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Mods don't like this picture

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I can certainly see why, that yellow sweater is ugly as fuck.

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whaaat that shit is super based i kinda want it actually

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The based boomer on the right is owling the boi on the left, he must be a friend's of Joe.

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Deposition notes from the alleged sexual assault of a 13 year old released by anonymous. Trump and Epstein told this girl that they would get her modeling career. Trump had met this girl three times before and Epstein then invited her and other minors to his New York residence for a party. They were promised various modeling contracts.

On the fourth encounter after the party, Trump exposed himself to the girl. He then held down the 13 yr old and forcibly raped her. She begged him to stop but he slapped her and told her he could do whatever he wanted.

After the rape he told the girl that if she ever told anybody, he family will be killed.

Epstein had met the girl once before. The second party he grabbed the girl and raped her anally and vaginally. She cried and he tried to punch her in the head. He was angry at the girl saying to her” I should have been the one to take your virginity not Trump”

She broke away and ran and he continued to issue threats against her family and that they will be killed if she told anyone.

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