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>Link is a normie coi....

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LINK is a racist coin.

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It is.

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now do the same with twitter

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You guys do realize that us making it implies Link becoming a normie coin at one point right ?

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It'll be a normie coin at $10000/token.

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It's the exact same story.

Apart from BCH which has fewer than 1k twitter followers lmao.
So I added Tezos instead.

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Absolutely, that's the point.
We haven't even started to begin yet.

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Beautiful, OP. But as another anon said in another thread, you just need to check the number of wallets for each and you will get your true numbers

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The number of wallets won't tell us about the level of normie-ness.

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Added an asterisk.

A lot of the same people will be members of both Chainlink subplebbits, so the total count is going to be much lower.

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You dick head, just use the r/chainlink numbers

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Yeah, you're right, that would probably make the most sense you piece of shit.

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OMG Network has 42k I think, plus 250000 Twitter followers. OMG market cap is 1/6th of Chainlink. I honestly think the only reason it hasn’t pumped is because people are in disbelief that there’s actually a working product, and that once tether starts getting going on it there will be a huge wave of former holders and new traders FOMOing in

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if your shitcoin has more than 1k real subs its a normie coin

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Nice work cunt

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most of these are dead projects that were normie coins in 2017/18 like ripple, stellar and eos. those were shilled by normie youtubers and most of these followers are probably remaining bandwagonners who didnt unfollow after throwing 50$ at it

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That's kind of the point.

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the thing is link isnt really a currency. cryptocurrency that isnt a currency and instead does so called “oracles” stuff? normies dont understand that yet.

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no but it tells you what the average holder holds and how many there are if you do the work ull see how fucking early we are here it is.

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looks like you're having issue coping

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what problem omg solves that isnt allready solved by 90© of other crypto projects

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>haha the facts are on your side, cope!

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Yeah, Link is not a normie coin ... yet. It is definitely more famous than a year ago and some crypto normies are on board by now. Even if it was a common houshold name in crypto communities that doesn't mean it can't get more gains. Link doesn't need casual people to hold it so all of this is meaningless anyway.
Remember when ETH started to make a name for itself, I bet it was a lot more known in the crypto sphere and still did great.

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I wonder how this looks now

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LINK is the coin of simps. Let me explain you why and how you cherrypicked like a nigger.
All of the communities you posted have been around for years longer than LINK (except EOS and BCH). Theyre popularity peaked years ago so of course 99% of the users are dead.
Speaking of which, just compared reddit activity. You think EPS community has more activity than r/LINKtrader? lol
Not to mention, most of LINKs cancerous fanbase come from twitter. Everytime LINK is mentioned at all, its nothing but an onsluaght of pepe images with 50 likes
Also, most of the cryptosphere hates LINK because anyone with half a braincel realize its a retarder concept from the getgo. The only people who think shit like their collateral system can be decentralized in anyway are brainlet normies who never owned another crypto in their life (which who makes up the majority of link holders now)

better luck next time, jew

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>he says this when one of the most popular link holders is literal nigger on twitter

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>most of the cryptosphere hates LINK because anyone with half a braincel realize its a retarder concept from the getgo
Oh shit, you are right. We need to warn Google, Oracle and other "partnerships" about this. Can't believe they all fell for this scam. Thank you for your insights!

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pink id lmao

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It doesn’t NEED normies, but Normie FOMO on top of Industry Standard usage is what makes 1kEOY a reality.

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Fast, cheap, trustless and secure value transfer on Ethereum

I'm all in on LINK but you're either kidding if you can't see the value in that or you're truly retarded.

The biggest crux to OMG might actually be Eth2.0 may make it redundant and useless however, should it come out within any reasonable time frame (this year)

I can't see a world where ETH 2.0 properly solves scaling that OMG has a real future unless they pivot or have other features/products I'm not aware of?

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LINK team solved universal scalability for fun along the way. Threshold Signatures.

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It is. I dumped the 40x for more LOKI.

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>linkies comparing their erc scam to platforms

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>All of the communities you posted have been around for years longer than LINK (except EOS and BCH).
And Cardano.

So half the projects posted were older than Chainlink, half were younger.
You're sad, bro.

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Good luck against the other scaling solutions coming.

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good luck against platforms that don't need a scaling solution


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T. Nervous man says for 1000th time.

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Ethereum will need all the scaling solutions it can get to become what it set out to in real world enterprise. OMG will have a place undoubtedly

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How the fuck does CARDANO have a larger following? Who the fuck cared about cardano a month ago?

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Chart of BCH is at all time low. You can't find an easier stop loss than this with a potential 3x.

Bitmex adds BCHUSD on June 16th.

Their founder shills it. It's obvious it will pump huge to fill their trading desk shorts and then dump to oblivion. I sure will ride that rocket up. Will you?


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Now kiss.

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