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How can make money from fuck prostitute?

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Ah, I've missed these posts.

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Start a website like Asian Street meat or asian apple seed. It's pretty based.

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Point gun. Steal money and phone(s). Run. Fast.

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BE prostitute

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Based jogger

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record fuck sell record for money

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How can make money from pajeetposting?

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I fucked a girl in Pattaya named Milk. She was in a video for Asian Street Meat.

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claim to be porn maker and sell video online

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Be her pimp.

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Fucking based.

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This whore starts at 3k per night, she is pricier than porn stars like Sophie Dee.
What the hell does she buy with so much money?

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Haha based. In bangkok i fucked a girl named pepsi, tryna get all the beverage thai nicknames

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She's obviously more sophisticated than Sophie Dee. If you want a girlfriend experience, you go with this chick. If you just want to coom, you get Sophie Dee.

She buys Ghost.

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I want to eat Liara Roux butthole what coin i should buy.

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I've been with a girl named Pepsi too lol. And Soda and Nam (water).

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I only fuck DUDES.
Where are the cock pics?

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damn son you are beta af. I just want to coom. lol the gf experience. cringe. women r whores , nothing more

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