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So I went to tmgox.com for buying some GRIN merch with crypto. Turns out that you can't. Wtf is this shit?

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Haven't you heard? GRIN is dead.


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shitcoins, they come and go

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>So I went to tmgox.com for buying some GRIN merch with crypto. Turns out that you can't. Wtf is this shit?
wait for the lightening network I guess?

All this stuff is experimental at this point. It does look bad I must say.

How you feeling about crypto?

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>Haven't you heard? GRIN is dead.
what's the best shill video for GRIMM fine sir

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Could be better.

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>he doesn't get it

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Its about ready to happen anon trust me

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>he doesn't have a suicide stack of 6,000,000 grin right now

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I don't know what's going on. It seems that, Cycle42, the collective that develops the GRIN payment processor, Knockturn Allee, is inactive. Well, their page is still up but I don't know if they keep working on applications for that crypto. Also they stopped organizing the GRIN meetups in Berlin since the last GRINCON in November, last year.

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It does work you gay retard. You pay in GRIN

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When I choose the GRIM paying option and I proceed to checkout, I receive a connection error message, doesn't work, pal. And the Coinpayments option doesn't work, either. It says that the "merchant can't receive funds at this time". You have no idea what you're talking about, fag.

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You don't need a full fledged payment processor for grin its literally just an api u can write it out in 4 lines of and kiddie lang. It was some big guy tryna sell merch cause he thought he could ride the hype wave.

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well, that doesn't help it either. it's a shame, really. I like their merch.

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U can run and host a full p2p node storing the full chain on a phone or raspberry pi with 32 GB storage. U can't even do that with any other crypto.

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Its literally a monopoly coin. No other coin can do this.

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By having lower requirements to run a p2p node it makes the network faster because u don't need a full dedicated PC to store a 60gb chain and allocate 2gigs of memory

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