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Am I going to make it anon with my 12k stack of chainlink?

i know 10k was the suicide stack...i tried to get to a make it stack - but fuck, i'm just a poor high school kid who gets monies in the summer from yard work.

Am i gonna make it anon? Tell me i don't have to go to college and wage cuck for a shitty pension....tell me i'm ok with with my 12k stack.

>fuck jannies

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if you buy some /biz/coins you may make it

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>I should swap my linkies for /biz/ coin?

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>poor high school kid
>has $46,000 in a random shitcoin

fuck off cunt, a 20x from here and you're good. cunt

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no, not all of it, but it will most likely 10x or even 100x so that's your choice

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>niggger has 40k in shitcoin
fuck off

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>making me feel small with my 2k stack
Very rude op

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>a 20x from here
kek. yeah OP, all you need is the value of your asset to spontaneously become 2000% as valuable as it is now. easy

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>dopamine running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other anons are reassuring you you're going to make it
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link price prediction thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those numbers
>put all the posted numbers and multiply them with your stack
>haha wow, thats a lot of money
>imagine what all you could do with that money
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents waking up
>hehe, fucking wagies
>the depression comes back
>the dopamine rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"is 300 link enough to make it?"

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good thing i have 800 link haha

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>mista, i worked hard to buy those in late 2017/early 2018
>mista, y so mean? fuck jannies
>i'm sorry fren, hugs?
>is it really that simple?
>based, you get me completely - hugs anon

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I would sell half for /biz/coin, easily double or triple your stack

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If you haven't sold by now then you're very lucky. I'm not telling you to buy another coin, but unless you're barely breaking even you need to get rid of this scam as soon as possible.

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How does 12 million dollars sound like?

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how does 12 trillion dollars sound

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Ya anon? I dunno, 6k linkies is a lot to part with. What if /biz/ doesn't rally behind it like we did chainlink?
>mista, i bought late 2017/early 2018

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>holy shit - that's.....that's like $1,000 per link?
>mista, stop fucking with me...i'm young and emotionally unstable

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you can still make it
sell your linkies NOW
buy this gold stonk.
production in december
high grade gold
expansion projects

don't be a linksperg. make real monies boy. your 12k will be 120k in a couple of years

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you're going to commit suicide with that stack, that's for sure.

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>kek, gold is for boomers anon
>why so mean mista?

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because chainlink is a shitcoin and its holders are going to get burned

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>tfw nothing going on in my life
>Been doing the same shit for last 10 years and probably the next 50
Unless my 8 btc stack moons. All I'm doing is waiting around

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>mista, how is it a shitcoin? It's literally connecting all blockchains to one another?
>you sound like me but with boomercoin

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all you have to do at this point is wait. BTC is bound to explode again eventually

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Fucking stop mis-using green text you retarded frogposter

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I hope it does before I get old.

What's the point in being rich if you're not young enough to experience it

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Leaving it to your beautiful family.

You do have a wife who wants children, right anon? A family is the greatest wealth of all.

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It was always 1k suicide newfag. Don't fall for the psyops

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>don't be mean to me mista, I only a hs senior
>lies - I was here when anon rolled quads to confirm 10k suicide stack....stop spreading MisFUDformation

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this. after shifting my focus from 'dicking around fucking anything that moves' to 'having a loving family' i dont really give a shit about money unless i dont have enough to support a family. i dont have a wife/kids yet but i only care if my coins moon enough to support them

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>8 posts
t. discord seething tranny

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>A family is the greatest wealth of all.
Kikes dont want you to have it. Fewer white families, means no future of the white race.

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Go back to pol

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for one, it's a shitcoin because it's unnecessary that a token be used for the purpose set out in the whitepaper, rather than just using the underlying eth
for two, look at the dev team
for three, consider that in the white paper they predicted that a token should cost around the price of a cup of coffee, which it now does. where is the upside going to come from?
for four, it has no moat, and there are competing oracle projects, so you have plenty of downside

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Pol is subverted now, thankfully people outside it are waking up to the plan to kalergize and enslave us all

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1k suicide
10k marine
100k need node citadel

How many lawns did you mow?

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Shut up faggot you damn well know that 10K is and always has been a make it stack. Why are you lying to people? 1K is the suicide stack

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This, the state of fags here pushing the 10k suicide narrative. It's a psyop to discourage those to get 1k bags

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You're so mean anon!
I mowed 3 summers and spent all of that $$$$ on link back when we made it our coin
Why are you anons so mean to me! I've been here since 2015 and never have encountered this much cyber bullying as I have today
10k was always the suicide stack - pull up the thread where anon hit quads to confirm

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yeah, as long as you don't put a single thought on what this project really is, you're going to make it.

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Live Person I know it's you, kys

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>the mean person is trying to save you money
get recked

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bugger off meanie

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cyber bullies will get their due one day!

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>Posts incorrect information on an anonymous message board
>Why are you attacking me?

You figure it out yet? Based on your response you are clearly being sarcastic anyway...I hope

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keep letting than tranny fuck you, miserable cuck

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>since 2015
>doesn’t green text properly
Sure thing buddy, did you remember to take your trannie medication this morning

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I will never understand why people think chainlink will do more than a 5x. It's a fucking token.
What problem does a fucking token resolves?

>Sirgay dumping 500k every 2 weeks

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She's a femanon and should be called such. don't be mad because you don't get your willy slobbed on
fuck you jannie

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>Literally every other single project is completely reliant on someone solving the oracle problem and getting external real world data securly on-chain to utilize whatever service their crypto project provides.

Yea I agree, its so hard to figure out why Chainlink is vitally important in the space

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All you faggots are going to be hanged

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Kys trannie enabling faggot

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>copium running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to dump to 0.4$ aren't we?"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other fudders and nulinkers are reassuring you it's going to dump to zero
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link is a scam thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those fake partnerships
>put all the twitter posts and add link price chart shopped at 0.1$ to them
>haha wow, linkers BTFO
>imagine what all you could do with that cheap link
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents who bought link at 0.2$ waking up
>hehe, fucking deluded stinkers
>the depression comes back
>the copium rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"i-imagine falling for a r-russian scammer"

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When people used to buy bitcoin they thought they might use them to pay for good and services IRL some day
Name at least 5 organizations that take Chainlink payments

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1k suicide stack. 10k making it stack. This is how it's been since 2017.

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Jesus Christ you have no idea what Chainlink does do you? It will never be used as a common currency to purchase goods and services at a grocery store. How the fuck is everyone this retarded? This has to be bait.

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Fucking kek I wrote this like a year ago I've never seen anyone repost it before

>> No.19207251

Learn to read retard, I'm talking about the TOKEN.
The technology behind LINK is interesting, but the token itself doesn't do shit.

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>those digits
chainlink 1000 eoy confirmed

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This level of autism is beyond help.

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Again you are retarded. The token is absolutely necessary. The nodes can only be paid in LINK for their respective jobs in addition to using only LINK as collateral for the penalty payment if they send incorrect/faulty data. So you are just wrong. Its seriously that simple.

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i just want a femanon with big milkers to lemme suckle on and cook me tendies all day

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Suicide stack was always 1k, go fuck yourself

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Stop with the go kys comments meanies! I will fucking livestream it if you all keep it up you fucking seething copeys

>> No.19208108

wrong. read more.

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i guarantee i know more about chainlink than you do
tip for the future - i hear nitrogen is the best way to go

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ChainlinkGod, that you?

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wrong again. helium.

>> No.19209945

I think you meant helium

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don’t worry anon, college and enjoying your youth are a thing of the past because of corona.

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Who the fuck posts these stupid threads and why?

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