets and know how important getting a general to 300 replies is to rope in the 105 IQ posters.

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Poorfag here with millionaire intuition. Something compelled me to drop $200 on this when it was 2 cents. Been holding ever since. This is the one

>> No.19566026

I'm holding too, never selling.
>Imagine selling at a loss, on a project with such potential.
Cucks .

>> No.19566040

Same and same. Very comfy. Might sell a portion at $0.50, which will be late next week.

>> No.19566050

>Bought at 2c
>Millionaires intuition

No anon, people with good intuition bought before way before 1c

>> No.19566077

I had this same feeling when I bought Eth at $47. There was a shit ton of people fudding, but it was all obvious bullshit with no substance to their claims. I read up on it, knew it was legit. It did a 5x like 3 or 4 days after I bought

>> No.19566079

Your stack will be worth 50k by eoy anon, you did good

>> No.19566091


The fundamentals for this project are too good to pass up on. We’ll make it bro

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You do realize that we'll be below 0.05cents any minute now?

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Any normie plebbitors or twitterfags will only see this chart when they look in to STA for the first time. They’ll know nothing about 15 cents or the pump. They’ll see only this chart.

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Reddit warriors are saying very good things about statera bros, we need them in times like these

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Oh my GOODNESS! A price fluctuation in a 6 day old crypto? SAY IT AIN'T SO

>> No.19566214

We know you want to load up on cheap sta, bobo

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HOLY FUCK WE ARE DUMPING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.19566345

Dropped $500 for a ~385k stack
Did I get in early, as the kids say?

>> No.19566395

i asked you guys to pump the price up and you didn't do it. that's not very nice.

>> No.19566400

How does $500k sound?

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Price fluctuation. Correction. Healthy dip.
How many times will you dodge reality? We are dumping. The price is steadily decreasing. Don't come crying to me, saying that I didn't warn you.

Sell now, or lose your gains.

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Look at this shit. I know the discord whale is a meme here but look at this. This price suppression is so fucking obvious its not funny.
Someone is trying to accoom more. Very bullish

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>he didn't sell at 0.15
>he didn't sell at 0.10
>he didn't sell at 0.09
>he didn't sell at 0.08
>he didn't sell at 0.07
>he didn't sell at 0.06
>he didn't sell at 0.051
>he didn't sell at 0.05
>he didn't sell at 0.04
>he didn't sell at 0.03
>he didn't sell at 0.02
>he didn't sell at 0.01
>he didn't sell at 0.00000001

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Why would you care? It is almost as if you are trying to get people to buy into your scamcoin, but STA is stealing all the investors

>> No.19566436

I feel the same now about TRB, my gut just tells me Brenda will make me a millionaire. Haven't sold my Sta either, would be retarded to do so before the new exchange

>> No.19566438

How long til h3x exit scams

>> No.19566468

Fud harder, i see a huge bullish move, it's gonna POOOOOOOOMMMPP!

>> No.19566484

God I hope so, then I can acoomulate more

>> No.19566488

I thought it already started? I don't follow that closely, just heard it in passing.

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Just as >>19565505 predicted, it didn't last. Still, it was impressive to see it rise again up to 0.0630.
That was beyond my calculations. Now, we can really commence the diving. I don't even have to look at the price on Uniswap anymore to know that 0.01 will be the new top. I'm salivating with impatience at what new cope you will inevitably come up to try and sell your bags to newcomers. But you've already realized now, don't you?

Nobody will buy.
Nobody will pool their stack for the project.
Nobody believes in deflationary tokens. Nobody believes in arbitrage bots.
Nobody believes in Thanos.
Nobody believes in "Scott".
Nobody believes in Abu, a Nigerian of all things.

The hype was manufactured. The price was artificially being kept up by pajeets, shills, naive bypassers and newfags who swallowed whole your false promises about STA being the new Link or ETH. Your shilling strategy, appealing to emotion and the good old days of the alt season was stellar. Far more effective than your average Indian broken English babbling. But this ends now.

See you at 0.0015, anons.

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Huh? What's that? Threads have gotten quite slow lately. Hmm? You say that the pajeets who used VPNs to give off the impression of massive interest have stopped shilling after selling their bags? No way man.

>> No.19566544

What is the goal here? Is it genuinely fun to fud?

>> No.19566547

Hey anon, what's the point in spending your free time pretending to be a cynical bear in a crypto thread? Aren't there better ways to spend your time?

>> No.19566565

Sure bud

>> No.19566567

>1 post by this ID

>1 post by this ID

What were you saying about VPN's Chris?

