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This blockchain-social site's user count is fucking exploding.

Checked alexa, and they are beating hive and nearly steemit on monthly activity. Market cap of $300,000. WTF. This thing is going to PUMP

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- -

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Why though? What's so damned great about it?

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Where are you seeing that chart?

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It's the most engaged blockchain social site in the world but is 100X below any other blockchain social marketcap

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explain that to me as if I had 3 total brain cells

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This is what's great. biz is on fire, Xio is mooning, and before those faggots find this link between the two projects grab some 1UP. 230k marketcap anon, like only 15 eth volume on idex, 100eth of volume will give you a 10x if you buy now since the walls are so thin. You will regret not being this early for once

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The next facebook. Many people use it. Low price on marketcap. Others like it have much higher market cap.

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where can i find a good price chart for this shitcoin? the best i can find is a shitty line chart on this website https://beincrypto.com/price/xio/

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Fuck the price chart grab some on idex before the shills find out, the sell side is thin as paper this thing will fly

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Not seeing it on idex?

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shitcoinz ahoy at https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/uptrennd#panel
Youre looking at the XIO chart, 1UP is the sleeper social media site. XIO onboarded uptrennd as the only project out of fifty 5 months ago. It's the next logical shitcoin pump

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https://idex.market/eth/1up on idex

My bagz are fukin FULL

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Steem = 62M market cap
Hive = 100M market cap
Uptrennd = 0.3M market cap.

Uptrennd has more active users than both steem and hive right now. This things going to fucking PUMP

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what does the token do though?

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We got a fukin winner boyz. Grabing this thing before the xio hype dies and pops to 1up

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Uptrennd just announced they will 300% their current circulating supply in 5 days, u srsly buying this now?

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Token buys ads + boosted posts + people use it to level up so they can earn more

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Where is this info?

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300%?? where you get that number

It's their halvening in a week!!
Tokens distribution drops 50% in 7 days

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On coin gecko it’s a 700,000 marketcap

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Jesus that is bullish

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circ supply now is actually 99M at 100M they have their halvening.

CMC and Coingeko are both fucked for tokenomics stats

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10x or riot

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where can i get some of this

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10X fukin guarantee here. Thats only a 3M mkt cap.

Steemit is a dying cat and has a 62M mkt cap.

This things fukin moonbound boys

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Nice catch. Think i'll put a cheeky 2eth on this.

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Can someone confirm the tokenomics

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>dumped last august
very quality

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& Info on the hlavening:

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Lets fukin go lads!!!

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It's some pajeet trying to ride the XIO pump while at the same time fudding it

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These retards never learn. If you get in early on lowcaps with thin books you're guaranteed a 10x at least. These guys probably watched ESH and XIO moon and did nothing

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Let's go!

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Are you FKN kidding me? I can't believe you found this gem!! lollll !

How is this so cheap??

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I have 50k uppies will I make it?

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My god OP at least make your samefagging semi believable.

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Japarnacuz = OP no secret there boi. Just swapped names for steez

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What is happening with 1up price ? It is not increasing from many days , going down and down :( ??

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What do you mean?

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Pretty crazy actually. Hive has 100M market cap, that's a crazy difference.

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We mooning boys!

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turn your chart upside right

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Already at number 2 for % change on IDEX.

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dude, it's insanity. Uptrennd has more activity than hive. biggest wtf of all time. This thing has fucking legs 4 days

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Another fucking gem.

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This literally does have more activity than Hive, or Minds, etc.. There are hundreds of comments on posts.. wtf

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/biz/ sometimes calls them right. This is genuinely exciting, sergey

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Oh fuck I just invested in a poojeet coin didn’t I...

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Ok biz once I hit 100k I profits I'm sending 10 anons 1k each. You must have this post screencapped.

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Done, send to 0xf96fd1112192404e910371E117dd2B445F1420BF
Yes I'm a poorfag and I will literally suck cock at the prospects of living a better life.

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Send nudes

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I think you're all getting jeet'ed on the high you have from your gains. Look at the top wallets.

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top two are cold storage. largest holder is only 1.X%

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You seeing that as a red flag? From their tg and platform everyone seems super supportive. Probably just pre mined like most projects

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wallet and holder deets in here

only one "whale" with 1%

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So other than a low market cap and potential for gaining a few dollars has anyone used Uptrennd much, seems to pop up on twitter quite a bit but is it any good? Concept seems OK?

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The whale only holds 1.4&...I'm putting a bit more in; the stars are aligning again

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Just been checking this out, it must either be a new project, a shit project or an undiscovered project! Looks like it could have serious potential if it's the first or last one!

