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My wife is trying to divorce me. She is a fucking bitch that whines and only cares about herself. I need to hide my savings. How can I quietly transfer stocks into bitcoin? Thanks

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Nice man ass

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that's a man

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We are going to need more details. How old are you both, when did you get married. Is she a feminist?

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sell stocks, take out the cash, buy crypto with cash

tell everyone you are depressed and started to gamble

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Should'nt have gotten married.

Honestly, just withdraw everything and run.

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I'm 32. We've been married for 3 years. Together for 7. She is a lefty and votes democratic.

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I always figured if you drained your account and there was a big coinbase debit they're just gonna get you. So... I would say find someone you can pay cash for it... Say you gambled away all the money in a drunken stupor

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mens asses are just the wrong shape

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>wife doesn't copy you
that's a man anon

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sure thing, incel larp

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why’d you marry that, you deserve to get divorce raped

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50 Cent has the answer.

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this advice is shit tier. You can't run from alimony unless you find a job working for cash. You have to murder her

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I was hesitant to get married, but everything was going really well at the time. Its interesting how much people change

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Put money into shitcoin and transfer to MEW. Then "forget" your password

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Thanks. Oh my god man. We need more details please. We advice to the younger guys here. Why did you want to get married? Were there warning signs? We need as much as possible.

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Buy Monero and 'gamble' it away.

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buy a pair of small leather gloves. Hit your wife repeatedly in the head with a shovel until the job is done. Put some blood on the gloves and leave them next to the body. If you get called to trial, the gloves won't fit you and you'll be exonerated

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you need to launder it somehow
start a business
have your business hire his business
do some over priced work

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rule 1
never disclose your wealth to anyone

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Alternatively, cash out and set up a irrevocable trust in your parents name. Put the money and assets in the trust. You should have done this before you married the squelching whore.

My friend set up a trust in his parents name so he can never get divorce raped as long as they are alive

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I have never heard a nonfiction story of this ending well. Probably just get a decent lawyer to keep as close to half as you possibly can. If you have kids just forget it all.

didn't read the other responses because I assume they're all nonsense.

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Wealth is pretty easy to sniff out these days...Internet tells how much you make, what job you have, value of houses, cars etc...no privacy anymore. You are kidding yourself if you think Roasties don't do complete searches on guys before dating them

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the amount of people believing this larp is hilarious

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Is pic related

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I'm sure a lawyer is better suited to help you than this board. You're likely fucked though.

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we all knew you were a kissless virgin larping as a successful family man. You should have just went with the fantasy. Closest you will ever get to actually being married

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Well played, anon!

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Use monero anon.
Bitcoin is easily traced.

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Who cares?? Just do it and go dark.

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Get a good lawyer and don't even think about hiding your money. You will have to present to her lawyer or the court your complete finance history up to 3 years so any dubious transfers that just "vanished" will be a massive red flag and come back to bite you in the ass. If the court orders a proper investigation into that you are fucked. Just got divorced and I know what I am talking about.

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Same exact situation, OP. Except my marriage is fine.

What went wrong?

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if you have a seperate account then move your assets into crypto and tumble the coins into a stablecoin that you can keep seperately. say goodbye to any joint money though.

if you know its going to be a sure thing then take half (or all) out from the joint account

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I'm 22. how do I avoid this happening to me?

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>he thinks tumbling coins will work

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Its fine because you're a cuck. Have fun SIMPing for the rest of your days.

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Trusts are the safest play.

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>i got divorce raped

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i said KEK

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start selling everything. hide shit in cash, buy crypto through craigslist/local bitcoin.

claim gambling addiction induced by stress. ruin your credit(and hers too)

take out loans/cards anything to get cash/metal/crypto anonymously.

claim gambling.

she'll be dead broke, both of you will have fucked credit but you can rebuild your life on the shit you hid away


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>getting divorced from wife b/c she's a cunt but he was stupid enough to marry her
>begs for help with bitcoin on a chainlink board
>post low quality man ass
i hope she gets everything you own and fucks a nigger, then moves that nigger into your house.

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>How can I quietly transfer stocks into bitcoin?

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don't remember all the details, but a /pol/anon suggested something along the lines of hiding all of your cash and taking out a bunch of credit cards. get cash advances on the cards and hide half and gamble the rest. try and rack up as much debt as you can somehow. she'll get stuck with half and you'll have some cash to pay your half. something like that.
women are children who have been taught by (((media))) they deserve the world.
i'm getting a divorce too. she's taking, what she thinks, is a lot, but is a small percentage. friendly advice to anons out there: DON'T BRAG TO WOMEN ABOUT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE. or if you do, drop that number by like 75%. can't tell you fags how much that little tip has saved me.

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Cash out, give it to a friend you trust and have him buy BTC or Monero for you. Tell the judge or whoever you gambled your savings away because you felt depressed about the divorce.

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best one right there

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the only way this image would get more based is if someone shops his tie into a Monero themed tie

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>neighbor is always telling me I need to go out and meet girls, get a gf
>he gets divorced
>next time I see him, asks what I'll do after graduating
>asks me if I'll find some girl and have her take half my money
Feels bad, he used to be happy and talk to everybody, now I rarely see him outside.