>> No.19566568

Look att this STAts, this isnt going anywhere.

>> No.19566571

I swear to god I'll track down and exterminate every single Bobo poster

>> No.19566574

It clearly is, otherwise you wouldn't need to fud 50+ posts per thread

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>> No.19566585

It was 30k 3 days ago

>> No.19566589

let me reword that, this isn't going anywhere but up

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Give it time.

>> No.19566625

Oh, based!

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I’d like to buy back into this cos it seems like an interesting project. The question is when?

>> No.19566672

Hard support at ~ 0.04 anon. We're at a good entry point right now.

>> No.19566673

Honestly 5c is the lowest we've seen since it broke the 5c barrier
now might be best time

>> No.19566684

fuck I regret not selling when we we're in peak euphoria so bad.
I wanna just let it go bros... I can still cash out at a profit but I know it's gonna pump right after I do
I feel like shit

>> No.19566687

you will be SUPER lucky if you can catch it at this price. Don't expect to catch it

>> No.19566709
File: 7 KB, 250x182, yikes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i know the feel bro

>> No.19566733

any time around now is good anon, just don't go expecting "mad fast moon gainzs" this is a long term solid hold.

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>> No.19566745

You should exchange news coming soon. All these fudders wasting their time dropping comments on this thread you think it's just cause lol messing with your heads hold it'll be ok very soon.

>> No.19566770

*breathes in*



>> No.19566850

What's with the massive rise in volume on this dump? Why is everyone trying to get out?

>> No.19566864

Buying you faggot. This has had 1-2m vol for a week. Biggest on Uniswap. Bigger than HEX.

>> No.19566872

Hold, buy or regret. I'm holding despite the obvious fud.

>> No.19566884

volume is actually at 2 million

>> No.19567044

Abu is on telegram now

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Good morning Stabros.
Did any of you buy the dip?

>> No.19567177

Yes but I just wish it would dip back to 2c so I could buy even more.

>> No.19567216

This is wild
At least Scott speaks english kek

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File: 44 KB, 560x474, ruined.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

blowjob cowman dumped his bags after waiting 5min for abu to type, all he said was insults to him LOL

this is not looking good FUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
most respectable member left guys, on top of that ANOTHER bug in the code........ fucking dump it....

>> No.19567289

What another bug?

>> No.19567297

He is fudding

>> No.19567308

How do I join the telegram group?

>> No.19567311

There are not any other bugs, cowman is a fucking child, Abu didn't insult him, just told the truth

>> No.19567321

what the flying fuck is happening, pls tell me this is not a fucking scam

>> No.19567351

It's over isn't it...

>> No.19567356

No, it is not a scam, just people panic

>> No.19567368

some faggot youtuber was complaining about the v1 to v2 switch and got insulted by one of the moderators which prompted him to leave the group, not that bad imo

>> No.19567371

there was a discussion on telegram between a bunch of people and some youtuber. youtuber got pissed because the way Abu introduced him to the community. the guy essentially wanted to know what really happened. doesn't seem like the question was ever answered as to the scam that happened with the 1:1 conversion of the different revisions of statera.

>> No.19567382

I've lost 80% on this fucking scam coin thanks biz. God damn it I have only myself to blame for succumbing to fomo. Tell me the next super early project to get into so I can recover my losses or I will fucking find you.

>> No.19567386

doesn't look good for the coin. obviously the coin isn't necessary a scam, but people lost money from the 1:1 conversion because it wasn't 1 to 1. just seems shady asf. anons beware.

>> No.19567402
File: 534 KB, 992x1293, Screenshot_20200607-080611_Telegram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scott's explanation about the 1:1 swap

>> No.19567410

Why is this an issue now? This literally happened a week ago, and people are upset now? Shitty FUD that'll end up destroying a good project.

>> No.19567415

How do you people fucking live like this lol

>> No.19567427

The explanation is more than reasonable, Stefan

>> No.19567447

I recommend you guys exit now.
The idea is great, but Abu is a retard.

Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence

>> No.19567454

Reporting in fren.

>> No.19567463

holy shit its nearing 2 cents

>> No.19567468

LOL calling him out by name. Ruthless

>> No.19567479

Bros... my hands are getting slippery...

