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Is serving life without parole a wise financial decision?

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She ruined her life just so that she could virtue signal and simp for nigger cock. Sad.

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I don’t feel sorry for criminal whites anymore.

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dont worry samantha, the niggers in prison will appreciate your bravery for standing up for them and treat you like the queen you are! great job!

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can you post her benis please op?

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that's a man

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no video evidence..she will be free in a few days

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Google Samantha Shader, there's at least a still photo of her throwing it.

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Lol. She is fucked for life.

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She'll sell the rights of the book being written by big publishing as we incels and suibois droll to big film and it'll make her big bucks with big pharma advertising there's a pill for thatery allover it. Shame she'll spend it all on cigarettes.

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>Shader tossed the incendiary device through a rear window of the van at the corner of Eastern Parkway and Washington Avenue around 10:40 p.m., police said.

>Shader then allegedly bit an officer on the leg as she was taken into custody, police said. She faces four counts of attempted murder of a police officer, attempted arson, assault on a cop, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

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She's gonna be let off with a slap on the wrist because she's female.
Just need to cry a little in court and you're good.

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Nothing burger

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Is she our grill now?
She threw high and hit low.

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Nah, if a pretty white girl gets let off for trying to kill cops the niggers will just riot even harder. She's fucked. Imagine ruining your life so you can virtue signal to a bunch of feral niggers who hate you.

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That's how cases work. If you think she's getting away with just that you're delusional.

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already happening, she's getting charged with attempting to use improvised incendiary devices

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The dumb cunt admitted it, her only hope is she was either interrogated without a lawyer or something and gets it tossed but the probabilities of that are very low.

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Hillary asks what difference at this point does it make.

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>She’s been charged under federal law with using and attempting to use improvised incendiary devices.
>According to the Daily News, she was originally charged with attempted murder, attempted arson, weapons possession and reckless endangerment before the case went to federal authorities.
Tell me again about male privilege.

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eternal damaged goods. sad many such cases.

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White males ruined this world Anon, If white males didn't fuck this place up so badly this innocent white girl would have never have done this.

I bet you're some white racist chauvinist. i hope your heart is filled with white guilt.

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Don’t forget the added privilege of her being a part of government approved antifa. More of those original charges would have stuck if the judge thought she was part of the “white supremicists”

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Yes and no.

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How dare we, this ignited due to global warming, which we know to be positively caused by white males between fifteen and forty five with delusions of heterosexuality.

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They should give her to me, I'll make sure she receives a proper retribution for her horrific action

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Me too. I would suckle her delicious delicate pussy till my tongue bursts into flames.

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That would teach her

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She's white, young, and good looking. There's no way she does any serious time get fucking real you retards.

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How much Suterusu does this girl hold?

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white racist chauvinist Confirmed

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This. The jews are MASTERS at manipulation.

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That's not her though lol.
This is her.

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didn't one of Charles Mansons girls point a loaded gun on the President (Reagan I think?) and recently get released?
If you can attempt to murder the president of the US and be out in like 30 years this chick will get like 2 months max for her cute little molotov cocktail.

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sauce or fake faggot

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>Samantha Shader, 27, waived her right to have an attorney present during questioning.


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Much less for criminal (((whites))).

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Would be a shame if black people learned that a white priviledged female nazi was damaging their cause and got let out with no consequences while they get killed...

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I don't see anything less than 20 years for a crime of this magnitude.

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you fags need to learn to do your research instead of believing everything you see on the internet. That's a decade old photo of the girl's little sister. Here's a current photo of the chick that actually threw the molotov.

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african/hindu/other detected. The usa was created by white men who fought for independence to create a great country for themselves and their neighbors. George Washington THE founder of USA was a white man with negro slaves personally kept. This is not a melting pot country or a womens rights country. The USA is a country founded by and for white men. If want want a country that loves negroes and has a full history of negro leadership go to africa. USA has lost its way pandering to 3rd worlders and children of slave livestock. Enough i enough, if you are a white man USA is for you. everyone else can go to countries founded by third worlders and women if they do not want to live in a white country

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What kind of idiot waves their right to an attorney? Cops don't help suspects ever. They'll do anything to get a conviction.

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I doubt she has ever had a single police interaction in her life. Probably a wealthy straight A student who suddenly decided to go firebomb some cops, because the online domestic terrorist facility known as twitter radicalized her.

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coombrains only care about attractive women

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I wager that the men who drove her there and egged her on to do it were in absolute fact not 2 white men. she is a victim and a perp and yet 100% victim of the media

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Yep, no excuses for stupidity though. I hope they throw the book at her.

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This is the POWER of black cock (BBC). Women will do ANYTHING for BBC.

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This is what happens when you get too used to going through life on super easy mode and think you can get anyway with anything because you're cute

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I'm sure her lawyer will argue similarly and she'll be sentenced lightly by a predominantly white jury

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lol almost feel bad for her
she's fucked

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kek, it was satire. I'm the one that pointed out she's getting away with a slap on the wrist
>USA has lost its way
It has
>3rd worlders and children of slave livestock.
Burgers have been fuckin up of way longer than that. Your issues are created by foreigners, but not the ones think. Keep thinking like that, keep being divided, it's all part of the plan.

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>“In sum and substance, Shader admitted to possessing the Molotov cocktail and throwing it at the NYPD vehicle,” says an FBI affidavit filed Saturday in Brooklyn Federal Court.

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fake news

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Cunt, white males built this world

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Hopefully she ratted out all her antifa contacts.

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If she is tried in Kings County there will not be more than 2 whites on that jury

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I hope she isn't staking it so my staked SUTER bags get more rewards desu

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Bitch shes getting a slap on the wrist >>19437143

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nice try, stormnigger

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kek she will know who niggers really are when she meets them in prison

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I bet 30 years is longer than you've been alive, fucko.

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Rich white males. Don't claim other's accompliqhments, poorfag.

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She did good.
I always represent myself

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Imagine living in a bubble this small

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This. Toll fucking paid.

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