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what will you do when it hits $1000?

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Stake it and keep wageslaving

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Ha. Didn't ARPA totally kill this thing?

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ENG was declared a security by the SEC and the devs launched the mainnet on a new coin. ENG tokens have zero ZERO use now and there will be no exchange or swap for the new tokens. ENG devs said they cannot be involved, and if the community organizes and implements a swap the SEC will step right back in and declare the new coin is the SAME FUCKING SECURITY. the coin is worthless but because ENG devs locked down the reddit nobody can post there and most bagholders do not know what the fuck has happened to their bags. ENG is absolute trash now. The devs kept pushing people to buy bigger bags during the SEC inquiry which should be criminal. look it up anon. this shit cost me bigly

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yep it's a scam. I exited on the last exit pump because of chainlink partnership. Only scams partner with link, which is why I sold everything. A week (or two? whatever) later, they release the bomb about the SEC settlement.

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um sry sweetie but i own 20k ENG and we're going to $4 EOY

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If I have to go down with the ship, so be it
I'm earning enough money to afford to lose it all

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