>> No.19567490

I swear to Allah those who hold through this shit storm deserve their millions

>> No.19567497

not a scam, Abu is just a retard.
Instead of being honest and direct, he went all ad hominem on the faggot jewtoo-ber in front of hundreds of people on telegram

>> No.19567500

It was cool that they namedropped 4chan
This space attracts autists

>> No.19567504

I don’t see how sta can recover. Hype is dead and this whole charade just cemented it

>> No.19567509

>palms are sweaty
>moms spaghetti

Statera has such a bad energy to it. I warned the “whales” bought in at 1ETH and became rich on the backs of others to not fuck over those who lifted you up and that your greed would inevitably get the better of you and it tarnish the karmic response of the token. And they went and did it again.

>> No.19567513

Dude, I lost all my confidence in the project just because Abu can't lead for shit. He seems like a nice guy, but he is retarded. He can't be trusted with such
a project.

>> No.19567516

That was dumb as hell. All he had to do was be civil. The devs are creating fud

>> No.19567526

Same Stefan that was Bens right hand man in TG?

>> No.19567527

going back up

>> No.19567529

Did anyone buy below 3c? I'm too scared to double down right now.

>> No.19567530

ww...was that the bottom?

>> No.19567537

Most likely. He seemed to be echoing Ben and was fudding that the answer was insufficient before Scott had even finished responding

>> No.19567551


>> No.19567569


>> No.19567580


>> No.19567584
File: 62 KB, 400x300, Lain_pumping.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you misspelled pump
the head marketer and developer both just btfo fudders while qrd's everyone on the history of the token (all you people who dropped their bags but keep autistically checking the price)
plus biz got a little ;)

>> No.19567588

wait for my funds to clear you cunts!

>> No.19567605
File: 11 KB, 229x221, download (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Some of you fags sold

>> No.19567611

Wtf is happening, I had nearly 500 yesterday and now I'm down to 198, was it all just a scam!?

>> No.19567614

>25% gains in a minute

>> No.19567617

People who bought at 4c are going to start selling at breakeven.
Are we coming back? these dips are killing me

>> No.19567621

Please explain in more detail anon.

>> No.19567622

get the fuck in here we are about to moon, i repeat we are about to moon

>> No.19567628

Jesus fucking christ. It's crypto. It's insanely unstable. It will go up and down drastically, get over it.

>> No.19567629

this. my fundds still havent cleared. FUCK

>> No.19567639
File: 76 KB, 280x292, 1386720421347.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just dropped another 10k into the dip, ready to moon over. Commence pump

>> No.19567640

You missed the biggest dip of 5days

>> No.19567641

Cashed out. Cya bitches. Still made 4x, no regrets. Top 40 wallet.

>> No.19567644

gee, fucking thanks, that helps speed up the transfer

>> No.19567648

>cashing out at the bottom

>> No.19567650

Ebin genius

>> No.19567651

we're coming back.
They nodded directly to fixing the one button liquidity pooling. Thats the last step before unlocking stas potential, through accessibility.
Abu and Scott just muted the main tg with 1400 people in it, did a live chat, Abu roasted a ytber that was parroting Chris (who got buttmad)
Scott explained the full history of the STA project likely to clear the air from (specifically named) 4chan fud. Incredibly bullish these people are aware of whats going on at all levels and are very proud of their project.
I'll paste the chats if you want.

>> No.19567654

Put some more gas in buddy it'll be FIIINE

>> No.19567655

Why wouldn't you just keep it ready in your wallet?

>> No.19567662

Balancer almost hit 1m STA, back down to 650ish,

Burn baby burn

>> No.19567687

I was moving more over. FUCK

>> No.19567717

Feeling good vibes, I doubled down, we're gonna make it bros.

>> No.19567795

Please, please do anon. We need some positive enthusiasm again.

>> No.19567813

To clear the FUD and doubts for those who wants to know how it all began.

So there were 4 tokens created

STA v1/2/3 and STAC

When I read up on balancer I thought it was such an amazing idea and what I had been waiting for, for other projects and had been testing an using it since launch. Then on their discord they were talking about thinking of cool token ideas that would work on this multiple token pool contracts. So I thought a deflationary token inside a rebalancing pool would be amazing as I had been watching it work in action and could see how it could increase the burning

Created STA v1 and told Abu about it who had been asking me for awhile about ideas on how to make deflationary tokens work. I made an error on the maths and weights on the first go and subsequently someone bought and sold for a sweet profit. So then, same day did STA v2 the real one that started all of this. Got the weights right, Abu I think wrote about it here and then did some article and nothing happened. Then all of a sudden it got on4chan around a month later and then it's started moving

Then issues started popping up everywhere, issues with balancer, issues with Uniswap, with the main one being that users could not sell STA which really made this look bad. Everyone was blaming us, so I thought I could come up with a quick fix whiles we waited for uniswap to fix the problem which they said could take 2 weeks

In hind sight wish it never this route but the short-term solution, which ended up creating way more confusion, was to create STAC. The theory was users can swap STAv2 for STAC and then sell it on Uniswap as it was not a deflationary token. The swap would take place using 0x relays which have no problems with a deflationary tokens.