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What you are asking for is illegal and the courts will rape you for it. Unfortunate but that's the world our forefathers left us with.

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Courts will destroy you if you slip up or seem like you areally hiding money. I only know one guy who got divorced and escaped financial rape. He never came back to America, still is a guest worker as an engineer in kuwait, uae, gulf countries. If he goes back to us he will get put in prison probably

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>that bit of undigested corn
chew your corn

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Stop replying you dumb niggers

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well what did you expect marrying a woman without values? I married a woman more conservative than I am, def the right call because family actually has meaning

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>living in the middle east
Sounds worse than prison. At least run off to Mexico or Thailand or something

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her lawyer's going to find this post in the history and youll be paying more

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Racism isn’t funny or cool

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Very smart move, risky tok

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the fact that you try to make it taboo makes it even more of both of those

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All shilling aside, you're going to want to use Monero for this

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first real woman ive seen posted in weeks

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Buy gold, bury gold. Say you lost the gold, go through divorce proceedings

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blacks are stinky and commit crime. that's not racist. those are facts.

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Fuck off soiboy

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He's right you know. Monero has the privacy. But of course it's probably easier to onramp onto bitcoin, you could even use coinbase or whatever other cucked exchange cause after you move it to monero it's dark. Then, now this is the most important from a legal perspective, lose/forget whatever information you need in order to access your Monero. Gambling leaves records and they would probably want to see them. Losing your shit is just losing your shit. If Peter Schiff can lose his crypto, I'm going to assume you can too. No idea how the courts will respond to this however. They might decide you are lying and hold you in contempt I suppose, but if you are pissed enough maybe you risk it /shrug. (not legal or financial advice; do your own research etc etc do NOT do anything illegal yadda yadda)

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You'd have to be out of your mind to get married in the current year. Family court basically has it's own set of rules, and women are not only incentivized, but encouraged to divorce rape you

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You were driving so well at the time, it only made sense to stop wearing a seat belt.

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Fucking viet wife

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Whatever you do, do not kill her. Talking from experience here

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OP I'm also currently in a divorce. Moving out in a couple days. Shit is terrible. Both society and the law favors women. Strange times we live in.

What's your story OP?

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Same thing happened to me. I never wanted to believe it. Truly I tell you that all women have a manipulation gene in their DNA. Once they get the security from you that they need, the next move is to betray you. It's truly mind boggling.

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We need this but with $Ghost

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just do it all at once and then transfer bitcoin to binance, pretend that you lost it all on a 50x long but really convert to monero and transfer out, remember private key in ur brain. bingo bango dango u win. no thank u needed

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Lawyer upon anon.

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SKL left us with??

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if you're going to lose it anyway just develop a gambling problem so theres nothing to give her

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if you really want to know your girlfriend, get married.
if you really want to know your wife, get divorced.

t. divorced boomer

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Roses are red.
Niggers are black.
Reddit is there.
You have to go back.

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Don’t know any off the radar stuff but download firefox and metamask then keep it up to date.
Probs open another account and withdraw from yours and port to the new one a few days after when you visit the ATM every few days.
Use that account to transfer to metamask then use uniswap after linking wallets then hodl.

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incel retards who will die alone.

ever since marrying my wife, my life has changed for the complete better. we split all bills 50/50. she's using her inheritance to buy us a house. all she cares about is me saving money and doing yard work and home improvements. no money from me whatsoever. she loves me and shows me she loves me every single day.

have fun being lonely losers who die alone

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This anon is spot on. Best thing is to drag it out forever and delay as much as possible so she will meet another swinging dick and want the divorce to be finale no matter what and then agree to a lower amount.

That's what I did.

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>Racism isn’t funny or cool

Looks like we found a precious snowflake.

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>How can I quietly transfer stocks into bitcoin?
No need. Just buy high and sell low.

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Totally impossible. Asset protection is something you have to plan for yourself long ahead. Any liquidation that is not your usual will be a red flag in proceedings and actually could fuck you hard (criminal prosecution, wire fraud, etc) they throw 20 things at you, and something sticks.

Get an estate planning attorney, get a trust you can trust teehee

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If you have a friend that is a mechanic or similar trade get them to (fake)invoice you for as much as is feasible and cash advance your credit card to pay it.
Pay off any and all debt attributed to you, don't be left with the debt and half the assets.

Speak to a lawyer asap.

Selling your stocks and moving to BTC or somewhere she can't get it is a big red flag, and if she knows it exists and a divorce has already been tabled then you will get fucked in court if her lawyer is any good.

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good thing no matter how smart lawyers and judges are they can't hack your private keys

kek at boomer irrelevance

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this. buy monero and say you lost it all on a shitcoin

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You can gamble crypto.
I’m sure there are monero gambling sites

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go to vegas, just fucking go, now.
have some expensive escort fun
put all you savings in btc while there
go home and say you gambled it away while drunk

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in minecraft, of course

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You need to buy some monero and spend a weekend on a boat

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Why not just suffocate her with a pillow?

