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I don't know how to back test this.


See the issue is, basicly every fuckin year their is civil unrest. According to this riots haven't broken out around the nation since '68, MLK assassination. This is not as small as people think, to many of these once in a lifetime events happening RN.

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What number of defensice shootings; that would be a scandal and media circus on their own, would be needed to give herd immunity to the msm?

5 old white families defending their property and loved ones from chimpouts? 10?

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>defending their property
No no no, even better, burgers will buy them, get them taken by overwhelming force, buy more.

Long RGR, AOBC, Olin Corp (OLN)

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funny how niggers are supposedly so dangerous but no cop have gotten shot yet

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Holy fuck that absolute unit at the end going up and snatching the rifle out of that faggots hands, lmao

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what the fuck is happening in this webm op?

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>drugged up lefty loots gun from cop car
>undercover cops arrive and disarm confused lefty
>lefty gets arrested

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Niggers can't aim for shit.

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Panty-fa lefty commie faggot shows up with gun and gets it bullied from his hands like a bitch.

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pretty sure its all fake op. nothing ever really happens i dont think people are really as bad as the media portrays.

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Wtf is going on in burgerland holy shit lmao. I just recently started playing COD Warzone since I finally bought a GPU after my previous one broke in January and now the US has turned into a warzone. That chad bald guy is probably on a 20+ killstreak. Doesn't even cover his head or face to let the enemy know it's him.

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unironically based albeit not red-pilled

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>have a rifle
>get it taken by someone with a pistol
>why even live

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Well, there was two shot in Oakland Friday.
I hate niggers as much as the next guy, but I think it's commies lighting the fires and taking the shots, even breaking the windows.
But as soon as the windows are broke? A black wave floods into the store and cleans it out

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You yanks need to do something about your jogger problem, it's embarrassing to watch.

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You don't know that gold and guns are synonymous in the states.
Hide your guns. Hide your gold. Set up a network.
That's what I hear rednecks do over and over. It's dumb n a bit scary but whatever helps you sleep/feel like a prepared soldier.

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Yup yup.
Have you all seen pictures of Eugene's "riots" ? Just a bunch of white lookalike Jews and their propoganda spoon-fed followers smashing a bunch of windows and running away all quick. Then moving a few dumpsters in the street and lighting a small Amazon box on fire.
God damn leftist white rioters. Just pathetic and misguided as fuck. Makes me so sad internally in spite of not liking/respecting them at all

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Rodney Kang riots were huge, you double nigger. Everyone who leaves in/around a city where these riots happened should own a gun.

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Looks like he almost pissed himself, if he hadn't tried to act like a badass for the camera he might have been able to get away with it.

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>100 000 infected
>4000 dead
Lol, this meme didn’t age well.

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Yeah it actually did, because despite the “”””100,000””””” dead, we’ve already moved media coverage to the “next” happening, back to cops killing niggers.

Every few months our media shills is some tragedy/drama/happening to make idiots like you consoom and obsess over and give your life some temporary meaning. It’s the “opiate for the masses” idea. I’m not under the presumption there’s some Jewish cabal out there deciding on what they’ll be shilling next month as the big happooning, I’m sure it happens organically. But the media looks for some excuse to get people riled up every few months, find that next ‘big story’ and get those clicks. Rona virus wasn’t delivering the big numbers anymore and we’ve already moved past it. NEXT!

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