Problem which now took place outside of confusion was users starting buying STAC which was not the intended purpose. Everyone was asking which is the real one, which is better.

>> No.19567821

Awesome, thank you. Bullish.

>> No.19567828


So there were 4 tokens created

STA v1/2/3 and STAC

When I read up on balancer I thought it was such an amazing idea and what I had been waiting for, for other projects and had been testing an using it since launch. Then on their discord they were talking about thinking of cool token ideas that would work on this multiple token pool contracts. So I thought a deflationary token inside a rebalancing pool would be amazing as I had been watching it work in action and could see how it could increase the burning

Created STA
So decided to make the third and subsequent final STA, now knowing that selling works fine on Uniswap v1 and the guys were working on the Uniswap v2 fix (which was fixed yesterday)

But now this 1:1 swapping. How could I do this when there were 2 tokens STA v2 and STAC with both having different values and liquidity.

So took all liquidity, added it to balancer. Looked at the pricing of the 2 and worked out that all liquidity which was represented as BPT (balancer pool) token be airdropped to all holders of both STA v2 and STAC

Doing the maths it was worked out that 88 of the 100 BPT was airdropped to STA v2 holders, and 12 BPT to STAC holders. Snapshot was taken, excluding dev obviously. Airdropped took place and the new STA V3 was now on Uniswap and inside a balancer pool in the hands of around 450 users.

The idea was to be as fair as possible and I do think this was the most fair way of removing STAC and the confusion and focusing on what this idea was all about and increasing the efficiency of this self-propelled system. Lots of people who received this airdrop might not know it actually has value and how to 'unlock' it and the underlying assets in WBTC / WETH / LINK / SNX / STA.

>> No.19567836

shit ignore the first paragraph in the second post, character limits fucked me up on mobile

>> No.19567839
File: 65 KB, 513x488, dasdas.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this doesn't answer anything relating to what Ben asked. see pic

>> No.19567868

he directly addressed the process of the swap in detail I don't know what it is that you're reading, anon.

>> No.19567879

Crypto is volatile. Anytime you invest in a new coin you take a massive gamble. If you're dumb enough or smart enough to take a risk you will see massive profits or fairly minor losses. Anyone who bought any of the older versions of STA and received an air drop would have 10x any early investment they made.

They are crying because they aren't whales in a coin with potential.

Boo fucking hoo.

Go put your money in the bank if you want 1% returns.

>> No.19567881

I feel like something fucked up or people are exaggerating about this part of it.
I bought STA v1 and kept most if not all of my gains after cashing out the BPT they airdropped.
I didn't buy STAC.

>> No.19567887

it's the only piece of fud they have and they cling to it for dear life.

>> No.19567894

>Coin gets big
>Extra activity highlights a bug related to uniswap
>Create stopgap token to let people cash out while uniswap gets fixed
>People buy v2 and fuck up the possibility of a 1:1 because there are now two tokens
>Divy up the BPT based on the ratio of v1 to v2 88:11
It isn't hard, Stefan. There might have been a better way to do it in hindsight, though I don't see it. That is far from a scam though. Defi group just wants what they BELIEVE they should be given

>> No.19567905

Thinking of buying if it hits sub .03

>> No.19567908

In other news
Litepaper is being worked on.
Roadmap is being developed.
Website polishing and marketing/image is being worked on.
One press liquidity volume exchange coming /soon/.
Diamond hands get the diamonds.

>> No.19567913

I don't think we can go any lower than we have, but we'll have to see.

Iron hands will make it with this one. We've got youtubers making vids, exchanges coming up, one button liquidity pooling.

Not gonna lie, this dump has been scary but we've seen it before. The telegram shit was a mess but it happens. The coin has such big potential. Let's see what happens.

>> No.19567918

It already did. 2.7c

>> No.19567938

Are these points confirmed by devs?

>> No.19567945

I’m still up 10x. This has plenty of room to fall.

>> No.19567955

you missed it champ

>> No.19567964

also wtf they just announced a temp solution to the one click pool issue. I thought that would take at least another day.
wtf is this timing bros
guess this needs to be added to the OP

>> No.19568044


>> No.19568052

Just been listed on uniswap vision. Good to have a live chart!!!