>> No.19146026

They've been growing by around 10K users per month lately, we'd be able to see if it's fake.. Projects like Minds have a million users and way less engagement.. all looks really promising desu

>> No.19146095

Who ever knows, but I'll >>gladly<< start accumulating this. In a next cycle this could honestly be the one

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Impressive figures so far it seems, could have some real momentum this one!

>> No.19146159

Literally dumped completely.

>> No.19146177

I am new is it right time to get uptrennd ?

>> No.19146206

How do I get into this?

Now is the time to be loading up on crypto before the next big bull market.

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Weak handed jeets always sell after a hint of profit, still primed to moon

>> No.19146224

It dumped after a pump, always happens but over the last 6 months it's posting some good figures. One to keep an eye on!

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Volatility isn't a surprise, still up 35% good pullback

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Look at the volume, it wasn't exactly a big pump. All lowcaps have big green then red dildos before the giant Chad run up

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Just been looking into the guy who owns it Jeff Kirdeikis, seems legit, runs a big crypto group on FB as far as I can tell.

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Pretty sure it was a poojeet scam.

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Poojeet please...

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That idex link fails for me, and I dont see it listed.
What do

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Worth the risk for me, not many low cap shit coins even have a working model. Can actually see this taking off a bit, if it doesn't so be it! Can't be worse than the Copytrack shit show I bought into!

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Use a VPN.

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Tfw life as a burger
And ok, thanks anon

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lol dude, it's right back up to where it was :o

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Rising again from the pullback

>> No.19146540

You mean the OP who has been shilling these threads selloff.

>> No.19146547

The volume is rising, definitely keep an eye out. Xio had a small volume as well then BOOM. Beware tho anons, what comes up will come down. I hope everyone makes it!

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> 1up Halvening in one week
> 1/100 the market cap of Hive
> more active users than hive
> no ico
> insane engagement on uptrennd.com. hunderds of comments per post.
> partnered with the largest blockchain accelerator in the world mousebelt.com
> Featured speaker at ri2020.com with 10,000 people watching this week
> This shit shills well

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Hahahaha. Wew. This shitcoin is a huge scam and I hope you're selling now.

Buy some UND, desu.

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"iTS a sCAm."

They didn't even ICO.
110,000 members & 10-30k new members every month,

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Volume is rising fast, and it's on good DEXs...ignore the idiots

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I got a small stack of 7k up for about 70$
Am I up or down?

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near breaking the recent high right now, so probably up as fuck

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call me Brian Pumper

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Why, yes, I did just buy into this next pnd at the bottom and will sell at the top like I have for the past 4 this month. How could you tell?

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steem: 60M mkt cap
Hive: 100M mkt cap
Uptrennd: 0.5M mkt cap

Meanwhile Uptrennd has more active members than both platforms combined...

This thing aint slowing down

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what was THAT?

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Called the FUCK out of this pump. Im calling it tests AT LEAST at 20M marketcap

>> No.19149296

only got a 150k bag of this but i'll ride it for a bit and see what happens

>> No.19149314

ive got half that so dont really care but hope its something. I missed the esh train so kinda jelly

>> No.19149387

That's a decent bag, never throw too much at microcaps because some people can't handle the swings, but you should see some good profit there by tomorrow

>> No.19149402

Search for 1UP, it's there

>> No.19149418

baseless fud, he's trolling

>> No.19149443

only got a 20k bag, will I make it guys

>> No.19149571

100%, their halvening is happening in a week. That's maybe what he's fucking up.

Go big or go home!!

>> No.19149748

Good pump. This can easily x5.

>> No.19149789

I'm about to put 1 eth into this shitcoin god help me

>> No.19149813

20k puts you in the top 150 wallets as of an hour ago. You'll probably make a few grand off this.

>> No.19149817

I mean this one just got started hours ago. Pretty high risk, high reward. I'm all in.

>> No.19149833

where do you see that info?

>> No.19149836

this is the gem , this is it. Stop buying grimm and getting dumped upon from Miners. buy 1up guys. easy easy 10x

>> No.19149849

Strong move

Check this shit out

steem: 60M mkt cap
Hive: 100M mkt cap
Uptrennd: 0.5M mkt cap

Meanwhile Uptrennd has more active members than both platforms combined...

