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How can make money from fuck prostitute?

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>t. pajeet

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The literature on this is not comprehensive. Further research is needed. Our funding requirements for the next fiscal year are double the previous years budget but consider that the price per prostitute is considerably lower so at scale more data will be gathered.

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It's simple we uhhh kill the prostitute.

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Pay her, film the sex, sell it online as pornography.

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I've been seeing this girl on here for year. FFS can I please just see an uncropped version? Thanks

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Fuck her pussy very good until she become your slave for fuckings and make her work for corporation and give you half of paycheck for fucking. Easy.

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This pops up every time a dump is coming

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are you saying... cannot make money from fuck prostitute? :(

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Prostitute uhhh.. finds a way

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Il never get women that go for men that are more feminine than they are. This whole pretty boy shit ticks me off.

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>blindfold her
>have other guys come in and fuck her for a higher price than you paid her

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You can also tell the other men she's actually your wife for a premium charge

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Just turn your phone upside down. I've been browsing with my phone upside down for about 14 months now.

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be prostitute

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do prostitutes look at you like that as you fuck them?

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Give her counterfeit notes, get change. Wallah she just payed you €30 to choke on your cock

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