>> No.19568066

I'm also a top 150 holder slightly surprised by how things are unfolding, seeing the price I thought I would have moved atleast up the top holder list but surprise, I've moved down 6 places, seems like coordinated fud to accumulate for the planned exchange listing, who knows the defi group might be coordinating.

>> No.19568084
File: 24 KB, 400x250, Screen_Shot_2020-06-07_at_3.25.57_AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd buy this
Sexy ass chart

>> No.19568088

Wow a chart. Feels good not going into this blind.
Look at that volume spike on the dip. And momentum divergence.
Looks like a bottom to me.
Prepare the smuggest of pepes for the glorious rebound.

>> No.19568096

Pretty sure it's the defi group. They have been shilling their Shuffle coin on biz and fudding STA in the threads. I saw a lot of the same fud from here in the tg as soon as Benjamin hopped in. Like 20 people joined while they were talking

>> No.19568097

At this rate we'll be at $0.000005 within the next 48 hours.

>> No.19568107

I was 126, bought MORE and I’ve still moved down!!

>> No.19568116


>> No.19568124


To all those who have requested a one token solution to provide liquidity pool on balancer for STA before Balancer releases a solution, here is a complete guide to how you can provide Liquidity to STA pool on Balancer with ONE TOKEN:

Myself and a few others have tested this out and it work perfectly following the instructions in the article.
Note: This has only been tested using metamask. I am not sure it will work on other device especially mobile device or dapp browsers.
We are also glad to info you that we are LIVE on uniswap.vision

You can now view a real-time candle chart of the STA-ETH pair by accessing:


In the top left type in STA and it will be accessible there, thanks!

>> No.19568130

how do i see my wallet ranking?

>> No.19568132

I'm new to this, but I like the idea of the fund manager. Is that a STA thing or is the fund manager a different group. I can see on the pool website that there's private pools.

I would like to have STA/LINK/ETH ... is that going to be possible in the future to have my own fund that the contract can manage? That would be sweet.

Or does thanos only work with the 5 coins.

>> No.19568138

>one token solution to provide liquidity pool on balancer
This is massive.

>> No.19568150


Click holders in the middle of the page and then find your wallet

>> No.19568157

you can join other pools in the balancer, but "thanos" only works in the STA pool.

>> No.19568164

added this to the OP for the next one

>> No.19568178

Does that mean the top wallets are accumulating? I got pushed out of top 150s

>> No.19568188

Just to clarify, it's better to provide liquidity later, rather than sooner, correct? Pretty much as a way to mitigate risk/secure gains?

>> No.19568221

There’s a thread on crypto moonshots about the recent announcements - go and upvote!! I have upvoted and commented

>> No.19568222

Bruh, this is literally a crappy money-making coin. The only coins that avoid PnD are ones that serve an actual purpose outside of being a fun game for those born too late to participate in Tulip Mania, and too antisocial to get sucked into a pyramid scheme. Bitcoin is used for real transfer-of-goods transactions (especially illegal, but also legitimate since fees are lower than CC processors). Litecoin was bitcoin, but better. Ethereum succeeded litecoin. Hell, even Linkies have some serious innovation with those smart contracts. These will outlive the pump and dumps and slowly accumulate value because they are useful to people with no vested interest. A new shitcoin with built-in market manipulation? Never stood a chance.

>> No.19568237

Money making IS an actual purpose you fucking cretin. Money makes the world go round. What do you think the fucking stock market is? Stocks don’t serve an actual purpose other than to gain value and make cunts money. Fuck off with your FUDDing shite you mongo.

>> No.19568242
File: 46 KB, 585x388, WHAT DID HE MEAN BY THIS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19568246

Oh, makes sense now

I missed the dip, anyhow someone sure is accumulating

>> No.19568247

In some respects, yes. It is important though to contribute even now, because it allows the bot to do it's job. You don't have to contribute a lot, or even anything, but every bit helps

>built-in market manipulation
Isn't that basically what the fed is?

>> No.19568251
File: 54 KB, 647x442, WHAT DID HE MEAAAAN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19568262

Bro, lay off the Special K

>> No.19568266
File: 54 KB, 636x419, Shaking.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga that dudes on the team

>> No.19568278

>implying all crypto pairs aren't rife with manipulation
when we get back to 10c, i'll start putting in a little bit at a time. I got burned last time pooling too early. I'm a stacklet

>> No.19568282

Thats why there arent index funds in the stock markets, right?