> 1up Halvening in one week
> no ico
> insane engagement on uptrennd.com. hunderds of comments per post.
> partnered with the largest blockchain accelerator in the world mousebelt.com, who is partnered with Binance
> Featured speaker at ri2020.com with 10,000 people watching this week
>110,00 members, 10-30k new members each month
> 1/200th the market cap of Hive
> more active users than hive and steem combined
> founder owns the worlds largest facebook crypto group
> founder also runs a leading podcast "Bitcoin and Crypto Podcast"
> This shit shills well

People are looking for a new Steemit.
Alexa ratings for Steemit is in major decline.
Hive is in slow slow growth.
Uptrennd is in rapid growth.

Writing on the wall here

>> No.19149900

Etherscan under the holders section

>> No.19150184

Holding strong on the profit-taking boys!
50X With this one

>> No.19150204

1up isn't doing shit right now right?

>> No.19150239

only 200% in the last 6 hours. Pretty boring

>> No.19150249

oh lol i just got in 20 minutes ago

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It's still storming ahead. Get in now under $0.01

>> No.19150276

this is a real gem wtf

>> No.19150282

Sell walls razor thin, this things going to fly

>> No.19150343

some consolidation is normal after such a pump. 3mil marketcap within a week

>> No.19150389

or if it follows xio, within 12 hours XD

>> No.19150408


It takes literally 2000 USd to drop this shit down by more than 50%.

lol absolutely fucking not buying hahahah

>> No.19150425


>> No.19150444

Is it really? Wtf

>> No.19150453

ready to buy-in

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Making it

>> No.19150510

No, Zach did XIO, not 1UP

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bomb went from like 5 cents to 10 dollars tho.. i'm not here for a long term investment

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138K stack here

What should be my target price?
It's 0.2 realistic?

>> No.19150594

$0.02 seems like a comfy spec. Unless whales get involved again, I can't see this hitting the same heights as XIO. But there's room for easy profit if youre not retarded, sure.

>> No.19150598

Typical pajeet response

>> No.19150613

My exit is $0.6, when it gets close to the same ballpark as steemit

>> No.19150618

Fuck - $0.20, even

>> No.19150640

i bought 0.05ETH worth lets go boyyzz

no need to be greedy. if i would invest even 0.1ETH to every biz shill i would been bankrupt a long time ago.

>> No.19150673

fuck you im an american citizen - an essential employee as well risking my life for you to be sitting on your computer right now

>> No.19150755

Wow look at the replies in this curry-infested thread

>> No.19150792

Sooo I made a big ol trade on this last night. This looks absolutely FIRE.

Any of you guys looking to get in on their Uniswap LP? If this volume keeps up, I'm probably going to get a 100% ROI on ETH/1UP there alone haha.

I could see this thing pumping to like $0.20 with how low the mkt cap is too

>> No.19150796

but the cheap shilling aside, look at the project. It's actually looking pretty promising

>> No.19150851

Yeh, it actually looks pretty legit ngl.

>> No.19150874

Very based actually

>> No.19150898

>Any of you guys looking to get in on their Uniswap LP? If this volume keeps up, I'm probably going to get a 100% ROI on ETH/1UP there alone haha.
Don't you LOSE money on these pools if it's too volatile?

>> No.19150947

You make $ if it's generating a ton of volume (it's 10x how much liquidity it has currently). If the price just completely dumps, then sure, but you can have decent ARR if it sustains.

>> No.19150981

I checked out some of the other order books too, and the support looks decent, so if it's volatile on uniswap, the LP owners will actually make a ton of $$$ through some small slippage

>> No.19151033

This bitch just shot up for me.. Anyone else?

>> No.19151103

Never pooled myself - how do?

>> No.19151116

uhh gimme a sec. I'll type something for you

>> No.19151169

Ok so I'm just chilling today and have all day. Just curious how long this pump will keep going... 8 more hours?

>> No.19151200

Until it gets close to steemit levels, where it should be

>> No.19151210 [DELETED] 

1. Go to: https://uniswap.exchange/swap/0x07597255910a51509ca469568b048f2597e72504
2. Purchase however much 1UP you want (you already need to own 1UP)
3. Click on the "Pool" tab.
4. Click "ETH" & then under the second one, enter the 1UP contract address: "0x07597255910a51509ca469568b048f2597e72504".
5. You might need to "Unlock" the 1UP token if you haven't already- this requires a small transaction on eth
6. Enter in the equivalent of ETH & 1UP, and then click "Add Liquidity" at the bottom!

Boom! You will now be a liquidity owner! :D

>> No.19151269

You're saying 62m market cap?

