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sGOLD will most likely be next.

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It's literally happening.

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Who gives a shit about boomercoin. Loki is going to outpace it anyway mid - long term.

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Checked and wrong thread-pilled.

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Isn't oil at 0, just like the amount of (paying) users.

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Buying my dad a hulk when we moon, he’ll wear it, I’ll wear it, then my son will wear it and so on... Bless you horological anon.

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you are such a faggot. Here's hoping you don't procreate

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will link generate any money from this service they are providing?

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First gravel now soil? Come back when link has a real use case.

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i just shat my pants what do i do?

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>sOIL (Synthetix Oil)

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You make it !

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>wearing pants

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link is really cornering the landscaping market

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It's just another notch on Link's mastering of the four elements

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how is this different from what gravelcoin can do

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Link token generates value due to it being necessary for the system to work (oracles, nodes, etc)

Hodlers increase the price.
Node runners increase the price.
Smart contracts increase the price. Also smart contracts use a variable amount of link (like to insure the contract) so if you have a contract worth 100,000$ its going to take a lot of link at current price.

However the demand goes up as it is used, so does the price

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big news wtf guys it is actually happening - and it can't even hold 4.50. surely at somepoint one of these announcements is going to do something right?

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Yea it when enterprise adoption happens, you’ll see a green dick so big you’ll question authority. LINK doesn’t need retail.

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This is going on my another useless partnership compilation

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The question you have to ask is, will they be using the chainlink token?

The answer to that question is no. Sorry stinkers

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>Söybeans on the blockchain
Based soiLINK

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why wouldnt high value smart contracts use collateralised nodes?

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>i just shat my pants what do i do?
sOILed myself

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How new are you dude, it FUD... and it getting more retarded by the day.

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The question you have to ask is, will Pajeet be using the Toilet?

The answer to that question is no. Sorry Mumbai

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