This token doesn't try to pretend it adds something new to the crypto market. It adds something new to the investment market.

This is an index fund.

>> No.19568295

Imagine trying to say that money making isn’t a good enough purpose for a token to have. We’re all here to make money

>> No.19568297

I know, I was just fucking with you. I don't know who Sergay is. Well, I do, but I don't follow link stuff so I don't know if it would be good or bad.

Yeah, stacklets shouldn't worry too much until it takes off again

>> No.19568298

Even further down today, balancer pool down 60k. Top wallets dumping.


Lol, stop shilling this coin please

>> No.19568304

You defi boys don't have many friends do you?

>> No.19568305
File: 11 KB, 347x145, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No one? Nothing?
A team member was straight up asked if "Scott" Is Sergey Nazarov (Sta is tied directly to Link) and he didn't deny it when prompted.

>> No.19568312

1 green hourly candle and these niggers pop out of their caves
Is this what buying Link was like two years ago?

>> No.19568319
File: 301 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200607-175348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19568323

Thats literally what im saying dude

>> No.19568332

I doubt Ryan would know for sure regardless. If Scott does an interview, I guess we would find out, so I'm guessing not. Imagine if he was though, we would all be filthy rich in like an hour

>> No.19568334

Imagine compairing the god protocol to this shitcoin.

You must be retarded

>> No.19568350

I think he meant to reply to the fudder

You might do better on your own projects if you spent more time working on them and promoting them than spending 16 hours a day fudding a coin because it threatens you

>> No.19568352

Why the fuck wouldn't he be like "nah not at all" if he knew otherwise. How could they be THAT in the dark, that he can't bring himself to say no? That means it's been considered as a possibility??
They're connected. Wouldn't you want something keeping the value stable in case of dumps far into the future? for all three of your main projects (Btc, Link, Sta)

>> No.19568354

>God protocol

>> No.19568361

I'm not comparing the technology, I'm comparing the fud.

>> No.19568364


scam scam scam

>> No.19568377

What would your price prediction be if he was?

>> No.19568379

We're about to pump hard on this macd crossover. Fud storm incoming.

>> No.19568383

>buy high sell low
>invest massive amounts when you know there are people with fat stacks sitting at 5-25x profit thinking about cashing out
lul never change /biz/

>> No.19568384

I guess you'll have to hold until we hit .13 again huh?

>> No.19568387

I don't fucking know
Link is supposed to moon if the SN=SN stuff is true (which is in the pool)
I really don't know.

>> No.19568392


>> No.19568395

Not a scam. You're just retarded and bought at an obvious top. You deserve to lose your money but unfortunately you'll make it all back next time it pumps.

Just hold. I made the mistake of selling during one of the first dips and I regret it, sold 40k for a small profit when if I'd kept it I'd have made $10,000. Now all I have is 10k STA and you'd better believe I'll be holding on to it with hands of platinum.

>> No.19568398

Yeah I was agreeing with you

>> No.19568405

I would say take this opportunity to buy more low and sell it high. Instead of buying high like a fucking retard.

>> No.19568406

Just the attention alone would skyrocket the price. Make sure everyone sees that screencap so they can buy in just in case

>> No.19568408

Just like 0,10 was "hard support"

>> No.19568416

Next OP is already planned
"/Stag/ Statera General Day 7: I Think This Nigga Might Be Sergey Edition"

>> No.19568422
File: 14 KB, 220x161, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got your 'hard support' right here

I laughed pretty fuckin hard ngl

>> No.19568427

Please FUD more so I can buy in before the next pump.

>> No.19568428

If top wallets were dumping, I would be moving up in the rankings but I'm not. I actually moved down 5 places so they must be accumulating.

>> No.19568435

please stop fantasizing about scott being sergey are you 12 years old? you’re making STA holders look retarded

>> No.19568445

1 post by this ID
What about my screencaps makes you think I'm fantasizing at all. Why are you denying reality instead of coming back with a legitimate criticism. I want to be proven wrong.

>> No.19568452
File: 19 KB, 400x225, Grug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This whole thread:

>Ooga Booga, Grug strong hands, no jelly hands, Grug hold, what do?

>> No.19568461

its not like the info isnt public.
people are accumulating, already missed the bottom

>> No.19568462

With STA so far, holding has proven to be the strat. Either hold or selling at the top to buy more at the bottom.

