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5000 sats before EOM (1:1 token swap that Binance is supporting).

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proof of support?

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>token swaps
>master nodes
>privacy chains
Fuckin kek

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Binance voted yes on the proposal for the token swap, they have a validator node in the network

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Please post any proof I've been digging on this for a while but its too radio silent.

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ill try find it anon, there was a link on twitter to a blockexplorer showing the yes vote from their validator

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ty bruh, i've been looking at this for a while, i guess ill try to get some more hopefully this goes ok

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binance has had 2 months to delist this after the SEC drama, they havent and they voted yes, it's obvious theyll support the swap and eng is currently acting as a placeholder.

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I mean I get the whole issue and as an investor many felt burned, fine. But on the upside, now they can proceed to continue without major worries. Regarding Binance, it wouldn't make sense to delist such an anticipated project. Whether you like eng or not, you can't deny that they have some decent tech. I guess its in binance's interest to proceed with a swap. Then again I could be blatantly wrong.

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Lets ask reddit if a token swap is cool. Fuck this redundant pos. Ekiden and link render this project useless.100% useless.
>muh intel partnership
anyone can implement SGX
>cosmos chain
this is your last chance to get out.

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yall gullible if you think a "token swap" is all it takes to avoid the SEC

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