>> No.19151309

Has everything steemit does and more. So yeah

>> No.19151541

steem had an ath of $8.19. You think 1up could reach those levels? if so, holy shit

>> No.19151566

Not true, but the supply inflation does halve in a few days.

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File: 270 KB, 674x978, 1589726212596.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn , look at this Chad in the pic , speaking right next to top CEOs and u want me to believe 1up will stay at ridiculously low 700k MC with halvening in just few days.

Alexa Ranking - Top
Viewers - Top
Praised by some of the best influencers - Top
Tokenomics - Top Notch
Upcoming Catalysts - Huge

This is the path to freedom , with Halvening of 1up in a week. Lots of redesign and tech improvements soon.

Steem = 62M market cap
Hive = 100M market cap
Uptrennd = 0.3M market cap.

Partnered with the largest blockchain accelerator in the world http://mousebelt.com along with Binance.

Available on Idex. Load it fast and let's take this to Moon , it's true place.

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File: 31 KB, 1250x446, 80.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm... top two wallets are hodling 90% of 1UP, this cant be good at all

>> No.19151698

Not quite. But the momentum is there, look at the volume

>> No.19151704

first one having 80%, wtf is this?

>> No.19151896
File: 42 KB, 620x366, Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 8.07.03 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those are the tokens that haven't been "minted" yet tard. Check coingecko then etherscan

>> No.19151906

Coins which are waiting to be minted. Top wallet holder only hold 1.4%. Nice FUD

>> No.19152065

you're all wrong lol. top 2 wallets are community cold storage, premined, and are only for community distribution.

>> No.19152196

is that bullish?

>> No.19152212

Bullish AF.

Largest holder is only 1.4%, rest are minnows.

>> No.19152223


Ok prove it.

>> No.19152245


>> No.19152268

what the dude above me said >>19152223
hit that medium link

>> No.19152271

Hello there anons. Yesterday I shifted my ESH stack into XIO and now bought 70k 1UP. Feeling comfy af. I hope we all make good gains and these projects succeed especially XIO because the more I read about it the more it comes off as incredibly legitimate unlike what the fudders kept yelling past few days. Cheers.

>> No.19152341

My goodness that's bullish.

>> No.19152362
File: 91 KB, 1097x447, uptrennd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

guys , don't miss uptrennd. there are some huge announcements coming

>> No.19152396

lol and then "citizenship" makes them even MORE scarce, it insane.


>> No.19152597

You're going to make it, fren

>> No.19152797

is a 16k stack going to be nice money if I hold for a couple days?

>> No.19153466

Omg... the holders page looks beautiful too.

The largest holder outside of the tokens for the community only has 1% of the tokens LOL.

This should PAMP for the halvening. Any pump channels we can get this over to? This is going to skyrocket

>> No.19153486

Best comparison I can think of for something like this would be the btc halvening, and we know what happened during that first one... this should rip up with such small sell walls

>> No.19153509

This is the second golden ticket to 5x this weekend. We cant keep winning like this can we?

>> No.19153561

Yes we can. Now go forth and shill.

>> No.19153594

Easy 10X + on this one

>> No.19154019

fuck yes, price seemed to have stabilized now

>> No.19154271
File: 10 KB, 250x250, biz pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is anyone else seeing how so many of the wallets buying in are clearly high iq?

>> No.19154281

Fuck wrong thread / coin, but hey, you guys too

>> No.19154364

which coin were you referencing

>> No.19154401

the needful

>> No.19154430
File: 8 KB, 194x259, shhh pepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first rule about this coin...

>> No.19154526

...is to tell other anons so they pump your bags.

>> No.19154744
File: 129 KB, 609x664, q59m1wq0w1211.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ITT: ranjesh and kumar reset their router and write 150 posts about their latest status PnD shitcoin trying to get newfags to fall for it

I checked the uptrennd website and as expected its absolute dog shit. Most of the 'accounts' on there are either bots or pajeet bagholders


>> No.19154774

>seething this hard because you missed the buy
>larping about checking a website
>link holder trying to take everyone down with the ship


>> No.19154862

Enjoy getting dumped on retard

>> No.19154867

literally up 400% but k

>> No.19154921
File: 56 KB, 1137x640, cover2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wakes up tomorrow
>down 80%
>looks like I won't be quitting McDonald's after all. I better ask shekelstein if I can do overtime

>> No.19154931

the amount of cope in your post is unbelievable.

>> No.19155258

i got 3k XIO for free last year
wat do?

>> No.19155298

dumped all my xio and xgm shitcoins. im a whale now. fuck you haha

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