>> No.19568473

this, but the volume dy/dx is insane

>> No.19568474

because it’s not at all probable and it’s retarded to entertain the idea and you should know that if you think about it for half a second

>> No.19568475

If you wanna do that buy when these threads stop. The price will go down more

>> No.19568477

What about it isn't probable. An anonymous person made a computer program and released it. It is attached to BAL and 4 other projects alone. Why those projects? Please Please convince me.

>> No.19568491

Because those projects are the strongest crypto assets. And whoever made this one wants to play with the big boys

>> No.19568494

Put it this way aye. Selling is about luck, maybe you get lucky enough to sell before it dumps. Maybe you get lucky and sell for a small profit instead of losing it all.

But if time is to teach us anything, it's that HOLDING is the way to go. Hold until you're truly happy with your profits.

Take it from someone who sold for smol profit but missed out on $10,000 if he'd just waited 3 days.


>> No.19568497

Link is not the 3rd or 4th strongest crypto asset. Could you explain your reasoning about it being strongest? I'm not pulling your leg I need this.

>> No.19568498

There's a lot of accumulation going on right now. The top wallet holders aren't going anywhere.
You've got 3 choices, anons:

Sell now at a profit/loss, whatever, and FOMO back in later like a n00b when this correction is over.
Buy the dip. You're really not allowed to whine about missing the low buy-ins - here it is. It's right in front of your face.
Hold what you've got, and add to the pool, making it stronger.

>> No.19568517

Cant say anything bad about it other than muh price doesnt go up non stop

What has changed? Has the deflation stopped? Has the index fund stopped? No and no. We continue burning more tokens every day and the index fund liquidity is at an all time high.

The course is set and it is up, with or without you

>> No.19568572

how many tokens have we burnt this last day?

>> No.19568588

there are 94,270,885 left, 6 million burned so far total?

>> No.19568595

quarter to half a million past 24 hours, wasn't paying too much attention so hopefully someone can give better stats?
I expect it to be under 94M by 5pm GMT

>> No.19568606

In a week and a half. Insane!


>> No.19568615

Why do you think there are threads about link every day? DYOR instead of having it spoonfed to you

>> No.19568619

Hahaha bearish af. The absolute state of sta tards. Asking himself a question then replying. It’s over for Sta isn’t it.

>> No.19568631

he asked how many were burned today and clarified how many were burned total. nice reading comprehension
You're missing my point. thats ok

>> No.19568641

Yeah. go put your money in Flama lol

>> No.19568648

Was this reply meant for me? I'm saying hold don't sell.

>> No.19568652

thats not the answer retard, that is the total, there arent daily statistics anywhere I could find, and it seems it isnt tracked anywhere.

Would be interesting to know if all this selling burned a decent amount in comparison tho the previous days.

>> No.19568653

Sta really starting to reeeeeeekk of curry and shit

>> No.19568677
File: 939 KB, 1125x4872, 19D30D34-65ED-4A6A-A504-56A1485DC8F9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if you understand this picture you’re 100% golden and have nothing to worry about.

>> No.19568688

320k in the last 24h

>> No.19568690

we haven't seen FUD like this since the early link days, I guess the association of the balancer to link unleashed this, I'm buying more

>> No.19568692

dev team just had a intense session on telegram, Abu might not be a good spokesperson but him an Scott really believe in the project. This isnt a scam, if this fails would be due to incompetence.

I personally just bought back in.

>> No.19568705


>> No.19568717

how do you guys think americans are going to react when they start to wake up?

>> No.19568719
File: 2.51 MB, 2480x2042, thanosgrillparty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah i am buying at 4c, i think it's a steal.

>> No.19568763

If you're referencing the screencaps I'm not trying to fud kek
I want answers

>> No.19568766
File: 3.75 MB, 800x600, blockchainbraingreen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bought 10k @10c on Thursday and i'm about to drop the same amount for 25k more STA at the current price. I'm down 60% and want to double down.
Would you do it anons?

>> No.19568782
File: 28 KB, 606x599, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19568786

That's called dollar cost averaging anon, and yeah, it's not a bad idea.

>> No.19568818

balancer is down to half a million STA, which means its recovering in price.

>> No.19568830

liquidity is going up again and so is the price per STA
everything is wonderful

>> No.19568839

On the way up - charts looking very promising! Slower climb this time but that’s much healthier

>> No.19568843

I am gonna lol when this is 20c EOW and all the scared bitches who panic sold will rope.

>> No.19568846

What was the lowest price today? Did I miss a dip? I hope it didn't go below 2 cents.

>> No.19568852

0.027 ish

>> No.19568853


>> No.19568856

Maybe 2.6 at the absolute lowest, sat around 2.9-3 for a solid 10 minutes, managed to fill my bag higher through all this.

