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So who else missed the entire fucking stock market crash boat completely?

I only made 25% on my net worth. Un-fucking-believable.

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It’ll crash again. The Jews wouldn’t just leave me here with my pittance would they?

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don't worry the march episode was just a correction. the real armageddon crash is yet to happen

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>p-p-please drop again so I can buy more

Fucking noobs. You literally have 2 yrs.

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Oil's your next big shot.

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5 dollas profit sucks you fucking pajeet.

Get your parents to pay you more for your allowance and raise your net worth fucker

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>So who else missed the entire fucking stock market crash boat completely
I was so close to going in but then shit like this happened.

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>began learning about the stock market after the major dip
>fomo into it
>made $2k one day
>"holy shit, is it that easy?"
>oh no no no we got too cocky
>wake up to massive red dildo, lost $3k with options

it could have been worse, anon. At least i am actually taking this shit extremely seriously now and recovered $1k so far.

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It's okay, you still have time to buy the LOKI dip.

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A nigger buying shit options now is like a nigger buying a house now with an ARM mortgage.

There are poor people for a reason and it is not ours to question why.

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Everyone is expecting a crash so it won’t crash

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If we bears and bulls can be completely honest with each other, we all know there's no reason for this market to rally. if you're on the "we open up economy things go back to normal immediately" boat, you are a retard and you need not read the rest, if you can even read.

big media is trying to paint a portrait that everything will be okay in a hurry. they are herding money where they want it to go.

brick and mortar retail is dead and will probably not resume full volume when lockdowns are lifted. restaurants are dead and will probably not resume full volume when lockdowns are lifted.

airlines, cruise ships, sporting events, festivals, anything that normally draws a crowd will be dead/low capacity even after lockdowns are lifted. the world is expecting a second wave, which is already starting in china. we all know the fed will never step in to administer lockdowns, it's the state who will be enforcing them. and once again, even if this does happen, demand will not rebound like a rubberband; the virus, fake or not, is embroidered into the psychosphere of the US.

Oil is fucked, there's worldwide shutdowns of wells and we're still outproducing demand. tankers holding crude and refined products are floating off the coast of every major port in the world. and those wells take capital to restart production, if the sites even can produce anymore. there is no reason for the oil majors to rally for the rest of the year.
>inb4 china's driving now
you didn't trust the figures when they were reporting on the virus, now you trust their oil consumption figures?

the only reason the market has to rally at this point is the fed printing massive amounts of money off the backs of the US citizen. and even Powell knows the economy is still fucked, as he's publicly stated several times. unemployment is going to remain at record highs even after a rebound towards normalcy and we will have a surge in bankruptcies and foreclosures.

Now does that mean the markets will reflect reality?

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We're at "return to normal".

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>Now does that mean the markets will reflect reality?
fuck if I know. this clown market is the most manipulated bullshit I've seen in my life, and I've spent most of my investing days in crypto.

The only thing I'm long in trad markets are PM's, miners, and unfortunately tankers, which I'll be dumping at their earning reports.

All this shit is fucked. and if you're long right now, you are tightrope walking between skyscrapers.

also checkem faggots

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