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What are some cheap calls worth buying monday for big gains?

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Shuffle monster all the way. That shit is a gem worth buying, and the best thing about it is that it currently sits on a market cap of 300k, so we can defiinitely see an easy 100x

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Yeah don’t do that on Monday or next week. Just a tip.

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You shitcoin pushing Indians really need your own fucking board

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Shit already mooned. You need to buy a coin now that was SHUF months ago.

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Why, what are you expecting to happen?

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Yeah I can send you a link to our pajeet community

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Buy TLRD 3-4$ calls and don’t listen to bears

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What exp?

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>Tfw where chasing crypto faggots out their own containment board

You fucking crypto niggers should get the hint and stop shilling your scam trash, no one outside your circle jerk gives a single fuck about it

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He's a fuding faggot, the market is full on bull and it won't stop until the second wave is being shilled on the news and boomers pucker their ass holes again.

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>until the second wave is being shilled on the news
Yeah, that will happen by Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday, we pump, then we dump. Guaranteed.

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MSM cant shill covid until the peaceful riots are done otherwise they would be telling cucks and niggers to stop rioting and MSM doesnt want that. Lets not forget how they bitched about whites protesting the lockdown because they werent 6 feet apart, now suddenly its ok when niggers do it

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Buy 2 weeks out ATM:


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t. Michael Burry offloading his bags

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are those really good moves bro? I'll go all in

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