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Binance voted yes for the 1:1 swap that's happening at the end of the month.

Mainnet released, SEC settled, and 17 MM cap.

Why do you hate money anon?

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Kek I remember when this was $5, Check coinbase -


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ARPA is Enigma but better though. Seriously, read into it

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Same, I remember crypto rand shilling this mega hard in 2017 lmaoo

Never bought it until today, it just seems like an easy pump after swap through binance

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They've completely destroyed any goodwill or bagholder loyalty they might once have had.

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why, the swap is 1:1. better to settle with the sec than get destroyed too

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SEC fucked them
Soon 1 billion market cap

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What does this mean? I have a pile of ENG on my ledger - should I send these back to Binance?

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Soon futures trading, margin trading, lending, staking and IEOs too.

Bidesk Exchange

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>Binance voted yes for the 1:1 swap that's happening at the end of the month.

Proof on this?

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