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Buy Ghost right fucking now

Bitcorn dumping, ESH rising

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I’m gonna be rich

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>easy to use features gives you the flexibility to
to wut

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>Pump and dump

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Holy fuck it's happening unironically

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Check out my stats

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take control of your business and finances

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hi josh :)

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Assuming a price around Moneros

That would be nice

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Ghost passes bitcoin EOY. DEADASS B SCREEN SHOT THIS

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Im gonna cry dude. Im actually so early. I fucking made it

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Yeah im thinkin we are going to be pumping fucking hard the next 20 hrs or so.. got goosebumps thinking about it.

>comfy hold

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Stupid fucking retards fudding when they were supposed to be buying


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If I put in 2000 can this increase more in the future? 10k a year is shit

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did you look at the rate for masternodes?
even at $1 it's almost $700/month
Fucking hell.

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this is bullish as fuck

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I low key want to buy more but I have ptsd from all the fudding.
If I roll dubs I will.

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#1 coin EOY!!!!!

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I’m going to be rich

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Fomo'd in. Fuck it

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OK you loose a bit after the airdrop but the ghost is going to $5 easy

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do you think this type source of income will be legit for the bank?

Maybe I will finally be able to buy myself a condo with this extra income.

> "hello mr. jewishtein, yes I'm running a node for a network and it pays out 1k $ monthly"

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where's the link for the calc?

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Go to the website

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This is sad just pack it In Josh. Maybe try shilling reddit lol

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what site?

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When do I get the airdrop tomorrow?

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it's time to come out the closet and admit that you are gay bro, people accept it in 2020

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Was holding half my profit but Fomo’d some more back in as well.

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Yesterday guys with 99th percentile IQs were saying that they were holding and that the FUD and panic was retarded, myself included. This is such an obvious moonshot, the bell curve meme is real. The midwits who have not caught on will be buying bags probably at $5 or $10.

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Guaranteed to pass Monero. Imagine not going all in after seeing this

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Don't mind me

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The messaging app alone is huge.

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Imagine thinking Mcaffees coin with his fucking name on it would be under $100 mil marketcap. It's barely at 10. This is going to 50x

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this coordinated pump and dump scam has me giddy, I just need to know when we are planing on dumping onto retards so I dont hold useless bags

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so what's the deal? we swapping all our ESH for the ghost the moment it hits the exchange?

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Even switch has a niche utility now
Ghost will rise daily over the next year

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>His name on it

imagine thinking 90% of people in crypto don't know about his many many scams and how he markets his name out for a price. welcome to the 10% boys

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Why hold switch i thought it was useless.

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So I've been running the numbers. The supply cap will be 55,000,000. Initial supply will be 13,573,415. 6 GHOST token wills be minted with each block. If we hit 10% of XMR's market cap which is $100,000,000 at 20,000,000 GHOST supply (no idea how long it will take to get there), we're looking at around $5 a token. This is not including staking which will decrease the circulating supply significantly and not to mention that most of the ghost that is minted will be split between masternodes (50%), stakers (33%) and the remainder goes into a pool for future development and growth (16.67%). So we could realistically see $10-$20 per GHOST token even if the team dumps tokens. If McAfee isn't full of shit and follows through, this is actually a great long-term hold.

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wait i just took my esh out of idex now.
am i going to get ghost still.

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paid shill. wake up

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How do I buy this shitcoin?

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No i am serious. Isnt everyine dumping esh the moment we get ghost

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Up to the individual. Why dump esh for pocket change tho when it might be used in the same context further down the line? Just add to the bag.

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god I love this board

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This is all if the token if a mediocre success of course, if things really take off then $30+ is not out of the question. If the coin does not gain any traction and things stay the way they are we will LOSE money though, which I'm sure most are well aware of. I don't know if McAfee has enough will or commitment to make this thing worth but I bought a stack of 2000 anyways.

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I think so. I’d rather just hold my bags than try to race against everyone else trying to dump and get practically nothing.

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What % of people in the crypto space are influenced by posts made on biz?

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Directly or indirectly? Like people using /biz/ for investment advice? Probably like 5-10% of crypto is my guess.

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Bought at $0.02 and sold at $1.91

Never ever ever even considering this garbage ever again

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>No i am serious. Isnt everyine dumping esh the moment we get ghost

imagine not knowing

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OK so what's the top secret plan. Dump esh the second ghost hits our wallets?

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Lol just imagine being this dude right now.

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Why do you think its garbage? because there are coordinated pnds to ensure weak hands get left behind and the majority of masternodes are controlled by specific individuals

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first, what are your thoughts on the team thus far? how's the roadmap? the vision paper? do you know what an erc20 token? do you think the team isn' trying to take your money and do you think they're going to produce anything significant?

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go to bed Josh

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i hate josh more than anyone.
But your commiting to being poor not buying in now before we moon

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>before we moon

JOSH... bed

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Are you talking about switch or ghost

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most of the team on Ghost is in the switch telegram, so how about both?

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In that case I'd dump esh right at the airdrop

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might sell off enough to make my original investment who knows though

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It's going to dump again.

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before or after? have fun rushing your ESH to the exchange after the airdrop before the switch team. Locked up bud

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After I get my ghost

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What time is the airdrop???

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20 hours, 3 minutes, 1 second

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Thank you anon, I am an idiot. The ticker is on their website

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>after I get my Ghost iou token and wait for the real ghost via one more aidrop

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You've commented so many times on this thread. Why so salty? Its not too late to get in on the ground floor...

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a man who has something to contribute contribute speaks up, i'm on 7 threads across multiple forums on 7 different topics while i'm work from home. keep up little guy. have anything of value to say about the ghost situation? you know... something realistic and not just shill faggotry? what are your thoughts on the ghost team?

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>i'm on 7 threads across multiple forums on 7 different topics while i'm work from home


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Wow, shitposting across 7 threads while "working" at home. Really impressive stuff, faggot.

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