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mcafee's dad died by suicide when he was 15.... biztards who still are not getting on this train are next

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That makes zero fucking sense retard.

I'll buy when this coward eats his dick like he promised.

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Enjoy holding till 0 Nobody on biz is buying this scam. Good luck finding new "investors" to dump your bags on now the momentum has run out.

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Monero flipping is FUD.

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I just find it strange that they planned such a long run just for a pnd. Did they really think this would go on for such a long time?

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A lot of highly successful people had fathers who committed suicide like Larry Bird, Bradly Martin. This just confirms this coin will be a success. It makes complete fucking sense stoopid.

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maybe they're planning on releasing an actual working privacycoin

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Sorry anon, you're never getting your money back. Shoulda bought AAVE.

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You mean LEND
He unironically can get his money back by using the AAVE platform though
Won't explain for brainlets though

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>getting on the train
this coin is unironically propped up by bots wash trading right now, just like esh was after it dumped. remove the bots and we know the true value, .05 cents at most. that's still a 5x for those that got in early. this thing will never poomp. it's over bros t. fellow ghoster. selling, i'm out and into statera to make my money back

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>i'm out and into statera to make my money back
you mean to lose more money

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you brain on chinkism

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Mcafee is a coke fag. Coke fags always lose.

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i've already made a shit ton and got my initial investment out. i was in yesterday fool, stay poor

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