>> No.19568857

not gonna lie, I sold but bought back in due to the way Scott handled the telegram situation.

>> No.19568861

And there is a high chance that will happen. By monday even more possible.

>> No.19568873

I think you're calling it a little to early. FUD scared some people off. I'd say end of next week.

>> No.19568874

This is beautiful to watch. I bought in early. Managed to sell some Flama gains and increase my stack at the bottom. I’m so glad I held and didn’t spaz out during all the fudding!!!

>> No.19568889

Can you elaborate, what telegram situation?

>> No.19568894

Yeah, my bad. Your scenario is more likely.

It looks like we are going to be climbing steady for a while, which is really healthy.

>> No.19568896

But remember guys, we aren't gonna make it if we dont get more people onboard. anybody still translating the medium article?

>> No.19568897

My only regret is I didn't use the top to double my stack.
Still too green for that, opted for the safer hold

>> No.19568901

Fuck. I suppose now is too late to expect bears or fudders to try and get the price down again?
I think I'll wait a few hours before buying. Burgers might wake up and panic sell en masse, that's when I'll accumulate as much as I can.

>> No.19568905

Scroll up you utter retard

>> No.19568907

some youtuber and Abu were arguing about the STAC/STAv1/whatever fiasco, and Abu resorted to hot air while Scott explained how they handled the airdrop and why they did it the way they did.

>> No.19568915

Unlikely, we're basically at the price we've been hovering around for over 24 hrs. If anything the air has been cleared.

>> No.19568921

Don't regret that. Hold is always a good option unless you are absolutely sure what you doing with the trades.

>> No.19568923

STA threads were filled with pajeet fudders the last couple of days, I don't want to wastenmy time navigating through all this bullshit

>> No.19568926

I bought ath now I bought the dip, need to rest a little

>> No.19568929


>> No.19568931

Abu is a Muslim.
If my life long experience is anything to go by, they have a very short fuse.

They should get some proper PR people.

>> No.19568936
File: 66 KB, 515x1024, 1587799723433.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Burgers tend to buy more than sell, especially with sta. That is why it has been pumping whenever they wake up.

>> No.19568940

I saw that, thanks for clarifying fren

>> No.19568941

What would be their reason to hire or people if it's a community project? Will you hire pr people?

>> No.19568943

shut up, abu has been doing a great job, dude’s been answering questions for days non stop and once happened to snap, big whoop. he apologized and that should be the end of it.

>> No.19568973

I don't get why people complain, i have been watching the telegram since day 1 and IMO he has been doing great. He helps everyone with the same retard tier questions like 30 times a day.

>> No.19568976

At the worst time.
But I do concede that he was talking to a fud group, so there was no ground to be made anyway.

I legit would if I had money

>> No.19568989

Yeah, I'm not saying Abu is a bad person at all.
Is the the main dev or just the main investor? anyone knows the whole dev team?

>> No.19569003

neither, he’s a community person, scott is the main dev

>> No.19569011

Scott and Abu are the devs I think Scott did the majority of the code work, they hold less STA then the top whale, which speaks volumes about the project to me.

>> No.19569018
File: 211 KB, 730x783, a1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what woz dat?

>> No.19569035
File: 454 KB, 480x360, BakeMe.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bake Me

>> No.19569106

bought in at around 12 ct and had no eth left to buy the dip

>> No.19569108
File: 84 KB, 750x579, sherif.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New thread here. Make the switch at your leisure.

I lost count of the days, though. Feels like it's already been a month...

>> No.19569112

>was considering pulling out my initial investment at .14
>didn't do it
I'm fucking retarded.

>> No.19569129

I know what you feel fren

>> No.19569186

Just the balancer doing its thing.

>> No.19569254


>> No.19569274

/biz/zed and retardpilled

>> No.19569276

This but unironically

>> No.19569593


>> No.19569632
File: 207 KB, 1366x768, Balance Pool Token.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Found something interesting

>> No.19569689

BPT is the token reward when you add STA to the balancer dapp. when you contribute sta to the balancer, you will be rewarded with BPT from the burn & tx fees. You get paid to contribute to the pool!!!!! That is why top wallets are accumulating supposedly, despite the fucking dump

>> No.19569696

so buy it?
59 transactions?
%1375 gain?

>> No.19569741

what languages are already avaiable?

>> No.19569759


sell sell sell!!

What legit crypto would make an entire medium article where they explain there excuses for what they call fud.

Think anons, we fell for a scam

>> No.19569824


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