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I don't swing link I leverage it on Aave

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I lost a wallet worth 10k

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I told all my normie friends to cash out now as most of them are back in profit from 2017

>> No.19101107

I have a 20K seed somewhere in my room

>> No.19101129

I started the original Oil Tanker Thread. I meant well.

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I lied to my gf about how much money I had saved for a house for several years and thought I was fucked, then I invested $5k in ESH a few weeks ago and now I have six figures

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I lost the equivalent of $40k in DOGE when Cryptsy exit scammed

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Bought STAKE and LEND

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i tell my wife that crypto is my plan B but really it's my plan A

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i shilled anj then it dumped

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What price did you buy esh at

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You're goin to hell unless you shill ship from now on

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im trusting a drug addled old whoring coot with some money

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I shill pajeet coins but I'm not a pajeet

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I actually bought FUN

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I had sex with your wife. I'm sorry anon.

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i genuinely believed in link. i’m a fucking retard

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I was going to buy a bunch of bitcoins when they were like a quarter each and I didn't because I was worried I was going to get scammed.

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I fell for the ANJ PnD, I bought at the top, and lied to myself for 24 hours as I got dumped on and telling myself its only just a dip.

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I've put every penny I have into air and cruise lines stock. If they don't come back, or go down, I could lose everything. I am gambling hard on a strong recovery.

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I literally kept posting that I was part of that discord and that you guys were gonna get dumped on but nobody listened

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13 cents

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Why? Is it on the theory that everyone who takes the virus seriously is a retard?

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Similar story but with ARPA and the run up

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I believe in LINK

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I wanna kill myself.

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Sold 2400 ESH for 3.5 ETH

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I sold

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i sold 1k link for $2k to survive.

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Damn, imagining selling $1,000,000 for $2,000. It's ok though, I've lost nearly 1k link through bad trades, fees, etc. Still gonna make it.

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I’ve literally never cummed

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what didn't you understand when buffett AND trump said "this is the end of globalization" air&cruseline are fucked

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I listened man. Niggers deserve to lose their money but it pisses me off that those faggots on disc got a chance to profit.

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I FUD the fuck out of RLC but I unironically have over 200k RLC

>> No.19104238

I have $3885 USD to my name

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Also why unless you are still accumulating.

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i still have felling for a chick 2 years now and have a cuck fetish and want to hear her get fucked

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No it's all in cold storage and of course I'm accumulating it'll be 20$+ someday

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Me too. And I use that leverage to buy other tokens that are gonna go up sooner (like that recent LEND pump itself). You could unironically just get more Link, if it wasn't likely to remain a cup of coffee stablecoin for a few more months minimum.

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I'm in a permabull discord and we just spam Bobo threads.

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Actually a good guy. We need more people like you in this world.

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Don't sir

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I bought so many shitcoins back in 2017, I had IOTA, Nano (xrb back then), Vechain, fucking BNTY.
Was up 7x at some point and somehow genuinely believed in this shit, even during the big dump I was still up 4x. Fell for the HODL reddit meme all the way until late 2019, where all of this shit together was worth about 40% of my initial investment. I somehow managed to lose money in crypto in 2017 even though I was already buying in october.

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Clean your room

>> No.19105784

You'll make it

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I never invested in anything and dont deal with no crypto shitcoins I just come here to laugh at you wannabe rich losers

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I slept with a girl & later found out that my son had porked too just a few days before. Lotsa awkward round that breakfast table...
I've lost every satoshi I ever transferred to primexbt

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I am a fat pajeet incel.

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I had a meltdown in front of a friend for the first time in a while and now I want to kms

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Mad feels

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Lost grand total $20K trading since 2017. Mostly due to degenerate leverage @mex

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I bought more fleta yesterday, they call me a whale now.

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CZ is in cahoots with these guys, so I heard.

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i found it. thanks bro.

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you bastard

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I dumped money into pic related and staked it.

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Head of institutional lending?

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i missed 2012,2013,2014,2017,2019 and only had small says for this most recent pump.

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no girls on /biz/ also underaged ban

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Ive spent over 130$ on XLM hoping it'll surpass XRP. its literally the same code with a few tweaks but im still here holding like an idiot

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i peed in the pool

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Holding a short on link from 2.7. Down 50%. Indignantly waiting for it to correct. Probably won't

>> No.19107834

When i joined i lost 2k because I was dumb and just kept my money in privateer after the dump =/

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I didnt sell eman at .80+ , I've been holding since .45

>> No.19107936

i held harmony ONE all the way to the floor

>> No.19108104

I lost 27k LINK in two months after holding from 2017

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I'm a fake link marine. I shill it so i can sell my bags.

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I buy moon rocks unironically

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That was your chance to bone with your son.

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Im still holding VEN/VET from 2017 because there's no point in cashing it out now its worth so little

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