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Hehe, Thank me in a year! You'll get 4x your initial investment in a year or so if you buy in now! bye bye luv! xoxo

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Damn I’d love to see her take on a bbc bull!

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87% of welfare white women surveyed.

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I did...I bought 337 shares of UAL today....I hope I make it

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>Damn I’d love to see her take on a bbc bull!

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why would you buy when theres zero sign of international travel resuming and theres worries about said companies going bankrupt.. meaning you as a shareholder is fucked.?

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>blackedraw video release date when?

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you buy In before the travel resumes to maximize gains

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But you have no idea if the company you are investing in will even survive. Yes, there are gains to be had if they do, but choosing which airline to invest in is throwing darts at the board.

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You don't work at an airport, travel is still way down. Only go on long or swing trade it.

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Also, when travel resumes there may be even more complications. Airlines will be running at way under capacity, which will put even more financial pressure on them than not running at all because half capacity is not enough to cover overheads.

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Longing it is the move. It should always be the move. Never bet against America.

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the article you posted is about stock recovery. not about actual travel recovery which isnt happening.

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that article is horseshit.
wellyeah no shit... literally nobody is booking a flight right now. you cant cancel shit you havent booked.

also lets see the numbers for moderate improvement.... my ass,

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no it's real white middle class wammen

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Buy $JETS instead for safer airline sector exposure

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Δ All In

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My broker has a million in. Anybody claiming bankruptcy seems to forget that our government just gave them billions of fucking dollars in stimulus.

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this. All in UAL

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It won't be a quick buck but early next year, airlines will be on the same level as before corona. One or two might probably die, though, or need much longer time to recover. I'd be careful with AA for example.

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That's the plan. Not swinging it like some shitcoin.

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>airline that will soon be dependent on loans to stay afloat is trying to keep their share price up by lying about demand returning

Why would anyone fall for this shit. As the other anon said, go to any airport and see for yourself. No one is flying. I still have most of my airline puts purchased in mid February and intend to hold them until late August

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>entire industry is made up of companies up to eyes in debt
>entire industry runs on slim margins during the best of times
>now currently in the midst of a pandemic that has crippled demand
>"they'll be fine, the govt is just adding another 10 figures of debt to their balance sheet, its all good"

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rip anon

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No one is going to fly international if they have to quarantine at a hotel for 14 days. Thailand was supposed to open international travel in June 1st and they moved it to June 31st. Airlines are dead in the water until next year when people can travel to other countries without the risk of being quarantined for 14 days in a hotel you have to pay at 3x the normal price per night.
Airlines will not rally until they go bankrupt and consolidate. Buying and holding airlines right now is retarded, this is only a daytrade type of buy. Airlines will not be at 50% capacity anytime soon and their most priced customer (corporate) is no where to be found since they are liable for an employee getting sick on a travel assignment. The biggest spender in airlines is corporate and they won't be traveling for another year. The only people traveling right now are people who got stuck somewhere and are moving back to their families.
Never bet against America is a meme, their obviously the best but buying the top is retarded.

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bitch you goin bald

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Airlines probability of rallying longterm are almost 0. This is a short term long crab rally until they start going bankrupt and their prices go to penny stock levels. They are not buy material until they consolidate and get the real bailout from warren buffet or the FED

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>doomer who missed the bottom in March replying to himself

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I shorted airlines pre virus, i'm up 350k from 3k. I'm not in a hurry to catch a falling knife.

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oki buddy

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Cope. Wishing for higher prices won't make it go up. You are in denial of the shitstock you just bought that is up 10%.

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i know, hollly wat a turn on
i just wanna eat it

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And 100% of them want to have sex with white men, as well as 100% of all women in general.

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You replied to yourself faggot. Eat shit

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