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But you can lose a number of poker hands to your other sockpuppet accounts, right? Crypto poker ofc

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She’s cheating on you.

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Find a friend you can trust.
Transfer him funds $200 everyday.
Your friend then buys BTC or monero without an exchange using something like local Bitcoin.
He converts everything to monero and transfers it to you.
If anyone asks why you gave him money, you tell them your friend is your gay sugar baby.
To really sell the deal, Photoshop some gay porn with your faces on it.

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Biz doesnt even need pics anymore

Are women even real?

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if you guys NEVER fight its because hes cheating on you

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A lawyer won't tell you to buy monero with cash.
Cash out everything --> make up a story about how you lost the cash e.g. drug addiction (make sure your story can't be disproven) --> buy monero with cash.
You can also just buy monero and say you lost the private keys.
Make sure you do this BEFORE she files for divorce.
After the divorce you obviously have to be careful when/how you use/ invest the money.

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Look into LOKI and that's a man

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The most important thing for you to understand is that the moment she files for divorce your time is up. If you haven't managed to secure your money before that then you'll get divorce raped.

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something smells fishy, don't you think?

>> No.19266150

This. Use Bitcoin ATMs as
And localbitcoin

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The sooner you do this the better. Courts obviously won't believe that you blew $200k on drugs in 1 month.
If you don't have much time then buying monero and "losing" the private keys is probably your best option. You should probable tell your wife that you lost the private keys before she files for divorce. Tell her in a text/ email so there's proof.
Idk if this works in your country though. Go talk to a lawyer.

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Ok, I know this is OPs thread but I also need help. I use the whisper app like a retard and said that all women are whores and defended my position. Someone near me saw my whisper and tracked down my location and is trying to dox me. Is there any chance he can fuck me over? My facebook is private and I never shared any personal information. I used a false age and gender in my profile.

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desu get it in cash, when you transfer the money to a exchange, there are digital records, also monero is better for hiding wealth. I assume you live in the us, so i dont know how the regulations are regarding deposit boxes are, alternatively you could rent a storage container which is definitely less safe, but may be still anonymous. If you live in the dach region, go to a swiss bank for a deposit box, they are anonymous, and travel bans have been lifted.

Also put up an believable story how you lost that money-started gambling...

If applying, being a gambling addict reduces chances at family courts.

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Just say it wasn't you and call him a retard, if you excursively used fake info, just say that that isnt even your age and gender

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This is probably the best advice you'll get on the board.

>> No.19267351

As a famous shitposting Aussie PM once said to the charge of not bringing it on... "nah mate, I'm going to do you slowly". Personally I think revenge is for losers but whatever.

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nice digits

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niggerloving cuck

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i'd love to fuck this white slut in the pic, please sir do the needful

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what kind of bag are we talking here? I have 7BTC I swap with you on cold storage(usb)I can meet you in vegas or something so you can say you lost it all gambling, I mean i'm gonna upcharge you but I'm 100% willing

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>racism isn't funny or cool

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wow that looks like a great idea
>meet in casino
>exchange casino chips for usb bitcoin
>the BTC seller cashes out his chips, pay income tax and have some clean money, doesn't matter how he got his bitcoin
>you hide your money from the wife in coins

>> No.19270025

could swap the btc for monero too just to be safe, and let it sit hot storage.

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>If Wookies live on Endor, you must acquit

>> No.19270164

I’m sorry anon, but you’re gonna have to minecraft her

>> No.19270172

yeah, but what am I missing?
>can even fund terrorists like that

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sell the stocks and buy btc with it on coinbase, localbitcoins etc, obfuscate it with deposit and withdrawals through vpn + non kyc’d chinese crypto accounts to multiple fresh btc addresses. to withdraw it after the divorce has settled you can buy gold with the bitcoin and sell locally for cash, or you can take a one way plane ride to a better country. p.s. you can open a bank account in georgia no matter if you’re a resident or not, but georgia is a sketchy backwater country and i wouldn’t trust it with my money and then you’re also playing against fatf kek.

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Take 100% of your savings and yolo it on far OTM options. Ten times your money, give her half and still have five times your savings.
Lose it all, fuck that bitch she doesn’t get anything then. Win-win

>> No.19270669

see all of this is a crime if you get caught, and caught this normie will get. Take the Vegas plan anon, don't move the money around and look guilty as fuck. Pretend to lose it like a degen.

>> No.19270720

work only if you are BLACK

>> No.19270787

do not get usb bitcoin, the other person might still have a copy of the keys (if theres anything at all on the usb)
make new address and wait for several confirmations on the transaction like all the exchanges do (duh...)
other than that im thinking maybe some casinos have rules against just trading chips like that?

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Man wtf, biz is more insane than the bitches scheming divorce plans

>> No.19270846

>he fell for the marriage meme
You get what you deserve.

>> No.19271006

Why wouldn't it? It obviously isn't perfect, but it removes an enormous amount of proof from the situation. Also makes it damn near impossible to track, especially for people who don't understand.
What is your thought?

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nice ass dude

>> No.19271136

Wait, that actually happened?

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