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Is Tesla actually as innovative as the market think it is? How far ahead is Tesla in the electric car business?

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Tesla is not a car company, they are a tech company that happens to sell cars.

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Elon Musk is based as fuck and the only person in silicon valley not cucked by BLM. He literally hates niggers and is spending his entire fortune to get white people on Mars because he knows shitskins will destroy the earth.

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I own a model S.
Don't get me wrong, they should have an app store and i do find the interface can be laggy at times, but they sure do manage to pack a lot of tech into these cars. More tech in this than my buddies ferrari.
I'm sold on them. That being said, from what it sounds like, the Xpeng will do a better job, but i'll wait till they come to market.

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No they are not, but normies actually believe there will be Level 5 autonomous driving within a few years and are paying for it up front. Musk is actually a genius when it comes to getting people to pay for shit. He's probably the greatest vaporware salesman of all time. As far as EVs go - VW will eat their lunch within a couple years. The Taycan is already better than any Tesla and it's only a matter of time before they start shitting out VW Golf EVs with their immense production capabilities. Mind you, this doesn't mean TSLA can't moon. But there's really nothing special about it.

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t. Insider

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You're underestimating the power of the brand. Tech aside you really think millennials are running out to drop 40k on VWs latest shitbox? Doesn't matter how much you can produce. Tesla's are more than a car. The people buying a Tesla don't even want a car.

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Yeah imagine launching Americans into space for the first time in decades and everyone's focused on some nigger nodding off on fentanyl. He was probably about to go full mask off so he took himself offline.

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You're right.

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I want a cybertruck so bad. Its my goal.
Look at this behemoth. No cucked round edges. Just straight, hard lines. Bulletproof windows and steel. Shit ton of horsepower and torque. It comes apocalypse ready standard. I want the tri motor one.

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They're behind. You have giants like Ford, Toyota, BMW, VW going all in on electric. Tesla can't hold out much longer.

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It is all marketing by Elon, plus massive government gibs.

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This. I actually used to work on autonomies driving for an OEM. That shit is years away from what normies consider to be autonomous. I Doubt we’ll ever achieve true level 5.

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they have the worst financial numbers/ratios among all the major car companies. They should be worth less than $5

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They account for plant construction costs up front rather than depreciating it over 30 years like kikes making their ratios look bad.

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Rivian + AMZN + F going to btfo them as well

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TSLA is guaranteed to be $0 in a year.

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How the fuck is this cat doing that?

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Tesla have quality control issues. Also, the inside of their cars feel very cheap for a premium car.. not really impressed desu

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You cant fucking do that you retard. There's a maximum depreciation you can't take.

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That shit looks like it came straight out a 1990's PC game, even the whole picture looks like NPCs around that shit.
You wouldn't caught me dead driving that shit. it looks horrible

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Yeah it even has a text bubble. Autistic ass car design

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This. I have a Model 3
I will say that it is has been a great car so far. No oil changes. Cheap to charge. Fun to drive.
But I was expecting way more out of the Autopilot. It's alright. I like putting it on when I'm on the freeway. But anywhere else it sucks. Nowhere near full autonomy like Musk describes.

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yeah maybe, but here's the thing: nobody wants a Volkswagen anymore. They want a Tesla.


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