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Unironically who?

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Partnering with chainlink is bearish.

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>Partnering with chainlink is bearish.

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Next UBT. Existing customers and new partnerships coming soon

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ML will support interoperability in stages, the first stage is for aplications on the ML BPAAS to be able to communicate with external data sources,send or read data (open bank API, healthcare data etc) .

the second stage is interoperability between blockchain protocols for specific services, like assets and asset creation. The scope of this will be somewhat dependent on market demand and feedback. ML is abut building the tech needed for adoption, which is why we have integrated a ton of crypto projects to offer the best service possible, more will come as time passes. But for us other crypto projects are part of the offering, and adoption for them is adoption for us, and vice verca. A symbiosis. The clients that are offered this product is enterprises, all kinds of businesses, educational institutions etc.

Furthermore applications that are made on the ML BPAAS can work on multiple blockchains without changing the code

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Source or its fake

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Who cares if it's fake or not. LINK is old news. Check ARPA for unpumped stuff that is basically a sure shot to moon during a deluded bull

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It’s last years news you faggots

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Fake and gay

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Morpheus Network > shit > Morpheus Labs

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Old news indeed but fake?


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>Check ARPA for unpumped stuff
>ath 3.8 cents
>now 1 cent

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Do any of you faggots know what’s actually about to happen with MITX? I do

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I’m so wet. I just can’t take it anymore

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