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The train is leaving

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The train from Mumbai to Calcutta is my favorite train to shit inside.

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It's literally nothing again. You retards need to sell and buy when it's 50% lower from here.

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>0.8.4 version for a JSON parser

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But that would reset my long term gain status... but clearly you’re looking out for my best financial interest right??

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Staking at 0.9.1 you jerkoffs

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>breaking changes
This guy fucks

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just sell you link and fuck off we don't need advice from a complete greedy retard.listen if you felt the need to sell your golden ticket to making it just because some shitcoin looked like it could pump, then good for you, but don't take us for retards, most of us never sell and we are here to stay.
if you get justed don't come crying posting about how you lost your life saving in shitcoin of the mont [x] okay? because i'd be the first one to fucking laugh at your retarded ass

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So many broken men

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Wow only 7 indeterminate iterations to go! Yes mmm sirs, please be holding as we sell 500,00k patience is lovely.

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> added two columns to an excel spreadsheet
Good to see this team of millionaire coders are hard at work

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why is peter sending release notes for the team?

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>fluxmonitor initiators

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swing trading is literally gambling

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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Class A zoomer crypto boy

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OP is team member obv

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> 8.4 iterations in 3 years
> 2.8 a year
> "just 6 months until staking at this rate boys! HODL! Not sergey of course, he knows that we're mooning any day so is selling to make it fairer!"

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checked and keked

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anyone wanna explain the fluxmonitor change to me? :)

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t. street shitting footsoldier

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I want to see if you have a further one paingimper

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So it's basically really just a JSON Parser? What the ctual fucl?

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Lots of good press for link lately. Is it really going to go below 3 dollars anytime soon?

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They made up a bunch of sciencey sounding words to scam /biz/ out of more money

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